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On April 12, 2018
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Considering how much 3D Printing is helping manufacturing industry, it’s not wrong to say that 3D is a boon to the industry. The technology has almost brought revolution to the manufacturing industry. Whether you belong to Automotive, Healthcare, Dental, Goods, Entertainment, Aerospace & Defense or any other manufacturing industries, you might know the impact of 3D Printing in your field. It has made creating sophisticated tools, models, machines and parts a piece of cake. Just provide instructions and the highly-detailed model, perfectly engineered gear and precisely modeled molds will be available to you in no time.

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3D Printing is not only bringing improvements to the manufacturing industry till the level of perfection but it is also increasing production amount while decreasing costs and efforts on products. If your industry is not using 3D Printing systems in its manufacturing sector that you need to implement this technology immediately if you don’t want to lag behind your competitors. And, if you have no idea how to implement it then 3DSystems is here to help.

Wondering what 3DSystems is?

Charles Hull, who invented Stereolithography in 1983, is the co-founder of 3D Systems. In 1986, this was the first ever 3D printing company, and since then they have strived to help their customers bring innovative designs to the market.

The company engineers as well as manufactures and sells 3D printers. For over 30 years, this company has worked to help companies, as well as professionals, be more innovative their designs, offering them solutions to engineering and designs as well as helping them improve their business models. By offering high-quality materials, advanced technology, hardware, on-demand manufacturing software along with a group of experts, this company has become a global solution to 3D requirements.

What are the software solutions offered by this company?

The comprehensive list of software solutions offered by 3D Systems helps companies improve their manufacturing process, shorten their delivery time as well as help them come up with innovative designs and products. These software help you through every step of the process, from scanning to part as well as tool design. You can also use this software to help with the subtractive as well as additive manufacturing process, along with the inspection of quality and design of the products.

Some of the software solutions offered by this company are:

Geomagic Design X

The Geomagic Design X is comprehensive reverse engineering This 3D Scanning software helps you to combine you CAD models with 3D scanning. Now you can convert your 3D scan to CAD models that are high quality and are feature-based. This software helps you to create customized products that require perfect fit with the human anatomy. With the help of this software, you can create scan based 3D CAD models to help you to combine new products with existing ones.

You can scrape of days and hours of time from the process of converting an idea into a final product. It is the optimum way of creating editable CAD models that are featured based using 3D scanning process. It helps you to integrate your existing engineering design with high-quality CAD models. You can watch the video here, to help you get a more comprehensive idea of the software. With the help of this software, you will be able to tackle complex geometrical structures easily.

Geomagic Control X

This is 3D scanning software that is designed to increase the efficiency of the aerospace as well as the automotive industry. This 3D scan inspection tool offers quality managers an ease of use like never before. This 3D scan-based inspection device helps you to make your inspection and quality management process much more comprehensive. With the help of this 3D scanning quality check device, you can focus more on making the device work for you and produce graphically-rich as well as communicative reports.

Custom viewpoint and view-style features allow you to make your reports closely resemble a traditional PDF or paper graphical representations. Now you make your quality checking process much more efficient and quick. You can watch the video here to help you understand the software a little better.

Geomagic Freeform

This freeform modeling software allows you to tackle any design and manufacturing problems. This software comes with a haptic device that allows you to gain a greater freedom of motion. This software offers designers the advantage of organic modeling over the traditional CAD models. This software allows you to experience the sensation of clay modeling or sculpting in a virtual environment. This virtual modeling device allows you to create lightweight complex designs; offering you a variety of intricate internal as well as an external lattice structure.

This software allows for extreme flexibility and helps you to produce high-quality renderings of your designs. It lets you to instantly 3D print your designs, which makes it easier for you to be able to check your product for any flaws in your design and correct them early on in the manufacturing process. By allowing you to be able to see your designs in a fully finished form, it helps you to explore more variations on your design ideas. Watch the video here to know more about what you can accomplish with the help of this software.


This CAD/CAM for tooling helps you throughout the process of tooling. It addresses every step, allowing you to be able to quote the design of the product, apply changes to the design as well as NC programming. With the help of this software, you will be able to deliver tools that are high in quality but low in their cost. It offers a major advantage to die design and mold design, allowing them to improve their operations. By allowing you to be able to design tools which are completely suited to fulfill your requirements, this software helps you to speed up the engineering as well as the manufacturing process.

This software offers you a hybrid environment that will allow you to be able to work with 2D or 3D models and allow you to be able to perform surfacing operations on solids or solid operations on the surface. Anything that you need, the Cimatron will provide you with the NV technology that you need to help get the job done. You can watch the video here to understand a little bit more about the software.


This CAD CAM system allows you to be able to make your manufacturing process much shorter. It provides you with the tools that are required to program parts much more quickly and efficiently and allows you to be able to reduce machine time by generating unique tool path to make the process much smoother. This CAD CAM software addresses all of your CNC programming. This CNC Programming software allows you to be able to use CAM software in a completely new and innovative way. This is full-featured Cam milling software that allows you to have CNC programming capabilities, without it being too difficult to use. The GibbsCAM CNC software is fast, reliable, efficient as well as easy to use.

This milling software offers you a library of 15000 error-free post-processors that are designed as well as maintained by 3D Systems. Additionally, you can even request for custom post-processors, to help address all of your unique needs. This CAM program makes it easier for programmers to work with their designs. You can watch the video here to help you gain a better understanding of this software.

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