Tips to Consider While Buying Couch for Your Home

Buying a sofa or couch from an online or offline store requires a lot of analysis and considerations. So, coming straight to the point, we did the analytical part for you. After our recommendation for day bed with storage, now we’ve come up with the best guide to pick a couch for your home.

A number of factors have been enlisted below, which we believe might help you in a smart and reliable investment in choosing and buying the right couch for you. So, let’s get started!


Check the Fit

Make sure your chosen couch fits you well. That means it should have comfortable seats to sit on. For instance, if you go for the recliner sofa, check if it is cozy from all sides and corners. The primary consideration for a comfortable fit is the seating depth. How deep or shallow the seat should be, depends on your height. If you have a tall physique, go for the deep seat, else the other one. In all fairness, your back should get comfortable support when you sit on it, with your feet lying flat on the ground. If you are looking for a couch that is stretchable to layout for a little nap, then check whether or not it is long enough for a snooze.

Select a Robust Frame

It is important to focus on the frame of the sofa you are thinking of buying. Basically, the kiln-dried beech, ask, or oak ensure durability as these are the hardwood products. Being long-lasting, these woods demand high price investment. On the contrary, softwood materials like pine is a budget-friendly option. However, being softer in nature, the wood might wobble or warp after a couple of years. It is generally recommended to avoid buying sofas made of hard plastic/fiber, metal, or particleboard, as these are more likely to crack, corrode, or warp, respectively and are also quite uncomfortable.

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Know the Joinery

Focus the frame joints; check what type of material has been used to secure the corners of the frame joints. The corner blocks could be either secured with glue and wooden dowels/double wooden dowels or could be glued and screwed using metal screws and brackets. These are the instances of good quality frame joints. If your chosen default does not have any of these but corners held together with staples, glue, or nails, don’t buy. These accessories are generally good for reinforcing the frame joints for extended durability and not for primary joinery applications. 

Hand-tied Springs are Best

The eight-way hand-tied springs are the best of the kind of sofa springs. These springs are amazingly well-constructed with promising longevity and comfort. Plus, the price is quite reasonable to match the quality and feature of that sofa. If you are looking for a lower budget option, then the serpentine springs based sofa is a good alternative. Serpentine springs are the pre-assembled snaked/twisted wire segments. However, make sure your serpentine springs based sofa has a substantial weight. A poor or cheap quality, lightweight serpentine spring is more likely to get sagged on the frame, when seated.


Pay for Quality Fillings

The cushions of the couch should be resilient as well as firm, plus, should costly fit the frame. A good quality cushion fitting immediately restores its original shape from the sagged shape as soon as you leave the seat. Cushions that hardly fit the sofa will also look odd from the exterior and its edges will begin appearing unprepossessing. It is a challenging task to decide which cushion material to stick to while buying a cozy couch.  

Well, for your record, Polyurethane foam is the best cushion filling, most-sought for its durability and easy maintenance feature. However, you must be choosy; too thick foam type is often uncomfortable to sit on, while too soft ones might lose residence quickly after a couple of months use. Firm foam packed inside polyester batting is a cost-effective option as it also ensures comfort. To make an outdoor of the box pur have, it is suggested to go for a high-resilient (HR) foam cloaked with feather combo. Such type is neither too hard or soft; you get a lush and plump feeling whenever seated, with promising product longevity.

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Look for Durable Fabrics

Be specific while choosing the sofa fabric; whether it is linen, leather, cotton, or others. The first three types mentioned are the typical upholstery materials that are worth paying for. On the other hand, microfiber-based synthetic fabrics are also good choices for their longevity and easy cleaning ability. Fabrics with irregular texture on the surface, like woven or grid patterns and others, have better durability from wear and tear. Plus, these are easy to clean compared to the conventional smooth fabrics with plain linen. Choose the one that rightly fits the surrounding of installing that sofa/couch.

Couches with Storage

If your room is compact and you want to make it look decluttered, go for a couch that has storage capacity. This will save much of your space by letting you store unrequited stuff from the room inside the sofa storage. Another advantage of having a sofa cum storage is that you get to store stuff within that is frequently required by you.

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Consider Your Budget

Last but not the least, the budget is an important aspect not to miss out. Remember that the better the quality of the fabric, cushion, and frame material used, the higher is the price. So, make sure what you choose and most importantly,  whether it satisfies your lifestyle or not.

Well, there are numerous options, both online and offline, where you can seek your most coveted couch. However, if you are totally tenderfoot, check out the US store to shop your sofa online. That’s the easiest and quickest option to try out. Why online? You get good discounts and great deals almost every month, exclusive of the festive seasons. If you prefer offline store hopping, then The Herman Miller flagship located in New York City, Consort in Los Angeles, The Merchandise Mart in Chicago, etc. are some of the trending showrooms for quality furniture and home decor in the USA. Hope that helps!

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