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DrakeMall is not by any chance like any other typical mall, or store. It is a place which you can use to get your favorite products, right to you wherever you are, at an unbelievably low price. By ‘unbelievably low’ we mean getting an iPhone Xs Max at $50 or even lower. You may now be laughing thinking this is just another scam or way to get your attention but it is not, the site is very legit and 100% authentic. Mystery boxes on DrakeMall not only made shopping for your favorite brands cheaper but also fun.

iPhone Xs Max DrakeMall

Why DrakeMall?

There is no other place for you to “purchase” an iPhone Xs Max at a cheaper price other than from DrakeMall. If you wonder whether the products are actually legit and genuine, we assure you they are as the special platform only sources out items from trusted brands and worldwide bestsellers to make sure you only receive quality products.

What’s good with the iPhone Xs Max?

When you take a look at the iPhone Xs Max review, this phone is worth a lot of money because of the amazing features it has. Some of its amazing specs include a dual sim feature, something iPhone users have been looking forward to having for very many years.

Win iPhone Xs Max

The impressive dual rear cameras which have 12 megapixels can shoot 4Kvideos. Some other notable mentions about this phone are its powerful Apple A12 Bionic chipsets and hexa-core processors, wireless charging and its ability to stay underwater up to 2 meters without being damaged for over 30 minutes. This phone is pretty expensive and the only genuine, cheapest place you can find it is at DrakeMall. You can find this and get a chance to win other world-class phones such as the iPhone Xr at the best price here, a deal which seems to be almost free.

Getting started with DrakeMall – what do you need to know

If you are new to DrakeMall and mystery boxes, do not worry. The procedure for getting started is simple and doesn’t require rocket science knowledge to go around the site. For starters, the company has made everything easier for new website visitors to find their way around it. It has one of the simplest website designs ever! To get started all you have to do is to register by clicking on the “Sign up” button. Just type in your e-mail address and create a new password and that’s it. Alternatively, you can register using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.

DrakeMall Cover

After registration, you will now be required to add funds to your DrakeMall wallet. Funds can be added through the use of cards (Visa or MasterCard) or PayPal. One can also replenish their DrakeMall Wallet by the use of gift cards. After the deposit, all you have to do now is to open virtual boxes which contain several likable items ranging from designer products, toys, electronics, and accessories – similar to mysterious boxes with loot. The mystery boxes have a picture displayed on them showing the item you are likely to win should you spin the wheel of fortune. When you open the case, you will find a list of other items you stand to win. Most of these items in one mystery box are almost related in a way. Take for instance the picture displaying on the virtual box is an iPhone Xs Max, you may also stand a chance to win an iPhone Xr, an iPad 9.7 2018, an iPod, amongst many other items.

What’s the process for getting the iPhone Xs in the mystery box?

The site allows you to take a free test spin if you want to see for yourself first how prizes are randomly picked. You can do this severally and no credits will be debited from you. Depending on the funds in your DrakeMall wallet, you can choose to spin the mystery boxes on which randomly selects a product you won. If luck is on your side, you may win an iPhone Xs Max. The most interesting part about this website is that no one loses. At every spin, you qualify for a certain item at a very much discounted price.

DrakeMall Site

It can be what you least expected to win or what you were hoping for. The website is created with complex algorithms which randomly pick a prize for you from mystery box you have opened. Note that the selection is digitally random and no one can manually channel it, hence reducing instances of bias.

If you don’t like your prize, what will you do?

Should you not wish to keep the product, there is an option for you to sell it back to the website. You can choose to sell it back and be paid in terms of credits which are added back to your DrakeMall Wallet. That credit can be used to spin other wheels of fortune and stand a chance to win other amazing prizes from the secret boxes.

How is delivery done?

Should you wish to keep your prize, you can just request for delivery. Once a request has been made, you will be required to fill in some of your details including the shipping address. DrakeMall also delivers to all countries in the world. They may be a few exceptions so it is best to first contact the support team and inquire if your item can be transported to your country. So, it doesn’t matter the price of the mystery box you chose – you still receive an item from it if you want so!

Drakemall Everywhere

The delivery charges are just a few credits and may vary depending on the size, weight or cost of the product. Another advantage of sticking to DrakeMall delivery is that it supports more than one delivery order for you, so long as you separately pay for them.

DrakeMall – the future of the mystery boxes?

The reviews you get from any independent websites or DrakeMall’s social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram will just show you how people have greatly and positively reacted to DrakeMall’s services and its mysterious boxes. The company offers gifts to those who send unboxing videos and photos as a strategy of telling others how genuine the company is.

In a nutshell, you can clear all the doubt you had about DrakeMall and start enjoying quality products for low prices.

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