Top 10 Best Startups Founded by Students

We all keep coming across inspirational stories of how one man started a business that boomed into a million dollar industry. Though some of these heroes were not young like KFC founder Colonel Sanders who only met tremendous success after retirement, some started in their alma mater like Mark Zuckerberg. Additionally, it has always been a popular belief that people born with a certainly business acumen succeed, but it is not true. We have some case studies that show students of intense perseverance and indefatigable will created their business from a single desk to a multi million dollar deal because they used their unique research style to do what their passion guided them to do.

And these young business initiators serve as role models to thousands of students who plan business models, jot down their pros and cons on college papers for startups. Though not all ideas become successful, college is an excellent place to ask yourself ‘what is a good business to start.’


Here is not only the list of top ten businesses that started in dorms but also some bright ideas of some good businesses to start for you:

1. Microsoft

Year: 1975

Founders: Bill Gates and Paul Allen

We all know the success story, and we all quote him from time to time to cope with peer pressure and the frustration, which is part of academic life. They both initiated the company when they were still students of Harvard University, but Bill Gates had enough courage to drop out of the prestigious school to pursue his endeavor and managed to build an empire worth $281 billion. The company has seen ups and downs over the years, and he does not hold the largest shares in it, but he still tops the list of wealthiest men who are also very generous.

It is important to note that Bill took a bold step and decided to follow the path less trodden. We cannot even imagine the pressure he must have faced. While many wondered ‘what is a good business to start,’ Bill Gates not only figured it out but also followed his passion with full force. His story should serve as a real example in college papers for sale just in case students need to talk about the most outstanding examples of success. Remember we all need a nudge to reach where we ought to be so never feel embarrassed if you are taking longer or trying harder. If it comforts you, remember that Gates received his degree 32 years later from Harvard (you can conveniently forget the honors degree).

2. Facebook

Year: 2004

Founder: Mark Zuckerberg

This instance is so oft repeated that mentioning him here feels redundant, but he has inspired many other college startups to date. What Zuckerberg did was to put his hand on the raw nerve of students by created a social medium that allowed them to know each other, befriend them, and share their activities, and today the net worth of his company is $34.4 billion. Young learners could use his story to seek inspiration and research good businesses to start that suit their lifestyle because a dorm is a place where ideas are for sale, and anyone can grab something to build on their own initiative.

3. Google

Year: 1998

Founders: Larry Page & Sergey Brin

If you researched what is a good business to start and used Google, then there is your inspirational story. The founders met at Stanford University where they were working on their Ph.D. project about a digital library. Yes, back then, it was all manual, and digital copies were not easily accessible.

4. Yahoo!

Year: 1994

Founders: Jerry Yang and David Filo

Many students share examples of how college dropouts make million dollar business, but few remember instances of a Ph.D. student project turning into a huge enterprise, like Yahoo!. We are all familiar with the service because we all yahoo writing college papers We have also used the engine to help us one way or another. There is an interesting fact about the exclamation point in the logo because the domain name was already taken, so it is never early for good businesses to start.

5. WordPress

Year: 2003

Founders: Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little

With the advent of free internet, everyone wanted to write, but not everyone could make a website, so these innovators came up with a million dollar idea. They provided a free platform where literally anyone can create their own world. WordPress has made not only $409 million but also made millions of dreams come true making it possible for everyone to connect and create their fan base.

6. Snapchat

Year: 2011

Founders: Evan Spiegel & Robert Murphy

This app allows you to share photos while safeguarding your privacy and became an instant hit amongst people around the world. The fun filters, audio-video recording, and tags make it popular every day, but at the same time, if someone tries to take a screenshot of your photo, you will be notified.

7. Dropbox

Year: 2007

Founders: Arash Ferdowski & Drew Houston

The prestigious school of MIT had a couple of students who became frustrated with limited email capacity to contain files, so they created an app that is now used by billions around the globe. Everyone uses Dropbox for secure file sharing across the globe.

8. Dell

Year: 1984

Founder: Michael Dell

He was a freshman at the University of Texas when he created a company with only $1000 proving that you do not need much to start your dream company. He concentrated on fulfilling individual needs by selling custom computers to everyone which was a whole new idea back then.

9. iCracked

Year: 2010

Founders: AJ Forsythe, Anthony Martin

They came up with the brilliant idea of repairing iPhones which is now a part of every American household. Their realistic approach enabled them to develop 687 iTechs in America with additional support stores in a dozen countries around the world.

10. HourlyNerd

Year: 2013

Founders: Rob Biederman, Peter Maglathlin, Patrick Petitti and Joe Miller

It was a college startup of three Harvard students that aimed to provide business consulting services to everyone who wanted it. They now have some of the biggest names as customers like Coca-Cola and General Electric as their customers.

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