How to Book Flight Tickets for Cheap

Travelling by air is considered to be the fastest and safest way to travel. No wonder everyone wants to travel anywhere in the world on a flight. Now obviously for international destinations, you have to choose a flight, you don’t have many other options. But for home country, not many people can afford to travel on a plane in case of short domestic destinations because it is the costliest way to travel too.

However, nothing else can match the comfort level and experience a flight travel provides. And, smart people who travel by air usually know many cool tricks which help them book flight tickets by up to 50% off (sometimes, even more). If you didn’t know those tricks, I am going to revel all of them through this article. So, scroll down and read how to book flight ticket for cheap.

When do airlines drop prices?

Before you can understand how to get cheap tickets you need to understand how the cheap tickets are available. Yes sometimes the airlines don’t drop prices but you get exclusive discounts from various sites like for example, it will give you great deals but at the same time, it will compare prices for different flights booking sites to let you know where an airplane ticket is available for cheap. Anyway, when you understand why and how airlines drop prices, getting a cheap ticket will be very easy for you. So let’s discuss it.

  • Tuesday: Yes Tuesday is a very important day. It has been seen that many airline companies post their discounts sometime around the Monday evening mark and then to counter those prices other airlines put a discount on their tickets too. After all these charades are over, around Tuesday afternoon 3 pm Eastern time, is considered to be the best time for clients to book as there are a lot of options available.
  • First sale: Usually airline companies give their sale discounts around 3 months before the journey and if you can be quick you can get a ticket right away.
  • Last-minute: Every company wants their flights to be full because they got to pay for the fuel and parking at the airport anyway irrespective of the number of passengers. So there are huge discounts at the last moment. So if your plan is flexible enough wait for 2-3 days before your journey and buy an unsold seat.Travelling by Flight

How to get cheap tickets

Yes! Finally the million dollar question. How can you get cheap tickets for flights, be it domestic or international? So let’s get into saving mode!

  • Use Skyhours: Check out and buy air travel time for as little as $30 (for half an hour of flight time). You can pay for part of a flight or for the whole flight. If you have a birthday or special event coming up, you can always ask your loved ones to gift you skyhours instead of things you don’t really need. This way, you can use the skyhours they give you and if you still need more hours to complete your flight, you can pay for the remainder yourself. This service is great because it makes air travel a lot more affordable and these hours can be used for traveling to unlimited destinations.
  • Use starting bonusMany travel sites such as,, provide signup bonus which you can utilize while booking any flight ticket to available desired ticket for cheap.
  • Go incognito: Always clear your cache and your cookies of your browser before you start to search for flights. This is because if you have already searched for flights before and you search for it again, based on your search history the airlines increase the fare to scare you so that you book quickly. So clear it out before you search for flights.
  • Search engines: Don’t book flight ticket directly from an airline’s website, neither trust google suggestions or other search engines to book flights because they inflate price to get a cut. Go to a website where lots of options are available for you to choose from. That’s why I love because not only it list all different airlines available for you but also compare prices from other travel site to let you know where a specific ticket is available at the least cost.
  • Cheapest day: You need to find the cheapest day to travel. Usually as seen by many researchers, the cheapest day is the middle of the week which is a Wednesday. Sometimes other days can be cheap as well. So head over to various sites and check for the cheapest day. And, try to avoid popular or rush days such as holiday, starting day of vacations, etc. because these are the peak times and hence, flights tickets will be expensive.
  • Budget airlines: There are a lot of budget airlines available as of today. They are very inexpensive and the only comprise they do are on the seat qualities and sometimes food. These are although somewhat acceptable.
  • Connecting flights: Connecting flights offer very cheap rates when compared to direct flights. Connecting flights bare basically flights which have a destination in the middle from your departure to your arrival. They can save you a lot of money. At the same time connecting flights can be hours or days apart. If they are days apart you can always roam around the city you are connected with and can easily have a mini vacation.
  • Place: If you don’t have a fixed place where you want to fly to and just want a getaway or a vacation to literally anywhere possible. Look for the cheapest place for flights. From the city you are travelling from many places are cheaper as compared to others which can be due to distance, weather or time.
  • Number of tickets: if you book tickets from the same airlines in huge numbers you will easily get huge discounts from the airline. So if you are travelling with your big family, it might not be as troublesome as you might have thought. You might have to spend a lot of time with them but hell you get a nice discount! So don’t cry.
  • Flight points: If you are a frequent traveler and you have a lot of air miles saved up. Using them might be the wiser idea than saving up even more. You can save a lot bills if you use your air miles.

Getting cheap flight tickets is as easy as fishing for discounts on food. You just have to be smart and look for the right thing at the right time. So now that you know everything you need to, you can understand that it’s actually very easy and highly possible to get cheap tickets. So what are you waiting for? Go book!

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