How To Reopen/Restore Closed Tabs (Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Edge, etc)

Have this happened with you that in order to close a tab, you accidentally close the whole browser? Or, abrupt shutdown of your system lost all your opened tabs on web browsers? And, Web Browser History can’t help you because some of those tabs are so old that you can’t locate them in History.

This situation is really annoying and it becomes scary when you have accidentally closed tabs on someone else’s system. However, no need to panic because keeping this situation in mind Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and other web browsers have put a fail-safe option to recover recently closed tabs.

They have provided you options to reopen last closed tab, restore previous browsing session and recover old webpages which you have browsed an hour ago, a day ago, a week ago or months ago. So, if you know how to use these options, you’ll be able to easily recover the tabs or browser windows which you weren’t meant to close in the first place.

Restore Tabs in Google Chrome

Google Chrome has made it too easy for the users to restore tabs in chrome. If you have accidentally closed any tab or multiple tabs, right click on any opened tab in your Google Chrome, it will show the option to “Reopen closed tab” on the right-click context menu. Click the option to restore closed tab instantly. If you have closed full Chrome windows then on the new Chrome window’s tab, this option will say “Reopen closed window” allowing you to restore whole previous chrome window will all its tabs.

Reopen Closed Tab

You can also navigate to “History” on chrome Settings menu and it will tell you to restore “X Tabs” (for example, 2 tabs). Use this option to restore previously closed tabs or windows on Google Chrome.

And, you can also use hotkeys combination: Ctrl + Shift + T both to restore closed tabs or closed chrome windows. Even if the browser crashed, you can use this shortcut to restore the previous session on Chrome.

If you want to restore any tab you have every opened in your Google Chrome, you can search or browse the tab in Chrome History (Navigate either through Settings or press Ctrl + H). It will show all the previously visited tabs sorted by date. You can just click on any tab to open it instantly.

Restore Tabs in Mozilla FireFox

FireFox uses the similar approach. To restore previously closed tab, right-click on the opened Tab and select “Undo Closed Tab”. You can use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen closed tab. And, repeatedly pressing Ctrl + Shift + T will restore more previously closed tabs on Firefox browser.

You can also use the direct option provided to you through the options button on the rightmost corner which says “Restore Previous Session” to restore all the tabs of the previous session with one click.

And similar to chrome, you can also browse Firefox history to browse and restore even months old tabs in your web browser. Press ALT and the top menu will appear showing special History menu option which you can use to browse all previously visited webpages in Firefox and open them with single click. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + H to instantly go to History tab.

Simliar to above two browser, the Ctrl + Shift + T works with all major browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, Apple Safari, etc. to help you with restoring recently closed tab/tabs or window and restore previous browser session. And Ctrl+H will let you browse the history of any browser from where you can open any previously visited webpage by browsing history or searching through the search box.

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