Pokemon Uranium 1.0 PC Game Free Download

It’s very rare that to see a fan-made game becoming far more popular than the official game series. But, in case of Pokemon, it happened when 10 years ago a small group of developers released Pokemon Uranium 1.0 which is the Pokemon-inspired video game that provides classic Pokemon experience along with some added twists.

Throughout its lifetime, the game gone through many improvements many new Pokemon species, Gyms, power-ups etc. were added both which keeps on making Pokemon uranium more and more popular. In its latest release (happened on Aug 6, 2016), Pokemon Uranium had more than 190 fan-made Pokemon species along with new regions,  8 gyms, 13 towns and 6 optional sidequests.

Pokemon Uranium game’s official developers have stopped development of the game after receiving multiple DMCA takedown notice from lawyers representing Nintendo. So, there is not an official website to download Pokemon Uranium. But, for those who want to download Pokemon Uranium 1.0 game for free, I am providing links to some safe & trustworthy source from where you can instantly download Pokemon Uranium game with all its Pokemons, gyms and sidequests.

Pokemon Uranium 1.0 Game Screenshots

Free Download Pokemon Uranium 1.0

Before the official development of Pokemon Uranium 1.0 PC Game stopped, many forums and file hosting websites have mirrored the latest version of Pokemon Uranium game and kept it safe in their service to allow Pokemon fans to enjoy downloading and playing Pokemon Uranium. Below here, I am providing Pokemon Uranium 1.0 download links from some of those websites. Use any of the links here and they will take you to the official game download page of Pokemon Uranium game.

Pokemon Uranium 1.0 game’s setup size is 238 MB. Download the game setup from any of the above links, install Pokemon Uranium in your PC and start your quest to catch all 190 Pokemon, evolve all your Pokemons, win overall 8 Pokemon gym and be the best Pokemon trainer of the world.

 All Pokemon Uranium Full Pokedesk

For those who are curious to know what are those amazing Pokemon species that Pokemon Uranium 1.0 game includes, watch the below video as it showcases all the Pokemon Uranium pokemons.

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