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On October 24, 2017
Last modified:June 19, 2018


As more and more devices are getting “smart”, it is becoming easier and more comfortable to control them via smartphone or laptop by just connecting them to a personal WiFi connection. Wireless cameras, thermostats, smart TVs, smart lights, door locks, smart speakers, gaming consoles, microwave ovens, coffee makers, baby monitor, etc. now come with the option to connect to the internet through the home WiFi network and be controlled wirelessly, which is of course making the life so much easier. On the other hand however it is also making them more vulnerable.

As many of these devices are assigned to perform very crucial tasks such as surveillance & door-locking, you need to make sure that these smart devices are fully safe & secure from any type of hacking attempts. But, it is very tough for an individual to manually check each and every smart device for vulnerabilities because neither do they have time nor the proper skills to do this. Thus the best way to ensure your safety is to opt for a comprehensive IoT security solution such as the Bitdefender BOX.

What is the Bitdefender BOX?

The Bitdefender BOX is a small 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.1 inch box-shaped gadget which is equipped with Bitdefender’s most powerful vulnerability scanner and security tools to provide high-level protection not only to your smartphone, PC or Laptop but also to each and every IoT device that you are using in your home.

Bitdefender BOX is first of its kind gadget which is providing revolutionary internet security solution incorporated with hardware, cloud and software to protect your smart home and family.

Set it up for once in your home and you don’t need to use any other software or gadget for any of your smart devices connected to the network. Bitdefender BOX continuously scans your smart devices for vulnerabilities, protects them from any hacking attempt; and by being connected to the secure Bitdefender cloud, it keeps its virus definitions updated and implements the latest security mechanism to your home network so that your network and all the connected devices will stay protected even from the newest threat.

With Bitdefender BOX by your side your devices are protected both inside (at your home) and outside (wherever you go), because when you are moving outside with your smartphone or laptop, you can activate the Private Line feature and Bitdefender BOX will set up a secured VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your mobile devices outside of your home network.

How does Bitdefender BOX Protect Devices?

The security gadget performs three essential tasks to provide full protection: Vulnerability Assessment, URL Blacklist & Mobile Management. All these features work together to keep your devices safe while ensuring that the security system stays in your control and you stay informed of latest threat/vulnerability found in your devices and their fixes.

Vulnerability Assessment

Bitdefender BOX keeps scanning your network for vulnerabilities. It looks for hidden backdoors, poorly secured ports with default or weak passwords, identifies and highlight any network flaw it finds. It also checks for unsecured or poorly encrypted communications. As soon as it finds a vulnerability Bitdefender BOX jumps to action. It gathers information from the devices and cross-checks it with online vulnerability database to provide a thorough report on how to fix the issue based on the specific vulnerability detected.

URL Blacklist

Every website which is being visited through any of the devices on your network or any outbound connection being processed through them whether at the front or in the background is checked against Bitdefender cloud which maintains the list of bad websites which are malicious and can harm your devices. If the device tries to access any malicious website, Bitdefender BOX automatically blocks the attempt to protect from any harmful threat it may try to impose onto the device and your network.

Mobile Management

Bitdefender BOX provides control over all your connected device via your smartphone. And it’s not just the ability to view or allow/block who connects to the network, but you can actually control a lot of important actions device-by-device. Locate lost devices, set data roaming limits, remotely install OS updates, identify vulnerabilities or system issues, make performance improvements and tune-ups, all while keeping your network safe from your smartphone.

My Devices Aren’t Vulnerable…Or are they?

Smart devices come with a level of security on their own but that isn’t enough because it becomes obsolete very quickly on the Internet. Hackers around the world might have found its security flaw even before you get your hands on the device. So its advisable to use the Bitdefender BOX security solution to fix any latest vulnerability detected or threat identified.

However, if you’re still not sure if you need the BOX, then just install Bitdefender Smart Home Scanner, a small software tool in your Windows PC or Laptop and let it scan your network and all the connected devices. The is a free IoT scanner that will scan all of your connected devices thoroughly, and tell you if any of them have any security vulnerability or not.

For me, Bitdefender’s free IoT Vulnerability scanner detected medium-risk vulnerabilities on my home router itself from which all my important devices are connected. So, it has become essential that I install Bitdefender BOX in my home.

The software reveals such security flaws in network or devices which are otherwise hidden from any other security tool. So, perform a scan with this IoT vulnerability scanner and you will be confirmed once for all.

Pricing and Availability

The regular price of Bitdefender BOX is $199.99 but for a limited time, it is available for just $99.99. You can order it from anywhere around the world and Bitdefender will deliver it without any shipping cost. Moreover, with Bitdefender BOX, you’ll receive one year, Total Security subscription that you can install on all your supported devices for local protection.

I am sure that Bitdefender BOX will become your essential companion to secure your home network and all connected device so I highly recommend you to set up this security gadget at your home but if you’re skeptical then a 30-days returns period always has your back. So, hurry up, visit Bitdefender BOX homepage and order this security solution right now before any of its offers ends.

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