WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: Which is Best?

With the ever-growing development of the internet system all over the globe, several types of gadget applications are flourishing each and every day. Along with that, it is better to say that among those different kinds of applications, most of them are related to public communication as human beings have a tendency to keep in touch with each other whether it can be for work or for personal reasons.

Among such instant messaging apps, WhatsApp messenger has owned the lead position since 2009 and it has become so popular that the monthly users figure reached out more than 2 Billion according to last two years’ user statistics report. WhatsApp became the largest instant messaging as well as audio-visual communication platform till now. Though WhatsApp has immense popularity, yet there is chaos has been raised among the users because of the latest privacy policy as WhatsApp has elaborated a message to its users that all the provided data by the users can be accessed by the other Facebook authorized companies.

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The regular users of WhatsApp are looking for a new communication application to shift for. In this respect, Elon Musk has tweeted to suggest people use Signal and Telegram instead of WhatsApp as both the stated applications also have the features and facilities that WhatsApp owns. In spite of WhatsApp’s enormous fan following, because of its unusual latest privacy terms, the popularity of Signal and Telegram are increasing high and both of them have reached the room of millions.

Therefore in this article, we will try to enlighten the readers with a comprehensive comparison of the trio according to their specific features, facilities, etc that would be helpful for the people to choose the best as well as the secured application. 

Feature Comparison – Whatsapp vs. Signal vs. Telegram


If you overlook the new privacy policy, WhatsApp is still the leading messaging app with the inclusion of a new payment app. You can easily send messages to multiple users and also group chats with 256 members at a time. You can make both voice and video calls to any individual to groups. Group calls allow eight users at a time. Some more features like updating WhatsApp status or stories, allows users to share any type of files and documents, etc up to 100MB, can be shared photos, video clippings upto 16MB, location sharing with your contacts, backup and restore the user data with Google Drive, iCloud, etc. All personal chats, voice and video calls are encrypted by Open Whisper Systems.


As a newbie Signal has also introduced several useful features like an end to end encryption for chats, voice and video calls in between two people. You can also create groups but won’t be allowed to send any message to multiple users at a time. You can easily share your thoughts and notes without creating any personal group. Signal keeps your identity enclosed even if any call progress.


Telegram is popular as a messaging app for a large group of people up to 20,000. Telegram provides several specific features suitable for a group of people like bots, hashtags, polls, quizzes, etc. It also has self-destructive messaging policies that allow the app to delete old user data after a certain period of time, you can send a file up to 1.5 GB, supports voice and video calls both on Android and iOS devices, etc.

Safety & Security – Whatsapp vs. Signal vs. Telegram

WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal


Since 2016 WhatsApp has been the most secure messaging application for its invention of end to end encryption policy. Each and every single communication was secured by this system that means all of your messages, voice, and video calls, clipping was E2E encrypted. But WhatsApp doesn’t encrypt back up data and metadata. Moreover, according to the new policy, only private messages would be under the E2E system but all the other professional and commercial discussions can be accessed by the authorization. This is really unpleasant. There were recently some issues raised about group chats on WhatsApp, though it is now sorted.


The same system that developed WhatsApp’s E2E protocol, named Open Whisper Systems, also settled the privacy policies of Signal private messenger. The most amazing policy of Signal is that it also encrypts the metadata. Along with that Signal also introduced a new privacy policy that was named Sealed Sender which doesn’t even allow Signal to know the name of the sender and receiver while messaging. Signal also secures users’ metadata and backup data by encrypting all the related data with a four-digit passphrase. Along with single calls, Signal encrypted group calls too.


Telegram does not provide that much security like the former ones. You need to select the secret chat option in order to encrypt your chats, but that is not applicable for group chats, calls, etc. However, as per Telegram’s statement, it stores and secures the users’ data in such a way that any third party would need legal permission to decrypt any user content or information.

Data Privacy & Policy – Whatsapp vs. Signal vs. Telegram

whatsapp vs signal vs telegram


The most disturbing part of WhatsApp’s revised privacy policy is user data collection. There is a log of detailed data that can be stored by WhatsApp in case you purchase any product through WhatsApp communication or business discussion with any stakeholder etc. It would only happen when your messages are supposed to be related to any kind of commercial exchange (e.g., Business Whatsapp account) , not personal. Here is the briefing is given below:

  1. Buying details
  2. User content
  3. Contact info like buyer’s and seller’s mail ID phone number etc
  4. User ID and device information
  5. User’s financial information
  6. Other user content
  7. Crash data
  8. Detailed diagnostic data
  9. Performance data
  10. Product details
  11. Advertising data
  12. Location
  13. Coarse location
  14. Customer support 

Moreover, it is declared by WhatsApp that the above-mentioned data can be used by the developer of the application in order to increase the marketing or advertising services of the related companies. Furthermore, it is also regulated in the new policy that if Facebook and the other integrated companies want, they can access WhatsApp users’ data to create a perfect identifier with the detailed data and will continuously send them unnecessary ads or push notifications which is really annoying.


In comparison to WhatsApp messenger, Signal is supposed to be the best message app that is fully secured in terms of private data security. I personally recommend this application for private and confidential messaging. You can easily invite people who have already installed the application but nobody can access your message contents. Your profile can not be tracked or hacked ever. Moreover, Signal does not store any personal as well as professional information except your phone number. 

The only disadvantage of Signal is, it doesn’t provide cloud storage. As a result, in case, your phone is stolen or lost your personal data can not be recovered. 


An instant Russian messaging app Telegram collects very few useful data like the user’s email address, phone number, contact list, etc. This particular application is not much comparable with WhatsApp as this messenger application is broadly used for professional platforms.

So from this comparison of Whatsapp vs Signal vs Telegram, we find out Signal app as the best alternative for WhatsApp, though you need to take good care of your phone so that it is not lost or stolen.

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