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On January 9, 2019
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Different governments have blocked many websites over the course of recent years. No matter which country you reside in, you won’t be able to access all of the Internet. Sometimes, it is not the country that bans a website, but the website owners restrict their content or services in some regions. For example, many services, apps, and YouTube videos are inaccessible to many countries.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) has become an essential tool that we can use to unblock websites, apps, and services that are kept away from us forcefully either by the owner, government or ISP. The power to unblock Internet and browse it freely is itself a big relief, but a good VPN is not limited to just that. Powerful VPN service by VeePN secures personal information while on the Internet, privacy and optimizes the connection speed along with providing unrestricted access to the World Wide Web.

I started using VeePN last month and I have seldom found such effective features in any other VPN service. So, after testing all the features of VeePN and considering my own experience with past VPN services, today, I am here to tell you why VeePN is the perfect VPN service for you.

VeePN VPN Service

About VeePN

VeePN is a very popular and powerful VPN service that enables you to unblock websites and apps instantly via its apps, software, and plugins available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple TV, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even Wi-Fi routers. The wide availability of VeePN apps across different platforms eliminates the need to buy any other VPN service or different accounts because one VeePN account is enough to protect all your devices and platforms.

This is great, but is VeePN the VPN service good enough to install it on all your devices, especially the most vulnerable ones such as your smartphone and work PC?

Let’s find out.

VeePN VPN Service

Features of VeePN

VeePN has a large network of 2500+ servers spread across the globe. VeePN servers are situated in 48 locations across 42 countries including Europe (1168), America (1153), Asia Pacific (226), Africa (30), Middle East and India (102). This means you can access any website and change your IP to mimic any of the country-specific IPs without wasting any time in the queue. The features listed below are even more interesting. Keep on reading…

Military-grade Security

VeePN uses the most secure 256-bit encryption to protect your connection. As soon as you activate VeePN on your device, it will automatically enable the military-grade encryption. Every piece of information you send or receive will be completely safe from hackers, intruders, governments, and even your own ISP. This is the most powerful encryption, which banks and military institutions use. So you never need to be afraid about someone spying on you, tracking your passwords, credit card information or personal secure email and files you send over the Internet.

VeePN VPN Privacy Protection

DNS Leak Protection

Unlike other VPN services which only protect your traffic (i.e., the data you send or receive over the Internet), VeePN protects your DNS queries, too, as they can also reveal your identity. Smart hackers use DNS queries to track back and pinpoint the real user behind VPN protocols, but VeePN makes sure to eliminate this vulnerability by providing full protection for both your Internet traffic and DNS query.

Multiple VPN Protocols 

The engineers at VeePN are passionate about users’ security. That is why they have encoded multiple-level protection over their unbeatable 256-bit encryption to make the connection the line hack-proof. They use OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, which already offer the highest level of protection. Along with this, they have implemented their own Smart VeePN protocol, which allows you to break any geographic barrier, which was not possible earlier even with these former protocols.

VeePN Devices Apps Services Support

Multiple Device Support

Most VPN services allow from 1 to 3 devices. You would need either to buy slots for the additional devices or purchase a new plan if you have more devices. Every VeePN plan provides support to up to 10 devices. You can connect all of your devices at once, secure them with VeePN protection, change IP, and browse securely without any glitches. This also makes it a more viable option economically.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Speed

Speed is the soft point of most of the VPN services on the market. If you have used any VPN services in the past, you know that many of them provide a monthly bandwidth cap, and after reaching it, you either need to purchase bandwidth package to survive the rest of the month, browse with painfully slow speed or browse the Internet without any protection.

VeePN provides unlimited bandwidth. This means that you can browse, stream and download unlimited data on the Internet with VPN security. No matter how many devices you connect to VeePN simultaneously, the only thing that will limit your speed is your Internet speed, and nothing else.

VPN Fast Servers

Unlimited Server Switching

As I explained earlier, VeePN has over 2500 servers worldwide. So, you are free to shift to any of these web servers and change your IP to their location as many times as you want. You can shift to different servers in the same country if you feel your browsing is sloẉ. No limits, whatsoever. If any service, app or website is blocked in your country, you can shift to their exact country and even that specific city where the service is available and browse the service without exposing your original IP address or location with so many options to choose from.

More Features

  • Kill Switch – Don’t leave the slightest chance to a hacker. With Kill Switch enabled, if your VPN connection drops, your Internet will be instantly disconnected to protect your original IP from being exposed.
  • No Logs, No Traces – VeePN follows a strict no logs policy. They never keep logs of any of their users’ connection and browsing activity. Your information is as protected from the VeePN Company itself as it is from any other entities. No activity logs, no connection logs, and no trackers – nothing is being saved about your connection or Internet surfing habits.

Pricing & Availability

Despite the fact that this military-level VPN is providing all of the best features of most popular VPN services and amplifying them to whole next level to offer only the best kind of VPN that can exist, the price of VeePN plans is still very reasonable. The monthly plan starts at just $10.99/month, but if you go for 1 year, 3 years or even the Lifetime plan, you can enjoy a discount of 47%, 75%, and as much as 80% respectively.

VeePN Plans Pricing

Wrapping it Up

Compared to hardly 100 servers provided by other premium VPN services, 2500+ servers of VeePN is simply an overkill. With these many options in hand, VeePN instantly becomes worthy of its price. Bank-level 256-bit encryption, multiple devices support and unlimited bandwidth which allow you to unblock the Internet, browse anonymously 24/7, communicate, transfer, stream and download data – all these features make VeePN the perfect VPN service on the market.

I highly recommend you to buy VPN Service by VeePN. Start with the small plan and if you are satisfied with the quality of their service, don’t hesitate to move over to any of their longer plans. Moreover, VeePN team is so confident about their service that they have provided a 30-day money back guarantee with every plan.

VeePN the VPN Service will surpass your expectations and provide you with an unbeatable VPN service that you always wanted. Maybe, it’s time to give it a try.

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