Top 20 Websites To Play Free Online Games

If you think about downloading and installing a good PC game and search it on the Internet, you can find the free download link of the game that’s not a big problem anymore due to so many sites available now providing free games download. Major issues with PC games are their setup size and PC requirements.

New PC games demand new technologies and high-end requirements even if they are not that awesome in themselves. So, if you have a slow/expensive Internet connection or if you don’t have high-end PC to run these games in it then the best way to fulfill your gaming desire without spending money is to play free online games.

free online gaming sites

Online gaming is booming as due to limited possibilities in PC Games, gamers are now moving to online gaming world of endless possibilities. As more and more people are coming to play online, game developers are also coming with new & amazing online gaming ideas.

So, if you want to play awesome games, I suggest you to move ahead, forget your PC games and try playing online games. The thing about online gaming is that even the big online games don’t demand high-end PC requirements because their hardware requirements are being fulfilled by the gaming server itself. You only need a good internet connection.

Today, I am providing a list of top 20 best online gaming websites from where you can play online games for free. These top online gaming websites include both mini and big games in Action, Adventure, Racing, Puzzle, Sports, Shooting and many other categories.

1. Miniclip Games

Miniclip is an amazing gaming community available from decade providing free access to tons of amazing games in all sort of online gaming categories. You can play Miniclip by just visiting the site from your desktop web browser of using Miniclip Android/iPhone app. Enjoy thousands of amazing games in Pool, Action/Adventure, Sports, Puzzle, Girls and many other categories. Play tournaments on the website and you’ll have a chance to win amazing prizes. Visit Miniclip Games website here.

MiniClip Games

2. My Real Games

MyRealGames is another old and very popular online gaming portal which provides lots of desktop and mobile/tablet supporting games. The website offers tons of games to download or play online. So, you can try playing unlimited games online through the website and if you liked a game too much, you can download it to play it anytime on your PC with or without the Internet. Visit MyRealGames website here.


3. Pokemon Online Games

For Pokemon lovers, the official website of Pokemon has provided tons of amazing games related to Pokemon to enjoy the experience of being a Pokemon trainer. For every game, you’ll receive a specific Pokemon whom you have to help to pass the obstacles by doing proper use of their attack. These games are made so challenging that you’ll have hard times passing the obstacles and making a good score in these Pokemon games. Visit Pokemon Online Games website here.

Pokeamon Online Games

4. Online Games provides a variety of games from the special section of its website. Go here and you will find lots of 2D/3D, Single player/Multiplayer games inside Action, Racing, Adventure Fun, Arcade, cricket, etc. categories. You can play online games in any Unity-Web enabled web browser. Play unlimited games, beat top score, earn points, share it with your friends and improve your ranking against all the gamers of the website. Visit Online Games website here. Online Games

5. Agame Online Games

Agame provides very interactive games with the use of both Keyboard and Mouse. So, you can enjoy most of its games with full interactivity as if you are playing on your PC. Each game comes with description and walkthrough to guide you about how to play a specific game. Once, you’ve learned it, you’re ready to beat the high score. Visit Agame Online Games website here.

AGame Online Games

6. Gametop Online Games

GameTop provides lots of easy games for kids. For the trending gaming categories like hidden objects games, racing game, puzzle game, tank game, etc. you can found hundreds of variants of games with different objectives and a different set of tools. So, even for the most specific category, you have lots of games available. You can play unlimited games online or download Gametop games for your Windows, MAC, Android and iOS devices for free. Visit Gametop Online Games website here.

GameTop Online Games

7. Games Games

Quite a funky name, ain’t it? But don’t underestimate the website as any spam gaming website. is an online gaming portal with lots of popular games in Action, Girls, Multiplayer, Simulation, Sports and many other categories. Moreover, new and new games are being added to this website almost daily. So, firstly it is not possible to play all the games available on this online gaming website but even if you will still be able to do that, you’re not going to be run out of games on this website. Visit GamesGames website here.

Games Games

8. Zapak Play Online

Zapak is another very old online gaming website. It is a website I used a lot to play games when I was a kid. The website is best for everyone to play games. Whether you are young or old, boy or girl, you’ll find interesting games in your favorite category for sure. Most of the Zapak games are small, simple and have plain graphics. So, even if your Internet connection is slow, you’ll still be able to play Zapak games without any problem. Visit Zapak Games website here.


9. Big Fish Games

BigFishGames doesn’t only provides you to play games from general games category like Hidden object, Casino, Time Challenge, Racing, Arcade, Board games, etc. but it serves a lot of movie-inspired games too. So, if you liked a superhero movie too much, search here and you’ll find its game on this website. Moreover, you can download cool PC Games for Windows/Mac and mobile games for Android/iPhone mobile devices. Visit BigFishGames website here.


10. Pogo Online Games

Pogo is one of the favorite entertainment networks for kids not only in TV but among online gaming website too. Pogo allows you to watch latest cartoon shows from its website for free and it also hosts a lot of interesting online games to play for free. You can play anonymously but it is recommended to create an account then play games on Pogo so that you can earn coins & gems from any game you win. Visit Pogo online gaming website here.

Pogo Games

11. Kongregate Play Online Game

Kongregate is among some of the amazing online gaming websites which allow gamers to win real cash, gift cards and prizes by playing and winning games provided at the website. So, if you want to try your luck or may be your gaming skill, browse Kongregate and you’ll have lots of options to play & win. Visit Kongregate online gaming website.

Kongregate Games

12. Poki Games

Poki offers thousands of mini games which you can even play when you have a very small interval of free time left. It serves some of the finest games in the popular gaming category. You win even find android-inspired games like Color Switch, Flappy Bird, 2048, etc. You can browse games by category, popularity, thumbs up or directly searching it through the search bar. Visit Poki Games website here.

Poki Games

13. Addicting Games

Addicting Games is the perfect name developers gave to this website because all of its games are very addicting. Games you’ll find in Addicting Games are mini but highly addictive which you’ll want to play in all your free time. Whether it’s a strategy, car racing, shooting, action/adventure or puzzle game, you’ll find some of the most innovative games in this website which aren’t available in any other online gaming website. So, visit Addicting Games website and check what gems they have.

Addicting Games

14. King Games

King is a dominating game developer which has created some of the most popular games ever. Candy Crush, King’s Quest, Farm Heroes are some of the sensational games developed by King. If you are a fan of King’s games and want to play more amazing games from the developer then visit its official website and you’ll find tons of King’s game which you can play online instantly. Visit King Games Website here.

King Games

15. AOL – Play Online

AOL gaming portal doesn’t serve games in all the popular gaming categories but it serves intelligent games in very specific categories which suit adults, more likely. Games available in AOL are from Casino, Puzzle, Card, Board, Strategy and Action games which, if you love, you’re going to find some of the finest games from these gaming categories in the website. Visit AOL Online Games Website here.

AOL Games

16. Cartoon Network Games

Cartoon Network has entertained kids a lot from its very own cartoon channel but it is still doing its extra favor by even providing free online gaming section from where CN fans can play games related to Cartoon Network shows. If you have a favorite show in cartoon network then you should definitely check out and play what special games cartoon network has provided for the cartoon show. Visit Cartoon Network Games site here.

Cartoon Network Games

17. MSN Online Games

MSN, being a popular internet app & service website, it has not only worked towards the business purpose. The website also provides full-fledged gaming portal through its special sub-domain. Visit its gaming portal and you can find lots of amazing online gaming in Puzzle, World & Trivia, Board Games, etc. categories which you can either download or play online for free. Visit MSN Online Games website here.

MSN Games

18. YIV – Play Online in Tablet/Mobile

YIV was created to provide online gaming experience in mobile phones and tablet. It’s annoying that mobile users have to download certain gaming app in order to play games on their mobile phone. YIV game developers understand this and to save you from this trouble, they have created which serves mobile users to play games online directly from their web browser. So, visit the site, enjoy playing unlimited games without having to download or install anything. Visit YIV Online Gaming website here.

YIV Games

19. Games2Win Online

Games2Win is a cool website for those who are looking to play online games for free but earn cash/gift once they win. Games2Win is based on this sole concept to provide gifts, gift cards and real cash prizes to the winners but to earn it, you have to play a series of games and with every game, difficulty increases. Are you ready? Then go and visit Games2Win Online Games website.


20. Yepi Games

Yepi Games is another great online gaming website for tablets and mobile phones. You can either pick up the popular games available at Yepi from its homepage or use the category to find the exact game you are looking for. If you are not in the mood to play games, tap that Video button and it shows you many cool animated cartoon videos which you’ll surely love to watch. Visit Yepi Games website here.

Yepi Games
To help you navigate through online gaming sites quickly, here I have provided a quick list of all top 20 online gaming websites which I have listed above.


Online Game Site Name

Online Gaming Site URL Online
2Pokemon Online
4My Real
5Agame Online
6Gametop Online
8Zapak Play
9Big Fish
10Pogo Online
11Kongregate Play Online
15AOL - Play
16Cartoon Network India
17MSN Online
18YIV - Play Online in Tablet/

Hope you liked the list. Don’t forget to comment upon which of the above gaming websites did you like the most.

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