5 Best Firefox Add-ons for Productive Browsing Experience & Enhanced Security

Firefox Browser is one of the fastest and finest browsers with smooth functionality and also takes care of your privacy and security. For the working professionals, Firefox serves as the best choice due to its add-on features that ensure greater productivity and flexible working environment.

For the general internet browsers too, Firefox serves an effective solution for better browsing experience. Also, this browser is not only available for windows but also for Linux based platforms like Ubuntu/Fedora/openSUSE, etc. So, if you are already a Firefox user or planning to switch your browser to Firefox, check out these 5 best Firefox add-ons that are a must try.

1. Grammarly FireFox Add-on (For error-free writing)

Grammarly Add-on is highly beneficial for the working professionals, students, and writers that help write error-free grammatically correct sentences. It is an online Grammar checker that keeps on flagging mistakes as you like type like- Incorrect Spellings, Punctuation errors, Missing prepositions, verbs, adverbs, misuse of modifiers, sentence enhancement and style and many more grammatical analysis to help you write perfectly. Grammarly free trial gives you a quick preliminary grammar checking along with plagiarism detection while the premium version gives you an in-depth analysis like writing enhancement suggestions, style and updated words recommendation with advanced plagiarism checker.

2. uBlock Origin (for Privacy and Security)

Nobody likes the pop-up and side ads which are not only frustrating popping up on every page but also decreases the website’s performance. UBlock Origin add-ons help to block ads and increase the performance of the website putting a lesser load on memory and CPU.  It is an open source cross-platform add-on and is also available for other browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chromium, and Edge. It not only blocks ad scripts with its jumbo power button but also filters contents and prevents malware.

3. LastPass (for Privacy and Security)

It is an excellent password saving tool that prevents hackers from interfering with your account passwords even if your system is hacked. The password manager requires you to remember its master key password only and once you log in with that, whatever password you enter for different sites, each log-in credentials are saved by the password manager safely. It uses multifactor authentication to keep the master key LastPass password safe from threats and even suggests you better password options for different sites in case if it is weak. You can also secure credit card information in shopping sites or any other data like images, pdf, audios, etc with this password manager. Install the add-on

4. Honey (For the Shopaholics)

This add-on is pure love for the online shopping addicts. Honey add-on integrates with thousands of online shopping sites browsed by you from Firefox and helps in finding the underlying discounts and coupons for various products to help you save some money which you otherwise might be missing. It also gives you alert about the best time to purchase online to get flooded with discounts and also notifies you about the on-going sale of your favorite products. From price history to product availability data, the add-on notifies you everything.

5. Enhancer for Youtube (For the Youtube lovers)

Almost 90 percent of individuals spend their time browsing Youtube videos. Enhance for Youtube is a perfect add for these people due to its highly customizable  interface that streams videos in only HD and 4k quality, removes ads and annotations from videos, provides a larger video player for extensive viewing experience, supports mouse imitated actions to control volume and playback speed and also comes with plenty of attractive customized themes. The add-on enhances the Youtube streaming experience to the next level.

Final Words

Firefox is famous for add-ons and has plenty of choices. The above-mentioned 5 ones are however the best add-ons which are a must try for every Firefox user.

Robyn Matthews started writing about technology when she was far too young and hasn't stopped. She spends most of his time obsessing over computer software and hardware, and loves talking about herself in third person.