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Everyone here must have travelled to a different place at any point in their lives for a trip or a get-together or anything related to that. My question to them is, have felt the energy oozing out of yourself when you do that trip? Have you ever felt like this trip is not a trip but something much more than that? If your answer is no, then you are going to enter a world you have never felt before.

Sometimes a trip is just not a trip but something more, much more and something different. It is an adventure which is waiting for you. It is a test of you with yourself to see whether you can test your limits or not. Whether at the top of the mountain, which you climbed on your own, you are or do you have people with you who are as daring as you. Although obviously, it is not always about testing your limits otherwise most of the people won’t dare to go for an adventure. It’s more about experiencing something unique, something different, a feeling which you will never get on a normal trip.

USA Travel

If you want to experience all these, if you want to experience the fire in your heart, then welcome to the United States of America. The country of dreams. It is every person’s dream on this planet to live the so-called American Dream life. Even though that is something interesting but America is not just about that. It has a side which is very different from the money, fame and celebrities part of America. That is the part which we are going to visit today. We will give you the whole outline of what an adventure, a vacation in America outside the glamour can look like. So without wasting much more time let’s dive into the magic of America.

The perfect time to visit America

First things first, you cannot visit America anytime you want and expect to get the full Adventure package. There are certain seasons which are best suited for certain adventures.

Summers are pretty hot in the cities, whereas the coasts and the parks are cooler comparatively. If you want to visit White America, the best time to visit is in the winter season due to the heavy snowfall, hence the name. During spring the weather is quite charming and you can see a whole lot of different flowers and green leaves on trees. During autumn the color of the leaves change and that is a beauty of its own.

Therefore summing it up the best time to visit America is during the spring or autumn. The weather is very pleasant and is neither warm nor cool.

A brief discussion of the adventures you can have at The United States

America is home to a lot of different types of people, culture etc. It is one of the largest nations and as a flag bearer of equality for all people who live there, the adventures you can have in America is countless. We have selected a few best adventures you can have while experiencing America at the same time. Let’s dive into them.

1. Kansas and Utah Parachuting

This adventure is designed for beginners and kids and is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

In this sport, you ride a powered chute which has a seat like a go-kart and an engine at the back. There is a runway and you speed through it and fly your chute across the beautiful scenery of Utah and Kansas. For people who are doing it for the first time, there are rigs with two-seater option. You can sit on it with an instructor and fly like he’s not even there.

Kansas and Utah Parachuting

2. Alaska Cruising

In this sport, you board a small boat and cruise through the beautiful Glacier Bay and Prince William Sound.

The scenery you experience while cruising in this adventure boat is unparalleled. Not only that while you are travelling you will see a hoard of wildlife animals coming close to you and giving you a ‘hi’. Don’t worry it’s completely safe they won’t hurt you. What kind of animals do you say? Well, there’s whales the size of your boat, bald eagles, Dall’s Porpoises, Steller’s Sea Lions and many more. While you are cruising you can experience hiking on the glaciers or sea kayaking through icebergs. Be careful though, don’t do anything dangerous while being near glaciers and icebergs.

3. North Carolina Diving

If you advanced open water certification then you are in luck. Now you can go to North Carolina and enjoy a diving session with sand tiger sharks. Of course while gathering scientific data on them.

These sharks are endangered and are about 9 feet long. You can get close to them and click pictures. This might be one of your missions, to go to tagged sharks and click pictures of them. While you are at it don’t forget to check out the wrecked ships at the bottom of the ocean. They could also be home to many of our fishy friends.

North Carolina Diving

4. Florida Drag Racing

Florida Drag racing is a course in drag racing which you can undertake and then get to ride a race car.

You will be trained for 2 days then after which you can travel a quarter mile at 150 miles per hour. Yes, you heard that right 150 miles per hour. This is not just fun and games though, if you are good enough you can get a professional racing license. While you are at it don’t forget to ask Frank Howley’s Alcohol course. So what is this course? Let this be just a surprise.

Florida Drag Racing

5. California Biking

In this adventure, you hire a bike and then at your own clumsy pace you travel through Napa and Sonoma while visiting various wine places, and discovering new different kinds of Wine. You can visit Yountville and explore its culinary masterpieces. You can also go for a picnic among the redwoods.

California Biking

6. Nevada Stunt Team Training

Here you get to train with Hollywood’s Stunt team. YES, HOLLYWOOD’S STUNT TEAM.

MTV Road Rules stunt team Thrillseekers Unlimited arranges this stunt programme for a group of people. There is an option for 1 day to 5 days getaway. It happens in Las Vegas. You can build your own dream stunt or choose from the huge range of crazy stunts which are available.

Nevada Stunt Team Training

7. Colorado River Boarding

In this adventure, you get to swim through Colorado’s clear creek

You will swim through the rapid on a board which is as long as your torso. There will be a lot of waves which you need to evade by either ducking or popping through it. You will obviously be given a life jacket and a wetsuit. The board might look small and easily breakable but as a matter of fact, it gives the riders a great control over themselves.

Colorado River Boarding

8. North Carolina Hiking

This adventure is all about hiking through the Pisgah National Forest and experiencing the nature and the wildlife. Inside this trip, you can choose from one to three days Smoky Mountain trek. You can customize the trip according to your liking. The company also provides you with camping gears and Llamas on which you can travel. At Panthertown valley you can do rock climbing. Do not forget to climb the 4,629-foot Max Patch Bald, and enjoy the 360-degree view of the Smokies.

North Carolina Hiking

9.  Washington Tree House Hotel

Ever wondered how it felt like living in a tree house? Well, your dream can come true in this hotel. The tree house is built on top of a Cedar Creek. After you have hiked through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, you deserve a bit of rest. Climb on the 50 feet tall 200-year-old cedar tree and stargaze through the skylights from your bed. Nothing gets more beautiful than this. While you are at it don’t forget to cross the vertiginous Rainbow Bridge, and go to the glass-encased Tree house Observatory to loom around the beautiful place from 100 feet high.

Washington Tree house Hotel

10. Pennsylvania Biking

Ever wanted to bike through Pennsylvania with the local hero Jane Golden? Well, your dream has come true. For 20 years he has been turning the desolate grey areas of the city into rainbow dreamscapes as a project of his. Do not forget to have lunch with Golden. It is a tiny tornado of energy and inspiration.

Pennsylvania Biking

11. New York Flying

Always wanted to fly a plane? Well, now you can fly a trapeze, which is as close to flying you can get in and around the city. Where do you ask? Well, where other than the iconic New York City. On 2002 Trapeze School New York was founded with an indoor and an outdoor training facility where you can go, learn and fly a trapeze.

New York Flying

12. Idaho Rafting

The Idaho Rafting is a 6 day trip on Idaho’s Salmon River. It is initiated by the Mackay Wilderness River Trips’. While you are rafting through the river, the people from Mackay set up tents so that you can rest as soon as you finish rafting. The food is cooked in open flame. They serve many different types of dishes including Salmon and Paella. You can never be bored on this trip.

Idaho Rafting

13. Louisiana on a Segway

No Segways are not only for kids. Now you can hire Segways and travel through New Orleans and explore the beautiful place. You only need a 15-minute course to understand the basics of a Segway. After all, it’s just like an electric scooter only you ride it standing up. You can hire the segway for two hours. Also yeah, always wear a helmet. While you are at it, don’t forget to visit Mardi gras world, and see their famous floats.

Louisiana on a Segway

14. Hawaii Sailing and Snorkeling

In this adventure, you will sail and dive at Kauai along the Na Pali coast which is remote. You can sail in the Pacific Ocean and bike around the volcanic rim of Waimea Canyon. While you are at it, you can also snorkel with the sea turtles. You can also get a special kayak tour to look at humpback whales and sea turtles from the coast of Haena to Polihale. Do not forget to take advantage of the amazing Kauai’s Spa after a day of sailing for the relaxation that you deserve.

Hawaii Sailing and Snorkeling

15. Arizona Hiking

In this trip, you will hike the 1000 foot rock formations of Boynton Canyon. It is located in the Enchantment Resort in Sedona. It is a 70-acre land which is in a desert and is surrounded by rugged terrain and the Coconino National Forest. You can take the two-hour vortex walk, where a certified instructor will guide you. Don’t forget to take the Thai massage. It is a 90-minute massage at the Mii Amo spa.

16. Georgia Rafting

Watched the movie Deliverance? Want to enjoy the movie in real life? Then rafting in the 40 miles long Chattooga River is what you need to do. It is a six-hour trip and you will be taught precision paddling from experts. Here you will travel through Chattooga’s section III. If you want more of a challenge you need to visit the section IV but for that, you have to stay overnight. They serve a catered trout dinner.

Georgia Rafting

17. Alaska Multisport

In this trip, you will travel through an inlet which is 11 miles long, and if you are lucky and it is a clear day then you might get to see the mountain ranges and even USA’s highest Mount Mickey. While travelling through the inlet, look out for Beluga Whales.

Alaska Multisport

18. Colorado & Utah Biking

This biking route is almost 200 miles long. This trip starts from Durango and extends through the forest roads till Moab. This biking route is a bit difficult. Though it will be easy for the intermediate bikers, beginners should walk through the tough areas. Do not miss the Wedding bell hut on top of Colorado’s Dolores River which is on a cliff 2000 feet high.

Colorado & Utah Biking

19. Arizona Multisport

This is a beautiful activity to do in the summer. The rains bring beautiful wildflowers on the display. It is a four-day adventure based on the Grand Canyon. It is a multisport adventure. In this adventure, you can hike along North Rim trails and go for mountain biking along with a van support along the off-road backcountry terrain. 

Arizona Multisport

20. Vermont Archery

There is an archery school in Vermont called the Equinox Resort Archery School. Here you can learn to shoot traditional bow and arrows. There are targets shaped like bears or deer on which you can practise your art of shooting arrows. If you want more of a medieval experience, there is something called the Harris’ hawks which you can learn to handle and fly.

Vermont Archery

21. Texas Biking

Texas biking is all about biking on a mountain at the edge of Texas country on a ranch. It is very close to Austin, the rocky hill ranch is owned by a few bike enthusiasts. The whole area is about 1200 acres. The trails also have names. One is called Easy Pickens and another is called Fat Chuck’s Demise. There are other trail names too of course. Don’t forget to have a burger at the on-site salon.

Texas Biking

22. New York Fly-Fishing

Ever heard of Beaverkill? It is a legendary place where dry fly-fishing was born, in the Catskills. Here on Beaverkill, The Wulff School of Fly Fishing is located. The school is located in the Catskill Mountains spread over 100 acres. There are also accommodations available at the Beaverkill Valley Inn, which is about a mile away. The inn is a 19th-century angler’s hotel.

Here in the school, you learn a lot about fly fishing. The course covers fly selection, fishing knots, casting and tackle know-how, stream craft, playing, landing as well as wading.

Fly-Fishing at Salmon River

23. Washington, Montana, & Wyoming National Park Tour

The tour is led and headed by a naturalist and photographer is very experienced. This whole tour is about Audubon Nature Odyssey’s Great Northwestern National Park’s tour. It is a nine-day tour. While you are in this tour, you will visit four national parks namely the Glacier National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Mt. Rainier National Park and Yellowstone. In this tour, you will travel on the GrandLuxe Express which was formerly known as the American Orient Express. Don’t forget to visit the Wyoming where you can see the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

Yellowstone National Park Tour

24. Utah & Arizona Hiking

This adventure is all about hiking through the 812-mile Hayduke Trail. The 812-mile road passes through Southwest America’s greatest hits. It passes through six national parks in Utah and Arizona. These include the Grand Canyon, Zion and the Arches. Don’t forget to travel through Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument which after some time gets so narrow that you can touch both the walls while travelling through it.

Utah Hiking

25. Washington, DC & Maryland Biking

This adventure is as unique as it gets. It’s a 185-mile towpath connecting Washington to Cumberland, Maryland. There are a lot of roadside campsites where you can camp while travelling through this towpath or you can just stay at the various inns nearby. You can bike through this historical path where once Mules used to pull coal barges.

Maryland Biking

The United States is a crazy place and the best part about it is that it lets you be crazy without judging you. The nation of Dreams is actually where you can have all your dreams come true. Now after reading this article you know the crazy adventure you want to do. So what are you waiting for?

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