Top 10 Essential Gadgets for Travelers

Christmas is around the corner and thus, has begun the season of vacations and trips. Undoubtedly, the cool weather is also calling for the travel enthusiasts in us who are always keen on hitting the roads and getting a little dirt on our shoes. Be it a smooth, planned vacation or a rough, adventurous road trip, this modern world has got us hooked on various gadgets, which we cannot afford to part with.

They provide many technological advancements which actually help in making the trips a little easier by providing a comfortable environment and assisting well, throughout the journey. I am listing down top 10 essential gadgets which you must have in your backpack to make any journey comfortable and if you want to know amazing apps for fitness, games, lifestyle, productivity and more, check out Android Guides SP app lists. Let’s move forward with best travel gadgets.

1. Universal Plug Adapter (All-in-one)

While on an international trip, the biggest problem that most of the people face is with the charging sockets. Even if you are well-equipped with all your power adapters, they might seldom fit the wall sockets there. Hence, it is highly recommended to carry a universal plug adapter which has a built-in extender on the European type of adapter plug.

They are mostly enough to satisfy all the requirements in the foreign countries. However, it is also suggested that you match the universal adapter on the travel guide of that country or look online, to stay on the safe side.

Universal Plug Adapter

2. Noise cancellation headphones

Comfortable to put on with the cushions around the plugs, the noise cancellation headphones must be carried whenever you are out on a trip. It helps in shunning down all the ambiance noise and lets you focus on the music and feel at peace even in crowded places.

They are extremely useful when carried along in trains and airplanes, so that you can comfortably sleep, without getting disturbed by the continual sound of the train engine or the aircraft motors. It is also a useful way of ignoring the common sounds like people talking, babies crying and the trade cries of the hawkers which are mostly very evident in the long train journeys.

Sony Hear On Wireless Noise Cancellation Headphone

3. Power banks

Emerging to trend very swiftly in the last few years, power banks have formed a big space in the most essential travel gadgets. The power bank is an external source of charging all your electronic devices at times of emergency when there is no other source of electricity available. It is important so that you stay connected with the rest of the world, in all conditions. There are various types of ports available in it, which makes it easy to charge your speakers, Bluetooth headset, iPhone, iPad, tablets and android phones.

The Baseus Power Bank is one of the most affordable and reliable power bank that we’ve come across recently. It is slim, stylish and provide very good backup with fast charging support. Check it out.

Power Banks

4. Kindle Paperwhite

For the hardcore readers, Kindle is an indispensable necessity which is a good alternative of carrying heavy books around. It can be packed in a light luggage and taken along, containing all the books that you want. You can also download or purchase more books on the go, without troubling yourself over the unavailability of books in different areas. They can be read when ample light is available. For reading in dark, you can take along a Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Paperwhite

5. Solar Chargers

Planning a trip to the farthest land, wishing to get a few days off the worries of the world? Going to such remote area is good, but surviving without a mobile phone is almost impossible. You can be off the social media, but not off entertainment. Hence, the solar chargers available online make it easy for you to keep your device charged and always ready to roll. Be it a area of rugged landscape or vast stretches of forest without electricity, the solar chargers will come in handy, on all your adventures.

Solar Charger

6. Smart suitcase

It may sound like a deal for heavy travelers, the smart suitcases are the innovative companions of travelling. They can pack in huge amount of luggage and the tracker on your phone will enable you to know its weight and its whereabouts very easily. Forget the woes of losing out on your goods while travelling. Some of the smart suitcases also have USB ports for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Smart Luggage

7. Dongle or Mini Router

No matter where you rush to, there is no denial to the fact that internet is essential in today’s generation. We need to stay connected, no matter what. Therefore, carrying a portable router or dongle enables you to create your own small WiFi network and connect with the world, any time wanted. They can also be helpful if you wish to search for any restaurant to dine in or for the details of any monument you might be visiting.

Wifi Dongle

8. GoPro or any other handy camera

Travelling, these days, is all about gaining experiences and clicking Instagram worthy pictures. At this time, if you are packing a light luggage, a DSLR will not be highly recommended because the point and shoot cameras have begun producing the same image quality like DSLR. You will also be surprised by the performance of tiny cameras by GoPro, which produce remarkable photographs with a fish-eye view.

GoPro Camera

9. USB On-The-Go

A USB On-The-Go or OTG is very important while travelling because you cannot carry all the movies and videos for your entertainment in the smartphone. You may add them to a pen-drive and connect it to your phone using the OTG. Same goes for all the valuable files and data which you can copy in a pendrive and carry along, so that at times of emergency, you always have a backup to reach out to.

USB On The Go Cable

10. Portable Speakers

It is good that you have packed in your Bluetooth headset, but it might get too stuffy at times to keep on listening through the headset. Therefore, the portable speakers are helpful in sitting at the comfort of your hotel room and listening to anything and everything, right from your smartphone.

JBL Splash Proof Portable Speaker

These small gadgets are definitely in the grasp of all the travelers out there and together, they can make your journey very well-planned and smooth, by providing technical support to every issue that you might face while travelling. These gadgets will make sure that you never get bored and have the spirit to get lost in the right direction.

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