The Evolution of Online Gaming in the Past Decade

Everyone loves to play games on the computer and mobile phones. It’s the best time-pass when there is nothing interesting to do. And actually, it’s productive in the way that it motivates you, exercises your brain to take instant decisions, create winning strategies and perform best even in pressure. Gaming tests our brain and will power, hone them through challenges and in the mean time it refreshes the mind too.

However, the challenges, obstacles, and strategies are limited in offline games. They are predictable. So, once you gain a level of experience in offline gaming, it’s not your thing anymore because then the next moves become so obvious that you don’t get excited even if you solve the trickiest puzzle of the game or defeat the most dangerous player. Whether you die or survive, you don’t feel any fun because you know it’s only an attempt of certain calculations and once you figured that out, you can solve your obstacle. The real fun lies in online gaming.

online gaming

In online gaming, there are real people playing with or against you. They are not some sort of algorithms which can be predicted. They are unpatterned, unpredictable. Every person has a different reaction to the same situation. Online gaming provides a whole new world of excitement, possibilities, and achievements. Even the simplest game becomes challenging and far more exciting when it is played online. And so, the growth of offline games may appear paused but the trend of online gaming is increasing exponentially.

Online gaming is as old as the Internet is but if we compare the growth in online gaming it would be between time period 1969-2005 (36 yrs) and 2006-2016 (10 yrs, the last decade), the latter one is roughly 10 times more popular than the former one in the number of online games, users, and investment.

The last decade was like a revolution in online gaming community where mainstreaming online games like DOTA 2, Diablo III, Battlefield 4, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch released and exploded into popularity in a very short period of time due to high popularity and large number of online gamers.

However, these virtual games were not the only type of online games which received the spike in popularity. With more people coming to play online games, business-minded brains also arrived in this gaming community. They couldn’t be satisfied with the virtual cash or points a gamer makes while playing these games. What they wanted is to make real money by playing games. And, there is a way to do that.

Yes, you can make real money by playing slot games online. Slots games are the most practical games you’ll ever play online because your way of playing the game directly affects the real cash and your direct profit. And, playing slot games online is too much relaxing than going out and play slot game somewhere else because you can think in the quiet environment to perform the best. Also, online slot gaming portals provide highly secure transactions and a safe gaming environment.

Taking the idea of providing real cash, many gaming websites has also started providing cash, gift cards and gifts to top scorer or tournament winner. So, online gaming is not only increasing in development and game playing but the way incentives/gifts are increasing in these games, who knows by being an experienced gamer, you might be able to make a good living just by playing online! 😉

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