Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair in 2019

Every pet owner, no matter what their pet is, if it has a furry body, face a same problem. Overnight, they seem to find themselves drowning in pet hair. In spite of the most rigorous of cleanings, the hair just doesn’t seem to go. It is to this end that the variety of robotic vacuum cleaners come in handy.

Ever since the time of discovery of artificial intelligence, mankind has used it to various ends. Having robots do domesticated household chores instead of hired helps has been the basis of many a Hollywood movie. True that in most of the movies, the robots revolt and things go south pretty fast, there is not a single chance of that happening in real life because these robots can’t think for themselves.

What they can do is do a job that they are built for with a single minded intensity which is not possible by human being who are bogged down with a thousand of other responsibilities at a time. So today we are going to discuss about some of the best vacuum cleaners your money can buy.

Pet Hair cleaning

Primary requirements for robot vacuum cleaners

Everybody who has a carpet in their home knows the pain and time that goes into keeping it dust free. Now if you happen to have a pet, you have an unsaid rule, you carpet is never going to be clean as your loved pet is always going to get hair on it. What if you got to know that there was actually a way to not let that happen? You would think that it is a joke right? Not exactly, robot vacuum for carpet is a new trend which is spreading like wildfire among pet owners.

You also might know how difficult it is to keep a hardwood floor clean, especially with a furry friend always on your tow. Hardwood floors are notoriously difficult to clean and having a pet just makes it a hundred times worse. So the robot vacuum for hardwood floor is a brand new type of vacuum cleaner which would clean your floor in a jiffy and without must fuss.

Some of the best robot vacuum cleaners released in the year of 2019

  • Neato Botvac D7 Connected:- Anybody who knows about the proficiency of the Neato Botvac vacuum series know that they are one of the best in business in cleaning carpets. For those who desire advanced laser scanning to flush out the most resilient of all pet hairs from the carpets and every nook and cranny of the house, this is the best vacuum there is in business. The best part? The built in S.L.A.M. algorithm which is a distinguishing feature of its AI can navigate even in the dark and is rumoured to be proficient in catching almost 99% of the resilient dust mites.
  • iRobot Roomba 980:- This is one vacuum cleaner which underrated in its prowess to clean carpets. People mostly believe that this is a vacuum which is dedicated to cleaning floors, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. This vacuum has difficulties in navigating corners and cleaning them properly which makes it a bad choice for cleaning floors. But the Aeroforce 3-stage cleaning system employed by it resorts to multi-surface, tangle-free brushes along with power-lifting suction which helps clean dirt, debris and most importantly pet hair straight out of the fabric of the carpet.
  • i7 Roomba Robot Vacuum:- This robotic vacuum cleaner is most famous for its self-emptying feature which has increased its popularity manifold over the past few months. Once full, it is going to go straight to the dock to empty its bin before resuming its duties. Now a question is bound to arise, ‘How does it know where the dock is?’ You can download up to 10 different floorplans into its memory and you can designate the zones to be cleaned, to be left alone and where waste should be dumped, all through an app on your smart device. Its rigorous cleaning technique suits perfectly with hardwood floors. The only downside to this vacuum cleaner is that it is quite bad at getting corners.i7 Roomba Robot Vacuum
  • Roborock E20:- Hardwood floors require adequate amounts of mopping after being vacuumed to retain the glamourous looks. The Roborock E20, built in with a proficient mopping system along with its designated vacuum properties should be your perfect choice for hardwood floors. And the main perk of this vacuum cleaner? It self-charges when its cells get depleted. As soon as its cells get depleted it’d immediately navigate to the designated charging station and plug itself in and continue again after its one recharging. The corners, which are supposedly the Achilles ’ heel of most of the robot vacuum cleaners due to their inability to successfully navigate corners, are of no problem to the Roborock because of the flexible brushes at its edges which reach deep into the pockets and clean out thoroughly. This makes it the ideal robot vacuum cleaner to employ to clean your hardwood floor.

What good will a robot vacuum cleaner do than a normal vacuum cleaner?

A normal vacuum cleaner requires a human presence to function. Moreover normal vacuum cleaners are generally power driven which mean you need a plug point handy to use it. Robot vacuum cleaners on the other hand are fuelled by battery and does not require a power back up at all times. Also if you are easily irritated by the noise made by vacuum cleaners, then you can just set your robot vacuum cleaner to get to work once you are not home anymore, which is not an option with normal vacuum cleaners. So to speak, robot vacuum cleaners are a cut above normal vacuum cleaners in every sense. So if you want to clean your house smartly, be sure to get one as soon as you can.

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