Fully Manage iPhone, iPad & iPod From PC using DearMob iPhone Manager

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On April 7, 2018
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To manage your iPhone, iPad and iPod, Apple has provided iTunes which offers only half of the necessary features to manage your iDevices. Being the official iPhone manager, iTunes restricts many important actions such as transferring music, movies, ebooks, edit multimedia files, installing 3rd-party apps and even drops many important contents while backing up your device so as to keep your access to the device limited and valid against Apple’s TOS.

Due to the restrictions over so many important functionalities, iTunes would never allow you to manage your device with full freedom and use its full potential. So, if you want full control over your iDevices and all its content, it’s time to move to DearMob iPhone Manager – The iPhone Managing software which is offering twice as amazing features as iTunes.

Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, DearMob iPhone Manager offers all the basic iTunes features such as photo transfer, music/video sync, contact export & import, app management, SMS backup along with its own set of unique features (which I will cover shortly below). And, even with regular iTunes features so many flexibilities and functionalities are available that you can never imagine being available with iTunes in the near future.

All of these, without violating your phone’s warranty or creating any issue in your iDevice.

Starting up with DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is a small software that you can install on your PC just like any other software. Once installed, open the software and to start managing your iPhone, iPad or iPod, connect it to your PC using the USB cable. At the first time, your phone will ask you to Trust the computer. Tap “Trust” on your Apple device’s screen and it will be connected to DearMob iPhone Manager.

Your iPhone is connected and ready to enjoy amazing features of DearMob iPhone Manager.

Now that everything is set, let me show you each and every important function of this iPhone manager step-by-step so that you can know how to use properly to take full advantage.

Photo Transfer

The photo transfer feature of DearMob iPhone Manager is really powerful. It will load all photos from your iPhone in easily-viewable thumbnail format instantly. Now, if you want, you can delete pictures one by one or select multiple unwanted pics and delete them in one click using the Delete button. You can add photos by easily browsing and selecting through your PC or import whole folder from PC using a single click.

You can also Export either directly or choose to Export HEIC to JPG which will automatically convert your iPhone HEIC photos in JPEG images and save selected images to your PC.

Music Manager

While Apple iTunes only allows you to backup the music to iTunes or import from iTunes only, DearMob iPhone Manager Music Manager allows you to export/import music & songs to/from PC. Music formats like FLAC, OGG, WMA, WAV are supported and they will be automatically converted while importing to your iPhone.

If you need, you can play iPhone music on the DearMob iPhone Manager to check its quality. And, if you want, you can edit Title, Artist, Album, Year, etc. details by clicking the “Edit” button provided above. Songs available in your iDevice appear with certain tags such as DRM, AAC, MP3, SQ, HQ to allow you to identify them quickly. DRM songs can’t be played directly but you will be able to decode & export them to your PC from where you can enjoy playing them.

Create playlist by clicking the + button available on the left sidebar, create a ringtone from any desired song available in your iPhone or PC and finally click Sync to synchronize new songs, ringtone or playlists you’ve added.

Video Management

Similar to Music Manager, Video Manager is also a very useful tool which fulfills all your import & export needs related to video files available in your iPhone & iPad. Using this feature you’ll be able to view all the videos available in your iPhone, play them and export necessary video files in MOV format. If you want to add videos from your PC, click “Add Video” and select your video. If it’s in MOV, MP4, M4V format, it will be directly added and if it’s in any other video format, click Convert to convert the desired video in Apple-friendly MP4 format.

Backup & Restore

Backups used to be an annoying process where you need to take care of lots of things otherwise you could lose important data available in your iPhone and iPad but, with DearMob iPhone Manager it is just a piece of cake. Click the Backup button available at the home screen of the software and it will open the Backup wizard for you. Here, you can either create a normal backup or make it password protected so that only you can use it later.

Click the “Back Up Now” button available at the bottom, DearMob will tell estimated time for backup completion through a prompt, click OK and the backup process will start. If you have selected Encrypt your Backup option then you will be asked to enter the password for backup, this password will be used to access the backup whenever you or anyone want to restore data from it.

To restore the backup, you need to enter through the Backup button on the iPhone Manager but you have to select the second tab of “Restore backup files” available here that helps you in restoring the desired backup. Restoration will cover current data on your iPhone and iPad so you don’t lose any data.

Other Frequent Features

Photo Transfer, Music Manager, Video Manager and Backup/Restore are surely important features which will be helpful to you from time to time and with given that many options to import, export, add, delete & convert in simplest way possible, you will have total control over the photos, music, videos and other files that you have on your iDevice but there are many even more critical tools which you’ll find yourself using more frequently:

Available to be accessed directly from the main interface of DearMob iPhone Manager, these tools cover everything.

Files – File Manager is a resilient tool which allows you to import, export, add or delete photos, videos, music and other files directly to your iPhone. Create folders, edit current folders & files names, view files on PC and quickly navigate through your iPhone to find useless files & delete them to free up space.

Contact – The feature allows you to view & edit contacts available in your iPhone, export them to your PC in VCF, PDF, TXT and HTML formats or import contacts available in VCard Files (*.VCF) directly to your iPhone. Manually create contacts through the software’s interface or merge duplicate contacts into one.

Podcast – Manage your podcasts available in the Podcast folder or iTunes directly from this small tool. View all the available podcasts in your iPhone, selectively export or delete them, add new podcasts directly to the Podcast gallery or iTunes U.

BookBook Manager allows you to view all books (whether they are EPUBs, PDFs or Audio Books) available on your iPhone or iPad at one place. Export desired ones to your PC in PDF, TXT or HTML formats, import EPUB, PDF or Audio Books from PC or delete unnecessary ones in just a few clicks.

VoiceBrowse & view voice memos or ringtones available in your iDevice. You can play them and choose the desired ones to export in your local computer with “Export” button and delete useless ones with “Delete Voice Memos” button available on the header.

AppThis simple app management tool allows you to view installed apps in your iPhone, uninstall them selectively and install apps even from outside the App Store, you only need to have their .ipa file in your computer. Cracked apps won’t need Apple ID verification while non-cracked app would require it. And, you won’t be able to uninstall pre-installed apps if your iPhone is not jailbreaked. Whether you’ve installed or uninstalled some app, click “Sync” button available at the bottom to synchronize the action with your iPhone.

Others Similarly, you can manage SMS, Calendar, Bookmarks on your iDevices using their dedicated buttons provided at DearMob for them. Manage them, export their data or delete unnecessary ones quickly.


DearMob iPhone Manage is the most resilient iPhone manager available in the market right now. Use it once and it will make iTunes look like a childishly developed phone management tool with fewer features and more limitations. After reading so many features about DearMob iPhone Manager, if you’re still in doubt, you can try this cool iPhone Manager for free. And, once you’re totally satisfied with its functionalities, you can go ahead and buy DearMob iPhone Manager with full confidence.

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