How To Remove Password & Login Screen from Windows 8 or 10

In Windows 8 and 10 operating system, Microsoft has provided the feature to set up a Windows Live account in your Windows which allows you to protect your Windows login, connect to Outlook, Skype Windows App stores etc. with one sign in. This feature is great as it is fast, more secure and allows a person to use many apps in Windows which earlier required you to sign in separately.

But, if someone wants to remove password or login screen from his Windows 8/10 PC, the option is not provided directly. So, if you are not concerned about your computer’s security then this security feature will just annoy you because every time you want to use your computer, you need to enter the password to access it.

Windows 10 Login Screen

However, if you’ve finally decided to get rid of Windows 8/10 login screen and remove this compulsory password protection from your Windows then we tell you the way to do it.

Remove password is login screen from Windows 8 or 10 is really easy. It’s just a 2 steps process but Microsoft didn’t provide this option at obvious locations that’s why you are not able to find any option/setting in Windows 8/10 which will allow you to remove password from your Windows PC.

Steps to Remove Password from Windows 8/10

If you want to disable login screen and remove password from Windows 8 or 10, in this tutorial you need to login inside your Windows. If you have lost your Windows password, you may want to refer this guide to recover lost Windows password. Once, you have logged in inside your Windows, follow these steps:

Open Run dialogue box by pressing Windows+R keys. Inside Windows Run dialogue box, type netplwiz and hit enter.

Run netplwiz

It will open the User Accounts window where you can see all the users available in your Windows PC. You can also open User Accounts settings by either searching through your favorite personal assistant Cortana or browsing Control Panel but opening User Accounts settings using Run dialogue box is the fastest.

Here, on the User Accounts screen, uncheck the option which says “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”.  You can uncheck it for one or multiple users available in your Windows to remove full login interface from their user account which includes Login screen & Password prompt.

User Accounts Windows 10 OS

Once done, click “Apply” button available at the bottom-right corner of the screen and finally click OK button. Now, restart your PC and you’ll be able to access your Windows 8/10 PC without having to login to your user account again.

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