How To Add Signature To Windows Live Mail / Hotmail

Email signature provides professional look and credibility to your email. It is an essential feature which, if used wisely can help you in branding, marketing and build trust at the same time. In every email client, there is a little different setting to set up Signature or HTML Signature to the emails you send.

If you’re using Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, or Outlook Mail, then this guide is for you. Here, we are providing a step-by-step tutorial on how to add Hotmail signature to all your Windows Live Mail.

Unlike many email services, where you can only add plain text as your email signature, Hotmail signature is a lot more customizable and feature-rich. In Hotmail signature, you can add text, font, graphics and even insert a hyperlink. So, while configuring your Hotmail signature, make sure to use all these features but keep your Hotmail signature small & make most out of it.

Steps to Configure Hotmail Signature

Step 1: Login Hotmail

Visit, or, enter your Microsoft Live Mail, Outlook or Hotmail details there and log in.

Step 2: Hover mouse over your name

Once logged in, take your mouse cursor to your name which is appearing at the top-right corner of the Hotmail/Outlook/Live Mail screen. A drop-down menu will appear. From this drop-down menu, click “Options”.

Step 3: Go to “Mail” settings

On the left side of “Options”, you will see “Mail”, click on it, the “Hotmail Options” page will appear.

Step 4: At “Hotmail Options” page

Click the “Message font and Signature” option which is located below the “Writing Email” header.

Step 5: Create Hotmail Signature

Now, click the drop-down box which is available above “Personal Signature”, open text box and add your desired text for the Hotmail signature. If you want text with alternative font, you can add an extra text box. Add font, bold, italics, underline, graphics etc to shape your Hotmail Signature the way you want.

Step 6: Assign Hotmail Signature

Click the text box below “Personal Signature” it will show if you already have any signature (or any default one) and provide you option to edit or change it. Add your own Hotmail Signature here.

Finally, click “Save” button and you have set a new Hotmail Signature. For every email or reply you send this Hotmail Signature will automatically get attached to the footer or the email and sent. If you want to remove Hotmail Signature from any specific email, you can expand your Hotmail Signature in the compose email box by clicking (–) delimiter and change or remove it at will. Otherwise, the default Hotmail Signature will be sent everytime.

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