Download Links to All Internet Explorer Web Browser Versions: IE5, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11

Internet explorer might be the least used web browser but it still has many uniqueness due to which people use this web browser. The browser comes built-in when you buy Windows OS. So, it is not any third-party software that you can’t trust as the browser is bound by all legal terms against which you purchased Windows OS. That’s why you will always see government and semi-government agencies using this web browser even if it doesn’t have much feature or customization options.

However, with every new internet explorer versions, Microsoft has tried to make it better & faster but as it has responsibility to balance resources evenly because microsoft has to manage who system properly, it can’t cheat or use tricks, hacks which other browser use just to provide best experience on their web browser without caring about how much load they are putting on system.

So, if due to trust factor, company rules or any other reasons, you are required to use internet explorer as the main browser to perform company-related secure task then here I am providing direct link to all Internet explorer web browser versions: IE5, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE11. I am providing offline installer of all internet explorer versions along with their service packs and language packs were required.

Scroll below to find them and it is recommended to choose the latest versions of internet explorer that your system can support because it will only gonna help you with speed and better browsing experience.

Download Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

Internet Explorer 11 is available in 95 different languages at Microsoft IE11 download page. We have provided IE11 direct download link for popular language. If you can’t find Internet Explorer 11 installer in your preferred language, please refer to Microsoft IE11 download page.

Direct Download Link to Internet Explorer 10 (IE10):

Direct Download Links to Internet Explorer 9 (IE9):

Direct Download Link to Internet Explorer 8 (IE8):

Direct Download Link to Internet Explorer 7 (IE7):

If you want to download earlier versions of Internet explorer (IE6, IE5, IE 5.0.1, IE 5.5, IE4, IE 4.0,1, IE3, IE3.0.1, BETA versions, etc.), as these are officially discontinued by Microsoft so you can’t find them in official microsoft website but you can download all older versions of Internet explorer from

If you have any problem in downloading any of the Internet Explorer versions I’ve provided below, please mention it in comments below.

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