All Latest Snapchat Emoji List, Meaning and their Use

Snapchat is interesting but unlike other social networks which are simple and straight-forward, it is a tricky platform which assume the fact that user who are using Snapchat are already well educated with social networks, their trends and manners. So, many users find it a little tough to use. The most annoying thing they come accross is Snapchat Emojis which aren’t those regularly used chat emojis which are common in every social network, Instead of providing details in textual format, at Snapchat, Snapchat users and Snapchat itself puts emoji in live story, username, chats, etc. which have a meaning. But, as you don’t know the meaning, you can predict wrong meaning out of them which can put you in trouble.

So, if you really want to understand Snapchat, the first thing you need to understand is Snapchat emojis and their meaning. To help you out, below here I am providing list of all Snapchat emojis, emoticons/smileys, icons which you see at several places inside Snapchat app. Go through them for once carefully and after that, Snapchat will become a lot interesting for you.

Snapchat Friends List Emoji Meaning



Emoji Meaning & Use

Gold StarSomeone has replayed this person's snaps in the past 24 hours.
Yellow HeartYou are #1 best friends with each other. You send the most snaps to this person and they send the most snaps to you.
Red HeartYou have been #1 BFs with each other for two weeks straight.
Pink HeartsYou have been #1 BFs with each other for two months straight. Dedication!
BabyYou just became friends with this person.
Face with SunglassesOne of your best friends is one of their best friends. You send a lot of snaps to someone they also send a lot of snaps to.
Grimacing FaceYour #1 best friend is their #1 best friend. You send the most snaps to the same person that they do. Awkward.
Smirking FaceYou are one of their best friends …but they are not a best friend of yours. You don’t send them many snaps but they send you a lot.
Smiling FaceAnother best friend of yours. You send this person a lot of snaps. Not your #1 best friend but they are up there.
FireYou are on a Snapstreak! You have snapped this person every day and they have snapped you back. Increases with number of consecutive days.
Hundred100 Day Snapstreak. The 100 emoji appears next to the fire when you snap back and forth with someone for one hundred days in a row.
HourglassYour Snapstreak is about to end. Send another snap to keep it alive.
Birthday CakeThis friend has a birthday today. Only displays if friend has the Birthday Party feature enabled in settings.

Snapchat Notifications Emoji List & Meaning



Snapchat Emoji Meaning & Use

GlobeYour Snap was posted on a Live Story!
LinkLinked your Bitmoji to Snapchat
Blue CircleCreated a Story in Memories
White CircleSent a Story from Memories
MinidiscSaved a Story to Memories
EyesSet up My Eyes Only in Memories
SleuthSearched for a Snap in Memories
Sunglasses FacePaired Spectacles!

Snapchat Trophy Emoji List & Meaning



Emoji Meaning & Its Use

1 FingerSend a Snap with one filter applied
2 FingersSend a Snap with two filters applied
BabyYour Snapchat score hit 10!
Gold StarYour Snapchat score hit 100!
SparklesYour Snapchat score hit 1,000!
Circled StarYour Snapchat score hit 10,000!
ExplosionYour Snapchat score hit 50,000!
RocketYour Snapchat score hit 100,000!
GhostHey Snapperstar! Your Snapchat score hit 500,000!
Video TapeSend a video Snap
Movie CameraSend 50 video Snaps
Video CameraSend 500 video Snaps
Sun FaceSend a Snap with the temperature filter above 100° F
SnowflakeSend a Snap with the temperature filter below freezing
FlashlightSend 10 Snaps with your front-facing flash on
OgreSend 1,000 Snaps using the front facing camera (selfies)
Loop OnceFlip the camera once in one video Snap
LoopFlip the camera 5 times in one video Snap
RotateFlip the camera 10 times in one video Snap
Monkey Holding EarsSend a video Snap without audio
Magnifying GlassSend 10 photo Snaps entirely zoomed in
MicroscopeSend 10 video Snaps using zoom
ABCDSend 100 Snaps with large text font
PandaSend 50 black and white Snaps
MoonSend 50 Snaps using night mode
FrypanSend a Snap between 4-5 am
LollipopSend a Snap using 5 or more pen colors
RainbowSend 10 Snaps using 5 or more pen colors
Artist PaletteSend 50 Snaps using 5 or more pen colors
EmailVerified email address in Settings
TelephoneVerified phone number in Settings
Happy DevilScreenshotted a Snap!
Sad DevilScreenshotted 10 Snaps!
Red MaskScreenshotted 50 Snaps!
RadioSubmitted a Snap to a Local Story
Clapper BoardSubmitted 10 Snaps to a Local Story
TelevisionYour Snap was posted on a Local Story
Fax MachineScanned 5 Snapcodes

Snapchat Fruit Emoji List & Meaning



Emoji Meaning & Its Use

Blue (Blueberry)Single
PineappleIt's complicated
Red (Raspberry)Don't want to commit
CherryIn a relationship
AvocadoI'm the better half
StrawberryCan't find Mr or Ms Right
LemonI want to be single.
Chestnut (Raisin)I want to get married to my partner

Snapchat Birthday Emoji List & Meaning



Emoji Meaning & Its Use

Birthday CakeTells that a person has birthday.
AriesMarch 21 – April 20
TaurusApril 21 – May 21
GeminiMay 22 – June 21
CancerJune 22 – July 22
LeoJuly 23 – August 22
VirgoAugust 23 – September 23
LibraSeptember 24 – October 23
ScorpiusOctober 24 – November 22
SagittariusNovember 23 – December 21
CapricornDecember 22 – January 20
AquariusJanuary 21 – February 19
PiscesFebruary 20 – March 20

Snapchat Icons List & Meaning



Snapchat Icon Meaning & Its Use

Sent IconsSnap sent without sound
Sent IconsSnap sent with sound
Sent IconsChat message sent
Opened IconsFriend opened a Snap without sound
Opened IconsFriend opened a Snap with sound
Opened IconsFriend opened a Chat message
Opened IconsFriend viewed and received
Received IconsYou received a Snap without sound
Received IconsYou received a Snap with sound
Received IconsYou received a Chat message
Viewed IconsYour Snap sent without sound has been viewed
Viewed IconsYour Snap sent with sound has been viewed
Viewed IconsYour Chat message has been viewed
Screenshot IconsYour Snap sent without sound has been viewed
Screenshot IconsYour Snap sent with sound has been viewed
Screenshot IconsYour Chat message has been viewed

Snapchat Verified Emoji List & Meaning





Alien MonsterJoe Jonasjoseadam
BaseballChris Archer
Marcus Stroman
BicepArnold SchwarzeneggerArnoldSchnitzel
Blond ManDiplodiplo
Blue CarYazeed Al-Rajhiyazeedalrajhi
BombLethal Bizzledenchchat
BreadLil Dickybooburd
CactusJared Letojaredleto
CakeSteve Aokiaokisteve
CherryDemi Lovatotheddlovato
Circling StarEmily Ratajkowskiemrata
ClapboardRyan Seacrestryanseacrest
Clapping HandsZeddzedd
Crescent MoonAriana Grandemoonlightbae
CrownKylie Jennerkylizzlemynizzl
Die / DiceChancemynamechance
Dollar BillFetty Wapfettywap1738
DVDDavid Guettadavidguettaoff
Fleur-De-LisNew Orleans Saintssaints
HeadphonesDillon Francisdillonfrancis
High-Heeled ShoeShay Mitchellofficialshaym
KeyDJ Khaleddjkhaled305
Koala5 Seconds of Summerwearefivesos
LipstickAshley Bensonbenzo33
PearRick Rossferrarifatboy
PillSchoolboy Qhooves
Pink HeartSelena Gomezselenagomez
PizzaBella Hadid
Chrissy Teigen
Martin Garrix
Praying HandsJustin Bieberrickthesizzler
Racing FlagLewis Hamiltonlewishamilton
RatRuby Roserubyrose
RibbonParis Hiltonrealparishilton
RowboatThe Lonely Islandtliboys
StarBalqees Fathibalqeeesss
Pile of PooVictoria Justicevictoriajustice
PrincessPia Miaprincesspiamiap
RoseRosie Huntington-Whiteleyrosiehw
TigerCalvin Harriscalvinharris
TulipJessica Albajessicamalba
Up ArrowOne Directiononedirection
USA FlagHillary Clintonhillaryclinton

Now, as you’ve read and understand all Snapchat emoji and their use, you are ready to rock on Snapchat. So, open the Snapchat app right now and start interacting with your friends & fan in a lot better way. Bookmark this article because we will keep on updating this article with latest Snapchat emoji and their meaning. It will keep you updated with Snapchat trends.

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