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Online betting is the heart of the gambling industry in 2020. Never before has it been easier to place a bet on any sport that your heart desires from the comfort of wherever you lie with your smartphone. So widespread are mobile apps that any competent bookmaker worth its salt has a mobile app that caters to its customers with odds that change to reflect the fast-paced world of sport; be it a reaction to developments concerning the event prior to it taking place or a live odds change based on in-game play. We have selected a number of the best bookmakers apps to check out for anyone interested in foraying into the world of online gambling. Place your bet.

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Starting off with one of the very best apps around, 22bet is renowned for the range of options it gives punters through mobile betting. Offering a big bonus for new users, this is one of the advantages that first-time punters of a betting site have. Another pro for the app is its live chat feature which allows users to contact the site at all hours. We must add a disclaimer that users owe it to themselves to bet responsibly and never bet more than they can afford to lose. If they follow this principle, they can have a good time and potentially make money. Using the welcome offers wisely is one careful way of getting off to a solid start. These offers are common with the popular bookmakers, Bet365 also offering a welcome bonus to users. One of the most famous mainstream bookies around (with, as the Guardian reported, the wealthiest CEO in Britain), it features streams of many of the sporting events that it offers bets on. It’s a handy way of watching the action in La Liga or the more obscure untelevised leagues that you fancy rolling the dice on. William Hill and Betfair also offer a wide range of streams covering the sporting competitions available. And there is something for everyone, whether you are into football and cricket or water polo and chess. Sites like the aforementioned big four or Betway feature more than one hundred betting options on a typical top-flight football match. Take into account all of the events that they cover across the 45+ sports on the app and you have thousands of potential picks. Your choices are virtually limitless, it’s all about making the right one.

Of course, modern betting isn’t solely about sporting competition. The casino range is one of the traditional categories of betting immortalised on screen in dozens of Hollywood movies. Betting on the slots or poker is equally viable, a punter perhaps opting for a 1xbet or 888Sport app installation if any of the earlier recommendations in this piece don’t tickle your fancy. In addition to all of this, Esports (the fastest-growing sport)  and gaming are taking off in a big way and are one of the future betting trends that the biggest bookmakers are already catering to.

For a full range of the mobile betting apps available, check out the full review on Sportytrader.

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