Tips for Choosing the Right Condom

Abstinence is undeniably the best way to prevent STI or pregnancy. However, it’s not a lot of fun. If you’re looking forward to having enthralling sex escapades without worry, then condoms are a great choice. Having a condom at your disposal is not enough. There is a myriad of factors to consider.

With an array of varieties in the market, choosing the best condoms can be unnerving. Penis size is also a significant factor to consider. Do you want thin, ultra-thin, or thick condoms? Do you want studded, colorful, or flavorful? Are you allergic to latex? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you get to a pharmacy for condoms.

Now, let’s put this article into the objective perspective and learn how you can pick the right condom.

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Choose the Right Condom

You might be wondering if there is a wrong condom. Surprisingly, yes! For example, when the condom is too small, it might break, and when it’s too big, it will slip off. When a condom is too thick, you might be looking forward to a disappointing conjugal experience.

Luckily, with a bit of research, searching for the right condom will be seamless, and your sex won’t be something to regret.

Ø Be Considerate of Your Partner

Remember you’re not buying a condom to use it on your own. It always takes two to tango, and have a fulfilling and enthralling sexual experience. Thus, you should make communication a priority. If you use non-latex condoms while your partner doesn’t, then be ready to have a painful allergic reaction.

Before you buy condoms, ask your partner if they have any allergy. This will help you choose a product that works best for the two of you.

Ø Read Reviews

If you want to book a hotel for your vacation, you always read the reviews about that hotel. It also applies to other products, and condoms are no exception. If you rummage through various websites, you will find a variety of condoms. Make sure you read customer comments to get invaluable information about the condoms you’re about to buy. Reviews will give you a piece of powerful information on how a condom performs and feels

Ø Choose the Right Fit

The condom should not be too tight to hurt or too loose to slip off. Get the right size for your penis. It can be scary when a condom burst and uncomfortable when it tights you. To ensure the sexual experience is not regrettable, know your size well.

Ø Opt for High-Quality Condoms

Well, just like any other products like clothes, condoms too come in brands. Quality products will give you peace of mind throughout the intercourse. No worries about it bursting, slipping off, or having severe allergic reactions. Always read the label and ensure it’s FDA-certified. Decide if you want to use synthetic or organic products.

Ø Strength and Thickness

Some condoms are thinner for more sensation, but they tend to be fragile. On the other hand, there are thicker condoms that are safe to use, even during rough sex. Although they might not provide more sensitivity, thicker condoms will give you peace of mind.


With these tips, choosing the right condom should not be daunting. It’s also advisable to choose a reliable brand to alleviate the fear of pregnancy or getting STI. Make the right choice and delve deep into the world of intercourse.

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