How to Learn Professional Guitar Online?

Guitar has become one of the trendiest and widely played musical instruments. The main reasons behind its popularity are flexibility, portability, and polyphonic nature. Choosing to learn guitar has become an insane trend due to the trending YouTube music covers and music bands. From jazz, rock, blues, to reggae, this instrument can help you learn endless music genres. It puts together individuals as a community and connects them through music. These features make the guitar an easy choice for those who would like to learn a music instrument.


Till now, you must have known that learning to play guitar is an exercise for your brain, and a method to improve your skills. Other than this, there are endless benefits that have been documented concerning learning guitar. If you are considering taking up guitar lessons, then here are a few amazing ways for you to start with it today.

YouTube Tutorials

If you are very keen on starting your guitar lessons, then YouTube tutorials are certainly a good idea. There are plenty of channels on YouTube that can help you learn the basics of guitar and that too for free. So, do not wait and start learning guitar lessons from the following channels that we have discussed below –

Learn Guitar from YouTube

  • Guitar Jamz has over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. This channel has many guitar experts on it, which includes Marty Schwartz also. The learning content provided by them is excellent for beginners. The teachers are patient and insightful in making the tough lessons look simple too.
  • JamPlay is a popular YouTube tutorial site, boasting almost 250,000 subscribers. This platform covers every type of lesson, be it basic lessons to the pro solos dissected to the final riff. If you want to rock and roll, this one certainly has to be added to the list.
  • Justin Guitar is the channel run by Justin Sandercoe, who has over 80,000 subscribers. The videos shown by him are the best for people at the beginner-level; he also teaches complex solos for the experienced ones in some of the videos. Justin has another channel on which he uploads guitar lessons of the latest released songs.

Online Websites

Yet another method for learning guitar online is with the help of various online websites and smartphone apps. Besides the available resources on YouTube, there is an abundance of all-in-one and pre-structured courses that are made as per the user’s requirements. Below we have discussed some online websites that provide certification guitar courses and some free smartphone apps.

Guitar Lessons on Udemy


The very first online guitar course that we suggest is ‘The Professional Guitar Masterclass’ or ‘Ultimate Beginner Guitar Masterclass’. You can find these courses on an online website named Udemy. We feel that this course is perfect for the people who have a basic understanding of the instrument. You will undoubtedly love this course as it focuses on taking learners from replication to music creation. The course helps you do this by encouraging you to step away from memorizing chords and helping you identify the music.

Fender Play

Fender Play is yet another excellent online guitar course for new guitarists. Much like the above course, the Fender Play course aims to help you practice guitar using famous songs that you love. The main thing about Fender Play is that here you also get access to advanced guitar training courses. The course is well organized, and you are completely in control of which lesson you wish to learn.


Are you seriously into learning guitar and want something convenient that helps you learn the most? If yes, then Skillshare is the best place for you. The lessons designed here are perfect for all the guitar enthusiasts. If you are one of those who has never learned guitar before, then you surely need to try this online website for once. The course provided by them includes finger numbering, tuning, playing chords, strumming, and various other guitar accessories.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is also one of the most sought-after online guitar learning academies. By the way, it is one of the most popular guitar classes you can find online. Since 1998, this company has been offering the most useful guitar lessons and has trained over 3 million people to play guitar to date. Guitar Tricks provides a very gentle climb in your guitar learning journey so that you never feel discouraged.


Lastly, ArtistWorks is the one-stop-solution for all the guitar lovers. Be it, jazz guitar, bluegrass guitar, classical guitar, or any other genre; here you can find everything. So if you’d like to boost your musical skills and learn to play guitar, you can do it here. Industry-leading experts provide all the online guitar classes, and you get a comprehensive knowledge of your favorite instrument.

Online Personal Tutor

If you are not comfortable with any of the methods mentioned above, then online personal tutoring is your go-to option. Online tutoring is a digital training activity that uses network connectivity, computers, phones, or other devices. They can interact with you using resources such as whiteboards, video, and audio in a one-to-one or batch teaching system.

This method of learning guitar is very flexible and convenient when compared to the other methods. Not only this, but online tutoring is also an affordable method for beginners. Other than this, whenever in doubt or you get stuck, they are always there to guide you.

Guitar Teaching Online Tutor

In Closing

That concludes our article about how to learn professional guitar lessons that you can take online. We have already listed several different kinds of methods that target different users. So, whether you’re a novice in your guitar journey or way more advanced, you will find everything here for your help. From free to paid options, tutorials to certification, we have mentioned it all. You no longer need to worry about the finances when you have plenty of options in hand.

With all of this, let us now close this article. Hope you can begin your virtual guitar learning journey. Best of Luck!!!

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