Learn a New Direction as a Quality Assurance Tester

Quality Assurance (QA) is not only testing code fragments but a guarantee of product quality. A QA engineer is involved throughout the entire product development process. He checks the quality of requirements, tests web components, maintains their functionality, and monitors the product as a whole.

Education and training

Working as a QA tester does not always require a technical background. Moreover, most future specialists acquire the necessary knowledge in specialized qa placement training.

What does a tester need to know? A basic understanding of programming and computer systems is sometimes sufficient. However, a technical background can benefit your job search and increase your understanding of software. To become a QA specialist, you must have analytical thinking and be attentive and resourceful. It is important to read several books and articles and browse forums dedicated to testing. What else should a future specialist know? Learning programming languages ​​such as HTML, SQL, CSS, etc is recommended. Future specialists must understand the software development cycle, the basic tools and testing methods, and have good English.

Continuous learning and career development

In the qa programming industry, continuous training is a necessity. The technology environment is changing rapidly, and it is essential to stay up to date with the latest trends and new testing methods. Continuous learning in qa class will help you expand your knowledge and improve your skills.

Among the possible prospects for professional development in the field of QA testing, three main areas stand out:

Growth within the testing area

Junior QA -> Middle QA -> Senior QA -> QA Team Lead -> QA Manager -> Head of QA Department

Automated testing

Mastering automated testing requires deeper technical knowledge and the development of specialized skills in creating and maintaining automated test scripts and tools.

Retraining in other areas

As testing experience accumulates, the opportunity arises to retrain in related areas, such as business analytics or programming. This requires additional manual QA tester training and mastery of new skills.

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