The Marriage of Sports Betting and Analytics

The prospect of expanded sports betting in the United States presents great opportunities for sports fans who may have shied away from their local bookies or offshore websites operating in the black market. It also presents a major opportunity for sports analytics companies offering predictions or data sets aimed at informing sports bettors.

Successful sports bettors understand the risk/reward equation and have made an honest self-assessment of whether they are a recreational player who wagers more for the enjoyment and added the excitement of watching a game, or one who seeks to rely on winnings as an income source. For any kind of player, sports wagering requires various skillsets and decisions. One such decision is where to access information and data, including predictive analytics, and then how to use it. Most successful Nevada sports bettors have at least one trusted data source and many have numerous ones.

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Many such analytics websites already exist, some of them serving the daily fantasy sports (DFS) world, some of them advising sports bettors, some straddling both areas. But like DFS operator DraftKings, all parties will likely pivot or offer more products specifically serving sports bettors, an audience likely to be quite a bit larger than the one interested in DFS.

Is it for Entertainment or for Profit?

Paul Bessire, an original founder and now the CEO of the popular sports information website Prediction Machine, says new entrants to the sports betting world must decide if they are in the “entertainment mode” or the “investment mode.” In other words, if they are a recreational player or looking to really turn a profit.

He advises sports bettors, once they make that honest determination, to seek out a source for data as well as analysis on the games they wish to bet and try to gradually learn the betting nuance that goes along with it. Bessire, 36, holder of a Masters of Science degree in quantitative analysis, doesn’t object to a newer sports bettor buying picks because he says the psychology of betting requires some people to have someone to blame their losses on.

However, Bessire believes, along with others now investing in the myriad of newer websites that provide data for sports bettors, that the player with the most information and analysis has a huge advantage over someone who is just making an under-educated guess. He notes that experience counts for bettors and although a veteran coach such as the New England Patriots’ Bill Belichick or the San Antonio Spurs’ Gregg Popovich may instinctively know what to do based on experience rather than data, for sports bettors utilizing statistics and simulations, such as those performed by Prediction Machine, more often will produce winning wagers by minimizing a casual fans common over-reliance on favorites and recent outcomes.

You must know some basic maths

Gill Alexander, the betting digital recording pioneer and a present program have at the Vegas Stats and Information Network (VSiN), the Las Vegas-based games betting, multi-channel stage, encourages new players to treat sports wagering genuinely regardless of whether you’re in it fundamentally for the sake of entertainment instead of benefit. He accepts more up to date players should remain in the lawful markets in the U.S. as the ideally turned out to be accessible and maintain a strategic distance from seaward locales. He stated, “Additionally, hang tight to perceive how the math works out in individual states. The math (the expense of making a games wager) must be worthwhile for bettors.”

“Depend on numbers,” Alexander exhorts, “and that implies various locales for various games. “Fangraphs for baseball, for instance, will give better data that most predominant press outlets won’t.”

As one of the first advocates of factual based games investigation, Alexander, 49, exhorts alert when entering any wagering business sector and says with regards to purchasing picks or getting to examination, “Players will improve by securing the examination and afterward settling on your own choices. That is a superior approach. It just relies upon how profoundly you need to get into it.”

And now, if you feel equipped enough to combine both of them, you can try out these strategies at Sportsbet and see how well you fare.

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