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On November 5, 2017
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The Internet provides many great opportunities to make money while sitting at home. You can either start your own business, sell your talent or signup to many services to work there as a regular employee to generate regular income. Along with these time consuming and efforts demanding ways to earn, there are some fun ways to make money online too.

One such way is to use MyPoints which is a daily rewards website that allows its users to earn points for normal activities such as searching the web, reading emails, visiting websites, use coupons, etc. which they already do online daily. There are over 75+ different merchants who let you earn points for performing a variety of activities to earn points. Once reached a threshold, these points can be redeemed to earn gift cards of different values from different merchants.

MyPoints rewards website is online from quite a few years now and many smart internet users are already using it to earn money for free. So, it’s really disappointing if you are not using this cool way to earn money online. But anyways, everyone starts at some point and if you’re thinking to test out this fun way to make money online right now then I am here to guide you towards it properly.

Follow this tutorial to know how to start making money with MyPoints. Not only this, I will also be telling some tips, tricks and bonuses you can use in MyPoints to earn points at a quicker rate and maximize your earnings.

Starting with MyPoints

As the membership is free, anyone can start using MyPoints without paying for anything. To start with MyPoints, all you need to do is signup MyPoints by visiting its homepage and completing registration by activating your account through the verification email that you’ve received in your inbox.

Now, login to your MyPoints account. Inside the login screen, you can see lots of ways to earn points which are listed inside your dashboard. You can come back to them later but first, you need to complete your profile because doing this will instantly earn you 60 points. Enter all the asked details to your MyPoints profile and points will be credited to your MyPoints account instantly.

Earn Points on MyPoints

Now, explore the website to look for the activities which interest you. You can check out MyPoints Shop, Deals, Coupons, Surveys, Games, etc. through the top menu or use the search box provided at the top of the website to search for any deal, coupon, surveys of the brands which you know by name.

Each MyPoints activity is provided with the proper detail to perform it and the points which you’ll earn after successfully completing the task successfully. Some of them even provide you with tips and extra actions by performing which you can earn more points. Whenever you have spare time, come to MyPoints and start earning points each task take around 2 minutes. So, even if you have a 20 mins coffee break, you can earn quite a lot of points in that little time too.

Below here, I am providing some cool tips which will help you earn even more with MyPoints. So, read them carefully and use throughout the website to increase your points easily.

Tips to earn more points on MyPoints

  • signup to BonusMail email from MyPoints. These guys regularly send you offer emails and you earn 5 points to click the link provided inside the email. If you like the offer and decide to use it, you can earn even more.
  • As many merchants are available in MyPoints, if you are about to buy something online, first check if its merchant is on MyPoints. If the merchant is available there, browse his website or link from MyPoints. In this way, you will earn MyPoints points along while purchasing the desired product.
  • Surveys hold more points. So, complete the surveys which are sent to your email. If you qualify it, you’ll receive 50 points and even if you don’t qualify, you’ll still receive 10 points
  • If you need coupons from, use MyPoints to print coupons from because you’ll earn 10 points for each coupon you redeem and if you use more than 10 coupons a month, you will receive 25 bonus points too.
  • Add MyPoints search toolbar to your browser and you will earn points each time you search through this toolbar.
  • Refer a friend and you’ll earn 25 points from referral. Not only this, you will also receive 10% bonus points of all the points they earn.
  • Keep eyes on double points day, instant win game and other promotions to speed up your earnings.

Redeem Your Points

To redeem your points, click on the “Rewards” tab where all sort of amazing gift cards are provided in which you can redeem your MyPoints credit points. You can, of course, exchange your points for any gift cards and these are available in $10, $25, $50, $100 categories so you choices for any number of points but choose wisely, small gift card cost more points per dollar. Don’t redeem your points for small gift cards if you can get a higher one with some efforts or wait.

Moreover, you should also check different type of gift cards available for the same amount of points or if you like, you can use points to get travel or food discounts too, which, could be more beneficial to you right now.

Wrapping It Up

MyPoints is a great service which is providing businesses and customers a win-win interface from where both of them are being benefitted. Being an internet user, you should try this service for at least once because thousands of users are using MyPoints for a very long time and they are happy with the reward system it is providing to them.

Use this link to visit MyPoints and Signup for a free account right now.

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