Visual LED Screens to the Rescue

There can be no denying that businesses around the world have taken a hit. Covid-19 has swept across the planet, leaving hospitality, restaurants, and bricks and mortar stores particularly affected. The surviving businesses are left to fight over what is left of the market, so a marketing edge is essential. To this end, if you are a business that has been adversely affected using large LED screens like those offered by VisualLED could be the way you beat your competition and prosper.

Let’s look at the advantages and strategies of using large LED screens to advertise your business.

Billboard City

Branding and in Your Face Technology

Research shows that branding is everything. People like buying good products from trusted brands. You have your favorite restaurant or sneaker and so do your customers. One aspect of branding is that you have to be visible to be in the minds of current and future customers. An LED billboard at is a way of doing this.

When we think about marketing technology, we think about it in terms of notifications or email lists. Yes, those things are vital, but they can be switched off or filtered out from your customer. A billboard strategically positioned speaks to your customers directly. It can’t be switched off or caught by a filter. It is there, it is visible, it puts your brand in the minds of your customers, and this is what you want.

Visual LEDs Get the Word Out

Visual LED Screens

You know how it is. Your waiting for your partner to come out of a shop and you standing around with nothing to do, looking in other shop windows. Imagine that your eye falls on an interactive screen. Even if the product is of no interest, you will remember it. A bit later, someone, you know express interest in the product, and you’ll tell them about the ad you saw on the interactive screen. Your friend checks out the store.

This is a real marketing value. Ok not everyone is going to be interested in your offering but the more options you have to spread the word the better.


Another aspect to consider is cost. Yes, you can invest in online ads that target local people which is great. An LED screen well placed, however, arguably makes more of a visual impact. People see hundreds of ads a day if they spend a lot of time online. One ad tends to merge into another. LED screens cuts through and supports your online ads acting like a remarketing trigger.

Given how much you can spend on cost per click models to drive traffic to a website, a visual LED cost tends to be a lot cheaper, and you control what’s shown, and you’re not in a bidding war with your competitor.


Strategy underpins good marketing, so it is essential you come up with a good one. Your LED billboard can generate customers providing it is used strategically and supports your other marketing efforts.


  • Positioning– You need a site where people, a lot of people can see it. They don’t have to walk past it, they can be driving past it. You often see these billboards located on high traffic roads, and there is a reason for this.
  • Offering– As mentioned, your offering should support your other advertising efforts. So if you’ve got a half-price sale, you can show the offering, beaming it out to all that see it. If you’re offering free shipping blast that out to. Ensure that it correlates with what a customer would see online. This also works both ways. A potential customer sees your offering, searches online, sees it, buys it.
  • Keep it Simple– Simple messaging works best, so don’t try and impart too much information to someone who may glance at it while driving through an underpass or buying a sandwich at lunchtime. You want them to see it, and when they see your paid online ad or social media post, they react. That is all it has to do; Put your brand in their minds.
  • Rotate– Unless you see spectacular results rotate your offerings regularly. Give the public fresh content to think about. This keeps your brand vibrant and interesting.
  • Use a Reputable Vendor– You want to use a good vendor to ensure your screen is reliable and delivers. You’re not going to reach many people if you find your screen breaks down or goes wrong in bad weather. A good vendor will supply screens that can beam out your message in the rain, shine, snow, ice, and fog.

Final Thoughts

As businesses have to become more competitive, it is essential you use every marketing channel available to get results. LED screens both billboard and storefront can make the difference been surviving and prospering, or failing and going under.

See what’s available and get your brand in the heads of your customers.

Richard Brock is an experienced writer who has contributed to many mainstream websites with his quality articles in consumer technology. Though he is new here, his articles are already helping tons of our daily readers to live their life better.