MailStyler 2: Create Newsletters Like A Pro Without Designing Skills

Every online business and internet marketer knows how difficult it is to make users subscribe to email newsletters. They use many tactics such as providing free software, important ebooks, special coupon codes, discounts, running contests & giveaways, etc. to encourage users to signup for their email newsletters.

These email subscribers are hard earned and so, you don’t want to lose them by sending an unprofessional, trashy and confusing email newsletter, right? Even if you don’t know how to design a professional newsletter, your email subscribers expect a professional and exciting newsletter from you.

So, those marketers who don’t have enough coding or designing skills have to buy email newsletters online or order a custom one from Both of these ways are expensive but what to do, these were the only few options they had available but thanks to MailStyler 2, which has made newsletters creation so easy that anyone can design an amazing & professional email newsletters without any coding or designing skills.

What is MailStyler 2?

MailStyler 2 is an advanced but very easy to use newsletter creator software available for Windows and MAC (through virtualization) operating system which enables anyone to create excellent email newsletters quickly with full customization in design and layout. You can create fully responsive, readable, eye-catching email newsletters with MailStyler 2 dynamic drag-and-drop panel without writing any single line of code.

Unlike other newsletter creators which are available as an add-on in any email marketing software or service and hence, are limited in their scope, features, and flexibility options, being an independent software, MailStyler 2 is a feature-rich software which allows you to design flexible newsletters which you can import in any email marketing platform without requiring to do any post adjustments.

Features of MailStyler 2

MailStyler 2 is a revolution in the field of email marketing, handling the most tricky part of designing newsletters in the easiest way possible. And, what makes it so revolutionary is the set of features encapsulated in MailStyler 2 which we are going to explore today.

Revolutionary dynamic image management

With its dynamic image management feature that comes inbuilt, MailStyler 2 allows users to handle their images with so much flexibility that you can add as many images as you want in your email newsletter and adjust them exactly how you visualized. Resize the image, reposition it inside the frame and choose what portion of the image you want to show in your newsletter. MailStyler 2 super-dynamic dashboard allows you to do all of this in real-time which eliminates the need to resize and crop images beforehand. Moreover, you can move, flip, modify, create and save an image without using any 3rd party tool.

Totally customizable blocks

Unlike other newsletter software where only static blocks are provided and you are required to adjust all elements in that block somehow, MailStyler 2 provides dynamic blocks which are fully customizable. You can resize blocks, move or delete items, add new elements from the personal library or pick them from software’s library. Every block/element is responsive and comes with inline CSS to ensure that newsletter is always perfectly displayed.

Graphics effects for texts

This is the rare feature that I don’t seem to remember other email marketing software. MailStyler 2 allows users to add customize texts and add graphic effects to them to such extent that you can build your own banners and ads inside this awesome newsletter creator software. Apply many preset styles and designs which are designed by MailStyler 2 expert graphic designers to highlight your texts and give them great screen presence while matching them to the newsletter’s theme.

Resize spaces

Freely resize your newsletter, shrink or expand its columns by moving block’s edge with the mouse. Lock the size of internal content or set them free to adapt automatically according to the new size. Don’t worry about losing formatting or distorting your newsletter because MailStyler 2 keeps on hinting resize positions and even if you do something wrong, its intelligent algorithm automatically reorganize all the images, texts, and buttons inside the block to make them perfectly tidy and balanced.

Customizable social icons

Having social presence is essential. So, it is important for businesses and internet marketers to get a flurry of fans and following to their social profiles from every way. MailStyler 2 understands it very well so it has made highly appealing social buttons available through its social bar which you can drag and drop at any part of your newsletter to add social links. Not only this, you can change color, shape and adjust the size of these social buttons to match them perfectly with your newsletter’s design.

Save Everything

If you’re putting your best efforts to create the best newsletter you can build, it can take some time but if you don’t have all the time available at the moment, you can save the newsletter in MailStyler 2 and continue whenever you have the time. Don’t worry, each element you’ve created and every customization you’ve done will be saved. You can either come back to edit it or you can use this saved template to import them directly in your other newsletters and generate different templates using it.

Overlapping images

This is another rare feature which is used by many MailStyler 2 users to enhance their email newsletters and make them far more appealing. MailStyler 2 allows users to overlap images and play with transparencies to highlight what matters or hide irrelevant portions of the images. You can use this feature to create a collage or in combination with many labels & banners available in the MailStyler 2 free clip art library, use the transparency filter to get more visibility to your offers.

Other important features

MailStyler 2 is a feature-rich newsletter designer. With the above-mentioned features itself, this email newsletter creator has already surpassed most of the popular email marketing tools and services that marketers use to create newsletters but there are more useful features that this awesome email newsletter designer tool is providing. I am myself having a hard time to shortlist which features to tell and which ones to leave for self-exploration. However, some other important features which you’ll love to know are:

  • Preset styles – MailStyler 2 comes with a wide range of beautiful presets styles which you can preview to check its colors of rendered output before finalizing it. You can either apply preset styles to the whole newsletter or a portion of it. Add multiple preset styles to your single email newsletter on different elements.
  • Flip cells – It is a very helpful tool which allows you to quickly swap blocks horizontally. You can swap the whole content left-to-right and right-to-left block instantly with a single click.
  • Full Responsiveness – Apply your creativity to full extent without worrying if the newsletter will be properly visible on different devices, operating systems or resolutions because Mail Styler 2 keeps the design fluid and makes sure that the newsletter is always 100% responsive.
  • Export the Newsletter – After you’ve finished designing your email newsletter, Mail Styler 2 allows you to export the newsletter in many formats. You can export your newsletter in PDF file, HTML format or if you’re using EmailChef as your email marketing software, you can import Mail Styler 2 newsletter directly to the software.

Wrapping it Up

Many email marketing services are online but their newsletter designer tool which is available on the user account is trashy. You might have wasted lots of hours designing a good-looking email newsletter using those add-ons. So, instead of wasting time there, try MailStyler 2 for at least once. You can design amazing professional-looking email newsletter in this newsletter creator within few minutes that otherwise would have taken hours.

Even if you understood all the working and use of MailStyler 2, I encourage you to try MailStyler 2 Free Demo to check each and every function and see for yourself how easy and hassle-free your newsletter designing becomes with the help of this software. And, when you’re satisfied, go ahead with buying MailStyler 2 Basic or Pro subscriptions you will get more features, templates, library images to match your business need.

After working 5 years as a Software Analyst in reputed MNC, Rebecca decided to settle down and work from home. Having an expertise in business & being a life motivator, she loves to share similar stuff on our website by the means of her articles.