Tips and Tricks for Cold War Zombies

Gaining expertise in the Zombie mode for Black Ops Cold War is not easy as there are some major changes in the new version structure. This guide of surviving from the Zombies version includes some of the most effective ways to overcome the game’s toughest rounds. It covers all minute details about this game, from weapons, rewards, upgrades, resource management, and much more. Get more gaming tricks and hacks for the ultimate experience. To check them out, visit our website.

Use Exfil to Get Out of Difficult Situations

Gone are the days when the undead was deliberately overrunning the player. This version of the Black Ops Cold War Zombies has introduced a new technique for the player to get away from the horde.

The best part is whenever you feel that the game is getting tougher, you can choose the exfil option. Selecting this option will help you escape from the situation as soon as possible, and you might also get the chance to earn rewards.

However, remember that things will get challenging once the player goes for the Exfil option before it goes to the safety zone.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Turn on the Power

Power plays a vital role in your journey towards victory in this game. If you want to upgrade your weapons and armor, you need to have power with yourself.

Go for Upgrades and Manage Resources

In this Zombies version, once you kill the Zombies, you can collect different materials from them. In this way, every Zombie you kill will give you the chance to grab materials of your choice. However, only two types of materials are important: Scrap and Salvage. The blue drop is Salvage, and the green drop is the Scrap. Both these materials have multiple usages, but the important ones are:

They help in upgrading the weapons and armor.

Once you upgrade your weapons, there is a decent increase in the base damage.

Perks and Weapons

In this game, Zombies come with Create-a-Class. Hence, if you want to get the Dark Ether camo, you can bring the weapon into the mode and get camos for them. When you go towards the pinnacle of Zombies, you will use most of the perks available. But there are three significant perks that every player will need at one point in the game. They are Juggernog, Stamin-Up, and Deadshot Daiquiri.

Juggernog: You should choose the Juggernog as soon as you have the ability to do so. This perk will increase your health to a maximum of 250.

Stamin-Up: This perk helps you to go faster. It increases your walking as well as sprinting speed by nearly 25%.

Deadshot Daiquiri: This perk is a boost to headshot damage.

Use Upgrades on the Field

Every upgrade has its own usage. However, out of all of them, Ring of Fire and Healing Aura are the most useful ones.

Healing Aura: This upgrade has the ability to heal you. Once you upgrade to level 3, you get the power to get your downed team members back. Also, if you require a pick-me-up, go for Healing Aura.

Ring of Fire: Just like its name, this upgrade surrounds you in a circle with a ring of purple Aether fire. This helps the player deal with any severe damage over time to any zombie near you.

Use the Armour

The Armour is a new feature that has been introduced in the Black Ops Cold War Zombies. The main usage of Armour is that it gives an extra layer of protection from the undead.

Make sure to keep a check on the condition of your Armour. If it is getting overrun, its usage might disappear in no time. Hence, keep on repairing your armor from time to time.

These are some of the important points you need to practice if you want to master this game. This is the ultimate guide that will optimize your runs and improve the minor aspects of the game. For more such kinds of guides, stay connected. 

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