5 Best Free Collage Makers Online

The world is all about photographs these days. People show their visions through the photographs that they click. Collage is a format where people collect several photos or even art pieces and make them into a single piece. So, there is a current trend of using online photo collage makers. Most people want to use the free ones as they do not use the service every day. But it is essential to use a website that actually has the features that one will need.

So, here we will mention 5 of the best free online collage makers available right now.

Free Online Collage Makers

1. Ribbet:

Creating collages is a specialty in the Ribbet website. The normal features are available to the users in the free version. This includes the selection of a template, making changes to the photo and several other things that one would like to do to their photos. They do have a premium version which you can avail by paying a certain amount of money on a monthly basis.


2. Canva:

If you are a fan of choosing templates for your photo collages then Canva will be your best buddy. You can browse through the options present in their basic version which is free. They do include some paid plans as well which may have some added features. You can go through the filters, effects and the numerous other editing options that will make your collage appear beautiful and unique.

3. Fotor Collage Maker:

Fotor is a famous online photo editing website as it has several editing options which are often a part of the premium plans of the other similar websites. Fotor allows you to upload the photos and then arrange them into the collage according to the template that you choose. But the free version will have a watermark which you can remove by subscribing to their premium version. The pro version also eliminates ad from the website.

Fotor Collage Maker

4. BeFunky:

BeFunky is a popular website among people who are in regular touch with photo editing. The uniqueness of this website lies in its extremely easy to use interface. You will love to use their photo editing features as soon as visit it. If you are in want of a higher-resolution picture with additional editing options, then you will need to opt for their premium version which is BeFunky Plus.

BeFunky Collage

5. Adobe Spark:

If you want to use something easy and simple to make your college then Adobe Spark will be the best option. You will all the needed tools in this completely free website. They provide you with the design options and you just need to put your photos in them. You can log into your Creative Cloud account if you want those extra benefits.

Adobe Spark Editor

Making photo collages is a simple but interesting thing. These websites will serve your purpose of doing the job and most of them have their own unique feature. So, one can definitely give them a try if they are looking for free online collage makers. We are sure that these websites will fulfill their need.

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