Top 10 Must-Have Facebook Chrome Extensions for Facebook Power Users

Facebook, being the best social networking website is also the most-crowded destination for all type of internet users who are here for their own separate purpose and aims. People use Facebook for entertainment, education, business promotion, online earning and a variety of tasks. Whatever be your purpose behind using Facebook, consider this fact that thousands of other Facebook users have similar purpose.

Lets say you are into Facebook promotion, or you want to stay connected with your friends by the means of Facebook, you always want to get most out of this social network in the minimum amount of time. Right? In short, you want to increase your productivity with Facebook.

So today, I am telling you top 10 best Facebook extensions for Chrome which you must install in your Google Chrome browser if you use Facebook too much using this browser on desktop. These cool Facebook chrome extensions will multiply your productivity and help you perform lots of amazing things with Facebook quickly that you never imagined can be possible with such ease.

Top 10 Best Facebook Extensions for Chrome

Starting below, I am covering the most productive Facebook extensions available for Google Chrome to make Facebook even better for you and the time you spend here much more productive that it ever used to be on this social network.

1. Photo Zoom for Facebook

Photo Zoom for Facebook is the most popular Chrome extension under “Social & Communication” section. With the user base of nearly 5 million, Photo Zoom is the best Facebook extension which allow you to zoom on any images appearing in Facebook by just hovering on the image. The extension integrates with Facebook to serve larger version of image you hover.

So, whether you are at albums sections of your friends Facebook profile, or you want to see profile photo of a commenter on their, you don’t need to click on it to see those pics clearly, just hover on the photos and Photo Zoom Facebook chrome extension will zoom it out for you.

Photo Zoom Facebook

2. Social Fixer for Facebook

Appears to work like Adblock, Social Fixer for Facebook allows you to hide those elements of Facebook which you don’t want to see. It can’t only just block Ads for you but also filter posts in the news feed by content, author, link url, and more, allows you to hide left/right panel of Facebook, add your own CSS Styling to the Facebook webpage, force Facebook to keep most recent posts at top, hide post you’ve read and do much more.

So, all the things you hate about Facebook, you can handpick and eliminate them by using Social Fixer chrome extension and browse to have a better Facebook experience.

Social Fixer Facebook Chrome Extension

3. Facebook Social Toolkit

Facebook social toolkit is an all-in-one Facebook marketing tool which is not only helpful for Facebook marketers but also if you frequent need to perform tasks like Inviting all friends to an Event, Page on Facebook, Add/Reject all Facebook Friend Request, Join all Facebook Group related to a keyword, Post to all Facebook Group, Message all Facebook Friends, and other advanced Facebook tasks and IN BULK, Facebook Social Toolkit is the essential Facebook Marketing extension available for you.

It is lots of amazing tools and features that you will require to boost your Facebook promotion, marketing tactics and perform Facebook related tasks in bulk. Know all the features about Facebook Social Toolkit here and you will know why you should start using Facebook Social Toolkit (or FST) in Chrome right now.

Facebook Social Toolkit (FST)

4. Flatbook – Flat Facebook

While whole web is shifting towards Flat UI design which is simple and fast, Facebook is still stick with its heavy layout design. Even new Windows versions Windows 8, 8.1, 10 are all flat. So, if this bugs you then you can change your Facebook appearance to Flat UI design by installing Flatbook extension in Google Chrome.

The Facebook extension not only turns your Facebook layout to Flat UI but also remove ads, clean Facebook elements and provides simple straightforward interface which even loads fast.

Flatbook Facebook Extension

5. FBDown Video Downloader

You can save any Facebook photo just by right-clicking and selecting ‘Save’ option from the context menu but if you want to download Facebook videos then there is no straight forward way. You need to copy the video link and paste it into a Facebook video downloader site like The method takes time.

So, if you want this facility to download any Facebook video directly into your browser, you can download Facebook Video Downloader extension from Google Chrome web store. You only need to connect your Facebook account with this chrome extension once and then you can watch/downloaded all the Facebook videos from this chrome extension. The extension also supports popular video downloader sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, VK, etc.

6. Facemoji – Facebook Hidden Emoji

Facebook supports hundreds of emoji but it doesn’t directly provide all of these emoticons to use from desktop browser. So, if you want to enjoy all hidden Facebook emoji and smileys, install Facemoji chrome extension and it will put emoji button in your chat-box, status, comment box, etc. using which you can insert lots of amazing emoticons.

Many unique emojis are also available through Facemoji Facebook chrome extension which don’t even require others to install this extension in order to view those unique Facebook smileys. So, install and have fun using unique Facebook emojis.

7. Better Facebook + Color Changer for Chrome

Do you want to customize Facebook layout by yourself? Then install Better Facebook + Color Changer Chrome extension. This extension allows you to customize Facebook in your own way. You can change font, colors, layout, height, width or different elements on Facebook. Ad-blocker, cursor changer, custom background, round corners and many tools are provided in this chrome extension to provide Facebook the unique layout that you want.

Better Facebook Color Changer Chrome Extension

8. Facebook Unseen

Facebook Unseen is the most loved Facebook extension of Google Chrome for those who like to stay hidden. Yes, you can “go offline” from Facebook chat to hide your online status but your profile still shows “last seen” timestamp and for messages, ‘seen’, ‘delivery’ and ‘read’ receipt appears too. So, if you want to hide even these details then Facebook Unseen Chrome extension will let you do this.

Just install this Facebook extension and activate setting to hide you last seen timestamp and seen/delivery/read receipts, Facebook Unseen will start hiding them for you.

Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension

9. Profile Visitor for Facebook

So, here comes the much-awaited Facebook chrome extension: the extension which allows you to know who have visited your Facebook profile. Actually Facebook doesn’t provide this stat to know who have visited who Facebook profile either publicly or through any sort of API so, Profile Visitor for Facebook is a little effort of developer which show profile visitors only from those Facebook users who also have this extension installed.

It may appear dumb but this is the far developers can go in Facebook right now. However, you can know who have visited your WhatsApp profile from here. So, considering the limitation of this Facebook Profile Visitors extension, the only good environment where you can make this extension work is in your school or institution’s computer lab where all your classmate or institute’s students browse internet (and Facebook).

Facebook Profile visitor

10. Invite All Friends on Facebook

Sure you can invite all your Facebook Friends at once using the Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome extension that I mentioned above. The only reason to include this separate extension here is it’s simple interface and fast processing. The extension is designed to invite all your friends to any event or Facebook page that you want. You only need to open the invite dialogue box and click Invite All extension’s button appearing inside address bar of Chrome.

And, with every Facebook update, developers update this Facebook chrome extension to keep it compatible with current layout of Facebook. Watch this below video to know how the extension works.

Use this cool Facebook chrome extensions I am sure that they will improve your productivity and experience with your loving Facebook social network. If you want to learn new Facebook tricks regularly then bookmark our Facebook tag as we are adding cool tips, tricks and tools related to Facebook here very frequently.

Please let us know the Facebook extensions you have tried and put feedback about them below.

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