How to Know That You are Ready to Go to College Right after High School

After you finish your senior year in high school and graduated, you feel like a completely free person ready to explore. The worries you’ve been keeping all this time floated away, you can enjoy your life and go to the next step – college. Well, while almost all of us are thinking of college as the next step of our life and applying right away, it’s important to know that’s it’s not the only way.

Sometimes we don’t have enough courage to apply, or we think of taking a year off after high school just to have some time for your activities, be it work or a business startup, or even traveling. Are you still thinking about what to do after high school? Are you sure that you’re ready to attend college right away? Let’s find out if you are by following multiple signs.

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Are you ready academically?

Of course, the first part is obvious – you need to know if you’re ready academically because it’s different from going to school, the college offers a lot but also demands a lot. And you should remember that. A lot of studies have proven that some students can’t complete their degree just because they weren’t ready academically.


Look at the way you complete your academic coursework and assignments. Are you nailing it freely or do you buy essays for sale? If all essays are easy for you and you do it just in time, you’re probably ready to face all the assignments you’ll be given in college. But if you feel like every time essay is too hard to complete without assignment sale and you’re trying your best without any result and even pull all-nighters, going up the rank is not for you yet.


We all know how harmful procrastinating is and it’s definitely not the way to do your homework at school, and moreover at college. Some things will be given to you very suddenly, and you still need to have time to complete them, and you’ll have to plan ahead all the time. Therefore, if you’re not procrastinating all the time – you can try and apply right after graduating!

Basic academic skills

Face your basic skills like English, math, writing and other and ask yourself if you’re ready to compete with other students right now. Do you have the required skills? Can you go on without further help? It’s not bad if you can’t, it’s just a sign that you’ll need to complete courses from writers and find a tutor to help you.


Attending classes and lectures is an important part of being a student, and it will help you perfect your grade and receive a degree. You have to be disciplined enough; otherwise, some professors can rid you of points and even start hating on just because you seem disorganized. Be careful of skipping if you think you’re ready to apply.

Are you ready emotionally?

Another important part of attending college is your emotional readiness and fullness as a human being. Of course, you wouldn’t want to go there with a thought like “why should I go to college.” Being a student of that sort is always associated with being an adult, and it requires a lot of mental skills, too, because you’ll be away from home and managing your own life.

Being responsible

You need to know that everything you do will have some effect on your life and you can’t just hide behind someone’s back now. Even if you have friends there, you’ll have to deliver everything on time, help others and yourself by reading a review for and other services and make good choices. If you already do it in high school – consider that you are ready to write an academic essay by yourself.

Managing time

People might hate it, but your essential skill will be time management because you won’t be able to succeed without using it and planning. It makes you forget about procrastinating and not meeting deadlines and transforms you into someone with a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Handling feelings

With the new environment and challenges also come new people, that you’ll need to deal with. You’ll have roommates and peers that will help you or try to pick on you, and along with it, you’ll have to manage your stress somehow and find ways to get rid of it. It can be extremely hard to do that and not lock yourself up in your room, but be prepared to do homework even if you feel depressed.

Doing chores

When you finally move into dorms or your place, you’ll have to cook for yourself, wash your clothes, and keep everything around you clean and so on. Be sure that you know how to do all the chores before you attempt to move and attend college or you’ll be in big trouble.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.