Play to Win: Exploring the Top Gaming Genres of 2021

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Play your way to paradise this year with the hottest gaming genres on the market

Want to spice up your screen time? You’re in luck because online games are getting a whole lot more interesting. Developers are making use of contemporary technology and cultural trends as they work to give you a truly cutting-edge experience, and the result is a revamp of many old favorites we can’t wait to try. If you want to see what’s in store this year, go ahead and strap on your gaming goggles—because we’re diving deep into the best online gaming genres out there.

Role-Playing Games

Online role-playing games (RPGs) have been popular since their inception back in the nineties. Even with pixelated graphics and slow-moving parts, people fell in love the moment they sunk beneath the shining sea of fantasy these games provided. And this isn’t so surprising, especially when you consider what RPGs brought to the table.

These games allowed people to escape into a narrative all their own, a place where they could breathe, build, and live the magic. In fact, early RPG games like RuneScape and EverQuest are still available to play today, decades after they came out—but the modern RPG gamer has many more options in 2021. Though the classic historical games still hold up, the genre has advanced to a point where RPGs aren’t just for nerds anymore. Now, everyone loves them.

The RPGs of today are breaking the norms of traditional role-playing games, casting aside the conventional mold of a mage-led mission in favor of a more imaginative approach. With indie developers focusing more on modern culture, existential themes, and much more refined graphics, RPGs are becoming a true form of art.

Card & Casino Games

If you’re debating which online game might be best for you, you’ll want to consider card and casino games along with classics like shooters and platform runners. These games of luck and strategy have been played since humanity invented money, but they haven’t been ultra-popular for traditional online gamers until recently.

So, what changed? For one thing, casinos are more available than ever before. They offer an array of perks for first-time users, with many boasting a casino welcome bonus or rewards plan to make the experience more enjoyable. Graphics and gameplay have also improved drastically, with gamification like leaderboards and contests offering an even deeper level of immersion. As advancements like VR and 5G bring the potential for a fast-paced playing experience unlike any other, casino games are emerging as a top genre to watch in 2021.

Battle Royale Games

With arguably the coolest name of all the genres, battle royale games have been getting a lot of attention lately. Whether you enjoy team-ups, first-person shooters, or more tactical games, this genre has a title for you—and recently, they just keep getting better and better. Classic games like H1Z1 put battle royales on the map, but more recent titles like Fortnite and PUBG have given the genre a cult-like following.

This year and going into the next, we’ll likely see many more battle royale titles. It’s an appealing idea to developers, as a battle royale element could theoretically be added to almost any game centering around a conflict. The genre doesn’t pigeonhole anyone, and it works with pretty much any style of game and player.

Ready to get your game on? Luckily, you were born at the perfect moment to experience the storm of innovation that modern gaming has brought forth. No matter which genre you prefer, the games are better than ever. So, whip out that phone, fire up the computer, or dust off your console for a whirlwind adventure of gaming today.

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