6 Ways Hosting Can affect Your SEO Ranking

In the digital era, a website may easily go unnoticed if it does not rank on the top page of the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are many factors that influence the ranking of websites on search engines such as page load speed, quality of hosting server, and many more.

A high quality hosting server is known to positively influence your website SEO rankings

Let’s look at the ways a web host can impact your website ranking on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Page load time

Page loads speed is one of the most fundamental aspects of a friendly website. The site page loading speed depends mainly on the quality of the web host servers. This means that the higher the quality of the server, the faster the website. For instance, a website hosted on free host providers are likely to be slower than that hosted on paid platforms. A website with a good page loading speed is likely to rank higher on search engines.

Website speed is something that cannot be overlooked. Good load speed can only be guaranteed by choosing the top web host providers since it will positively affect your ranking on search engines.

Uptime and downtime

Search engines prioritize giving users what they want, and that’s why only relevant websites are ranked on the top of SERP.

No matter how good your website is, it will no longer rank on top of SERPs as long as it is slow. Google will flag it as unreliable; this means it will be nowhere to be found on SERPs.

Such a website will turn away the visitors and impact negatively on your SEO results.

Uptime is something that needs to be taken seriously when choosing a hosting provider.

Settle on a hosting provider who can guarantee 99-100% uptime with your site running throughout.

Shared Hosting

Though shared hosting is cost-effective, it proves costly in the long run. Shared hosting means that your website will be hosted together with other sites. This, at times, may compromise the quality of the hosting.

However, it will not be the case with Hostens shared hosting plans that offer 99.98% uptime guarantee. Hostens is one of the best web hosting providers with TIER III level data center infrastructure. Check detailed information about data center certification here https://www.hostens.com/about-us/our-data-center/

Website Security

Data security is still a key concern for online business due to the effect it has on the clients. Everyone wants to do business with a reputable company. Website security can influence your ranking on search engines. Poor security website tends to compromise the SEO reputation, and that’s why such sites do not appear on SERPs.

A poor security website is vulnerable to hackers and can do something harmful that can damage your reputation resulting in poor SEO ratings.


Having a backup plan is recommended since anything can happen, leading to the loss of data on your site.

Data loss may be a result of viruses, malicious attacks, natural disasters that tempers with the server location, or anything else that may corrupt your site data.

Data loss can negatively impact website ranking on search engines. Having a backup is the only way to avoid such problems. Keep in mind that not all web hosting service providers have a backup plan. Some rely on third parties. It’s, therefore, essential to choose a host that offers a backup plan.

Having all these things in mind, take closer look at Hostens web hosting plans. For detailed information please visit www.hostens.com .

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