’s Secrets to Getting the Most out of Exclusive Coupon Deals

You probably know there are smart people in the world who know every trick there is to know on the couponing book, right?

The kind that utilizes couponing to take care of more than 90% of their grocery bill year in year out. You must have seen them on TV or in magazines.

Although you are happy for them, you cannot help but wonder why you haven’t attained such levels of success even with all your effort and commitment. If you relate with this, stick around, we might just shine some light in your direction.

Saving money is never obsolete. Everyone would jump at the opportunity of a good deal; yes even the high and mighty. Blame it on the tough economic times we live in—unlimited needs and limited resources.

Couponing is an easy and fun strategy to cut costs but one that needs an excellent mastery of the game. You have to learn a few secrets unknown to many if you are to get the coupons everyone is aiming for. One of the ways to achieve this is to keep an eye of exclusive coupon deals and take advantage of them.

How do I do this, you ask? We are glad you asked. Walk with us as we reveal secrets to getting the most out of exclusive coupon deals recommended by

1. Subscribe To Email Alerts

Sounds tedious and unproductive but this is one of the oldest and effective tricks used by extreme couponers to stay above the competition. Companies sometimes send coupon deals to their email lists.

The number of deals you score will depend on the number of email addresses you sign up for. The higher the number of the addresses, the higher your chances of getting your hand on some of the most exclusive deals of all time.

Go all out on this one; don’t limit yourself to your local stores only. Try their competitors too. This will give you the opportunity to ask for price matching and compare deals.

2. Socialize

Stay close to your favorite online stores’ social media channels. Request their friendship on Facebook, follow their Twitter handles and comment on their Instagram posts. Companies sometimes give rewards to their active and social customers along the lines of exclusive coupon deals and other major deals.

3. Know How To Locate Secret Price Codes

Stores sometimes play tricks on customers. They place exclusive coupon deals as secret price codes often located on the price tag of the discounted item. People miss this all the time. The next time you find yourself in a store, you may want to look closely on the price symbols of items and see if you can identify a secret price code.

4. Ask

Companies are always after sales and they would do just about anything to ensure that they make a profit in the end. Sometimes, this means extending expired coupons to help move stock. To maximize on this, you may want to call the customer service and ask if your coupon code can still be honored. Apart from asking about expired coupons, go ahead and also inquire if they have any other promotions and deals. It is not a sure bet, but it sure works half the time.

5. Sign Up As A Distributor Or Re-Seller

E-commerce websites have incentives for their resellers and distributors. The most common is exclusive coupon deals. Sign up as a reseller or distributor and see if you can score yourself some attractive deals with your favorite stores. You may want to be swift with this though as the lifespan of these deals is always very short.

6. Register as an affiliate partner with stores

Clothing-based online stores are notorious for hiring affiliate managers whose role is to act as a connection between them and affiliate partners. Their job description includes data management and sending out information about discounts, promotions, and exclusive coupon deals. You would do yourself a favor if you became such an affiliate partner. While at it, remember that these deals are also short-lived, so you better act fast.

7. Search Beyond Google

Most people search for coupon deals on Google and other major search engines but often, the search stops here. They don’t dig deep to find out where the valuable gems are hidden. Dare to be different. Begin from Google, alright, but go beyond generic search terms. Instead, visit the online retailer of your choice, make a contact with him or her and find out whether they have any exclusive deals that might have missed a spot on Google. Steer clear of unreliable retailers that allow users to post coupons and those that list expired coupons on their sites.

8. Let Items Sit On Your Cart

The last secret recommended by Coupon Cause is leaving items on your cart. It is a rather old trick that is not guaranteed but one that has worked in the past. Create an account with the online retailer, log into it, pick some items, place them on your cart then log out. In a bid to make a sale, the online store may drop you an email with an exclusive coupon deal or some sort of discount to entice you to close the sale.

When it comes to couponing, the amount of input will certainly match the rewards. You have to be willing to put in the work by going the extra mile. Conduct thorough research of coupon deals, contact online retailers, sign up for emails, become a reseller/distributor, register for an affiliate program, be social, and let your items sit on the cart.


Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.