8 Reasons to use a VPN for Private Web Browsing

VPN means Virtual Private Network. However, an internet service provider is quintessential and VPN network could not act as a substitute for this. Hence, you have to first get an internet connection for using VPN. The internet traffic can get inscribed by getting connected to the VPN server. VPN has an additional advantage as it simply masks your IP address.

Secure Internet with VPN

It is quite easy to do settings of your VPN server which can be done in two comprehensive ways:

  • One way is to make set up of VPN connection manually using your personal desktop, iPhone, Android or any other device by changing network settings.
  • The other way is by downloading VPN application in your device for completing the configuration of VPN.

The process of setting up a VPN connection is almost similar to the process used to set up Wi-Fi at your living place. Once you sign up using a VPN provider, you will receive a VPN server along with a username and password. However, if you use a VPN app, then there is no need to enter VPN server manually again. Hence, a crucial advantage of VPN usage is to get additional safety and confidentiality while you are working online.

Well, before you buy any VPN service, you would always go after checking two most important aspects which include security and privacy concerns to keep you anonymous while you are performing any activity online. Click on  https://vpnpro.com/vpn-reviews/avast-secureline-vpn-review/ to know more about the Avast Secureline VPN and gain a better understanding about the pros and cons of the Avast VPN services. Let us look at top 8 reasons for using a VPN connection for Private Web Browsing which are discussed below:

1. Makes your activities confidential from Internet Service Provider

ISP, as you already know, can access all the activities you are performing using the internet and hence, it can also access your browsing history on the internet. So, if you get a VPN service connection such as using ExpressVPN, you can easily obscure your doings and enjoy the anonymous functioning on the internet in your day to day life. Therefore, VPN connection assures that the links between your device and other local resources are supervised. Get more information about using VPN by clicking on

2. Public Wi-Fi can be used conveniently without any hazard

All of us like enjoying facilities that we get for free of cost and you always feel delighted when you go outside, be it a café, or airports or any other public location and get access to free internet. We become so excited and start using this free availability of internet. It is because we are unaware of such logins and how these could be detrimental to our privacy of browsing the internet. However, if you have a standard quality VPN service in your mobile phones or any other device which you are using, then you can use free internet securely.

3. Combat the internet censorship by Government

There are various websites whose access is controlled by the government. If you are a resident of a repressive state, then you are devoid of using certain essential services that may be essential for you to use such as for communicating purpose, or information source purpose etc. A VPN service helps you in gaining access to such resources and information which you can utilize without providing any information to the security system. You can get the encryption of your online activities, i.e. you can access the services online in a foolproof confidential way.

4. Save your money while purchasing things online

There are various shopping stores online that shows variable prices for the same product depending upon which country you are in while browsing. It could range from buying a hotel room to buying apparel or any other commodity. And being a customer, it is really disheartening to see prices of the products getting changed so rapidly. To deal with this VPN servers can switch their identities for searching the costs of the respective product unless the lowest amount is revealed. It might be a cumbersome process but if it helps in saving a bigger amount, then surely you can go for it.

5. Getting your calling system more secured

Voice over IP is a very cost-effective means to make phone calls using the internet. But those people who are well aware of the architectures of the internet, they could easily gain access to your details. This hacking of information can be provided by the VPN service provider and hence can prevent you from getting into any sort of danger. The only limitation is that speed of calling afterward would be a little slow.

6. Prevent getting tracked by search engines

Google surely pleases you by providing a lot of free facilities and services but Google is very well aware of what you actually do. If you are someone who performs internet browsing in a very casual way and you do not look after your privacy settings in a careful manner, then there is an increased likelihood that Google gets access to your every search, activity, downloading and many more such things. And many times, it can lead you into embarrassing situations and various problems. Therefore, you should get a VPN service so that you can conceal your IP address and avoid getting into troublesome situations.

7. Get full access to NETFLIX

Being a VPN server, you can get access to all the information and content on online streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu etc. using VPN; you have the ability to make modifications in your IP address. This can unleash a lot of content and you can easily enjoy watching stuff.

8. Downloading using Torrent becomes easy

An IP address is required if you want to download a file from a Torrent. And using torrent you can easily hide your IP address which can assist you in downloading files being an anonymous entity.


Therefore, these are 8 reasons why you should use a VPN service while browsing the internet or doing any activity using the internet.

Disha Verma is a Mass Media student from International School of Business & Media (ISBM). She lives in Maharastra, India and loves to write articles about Internet & Social Media. When she is not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends in the coffee shop downstreet or reading novels in the society park.