Surprising Benefits Of Online Gaming

How many times have your parents told you that video games were going to rot your brain and corrupt your mind, as you poured countless hours in front of the computer screen? Well, not only have video games come a long way since their creation, but studies and research revolving around them have also come a long way. With all that being said, you might be totally surprised to learn that online video games and video games, in general, are having a huge positive impact on people’s lives below, you will learn just how.

Improved Hand Speed And Coordination

Being a surgeon is a demanding and long-term commitment. You will have to spend lots of time studying and attending countless classes. However, make sure that you are making time for at least 3 hours a week to indulge in your favorite video games. Why? Research is showing that individuals who play at 3 hours of video games a week make 32 percent fewer errors when it comes to surgical practices and procedures.

Increase Your Vision

Another popular misconception from the past was that sitting too close to the TV or computer screen could ruin your vision. Well, new studies have completely debunked this theory. In fact, scientists discovered that when video games are played in moderation they could actually increase your vision. A 10-week study showed that player who occasionally indulged in video games was better able to discern between shades of colors. In addition to this, some individuals with lazy eye even showed improvements in the disabled eye.

better vision

Make Better Decisions Faster

Throughout your entire life, you are going to have to make decisions. Some people might even get in careers where they are going to have to make split-second decisions that could either result in life or death. Well, have you seen those players that just destroy the CPU on the hardest mode possible, while you struggle on normal or easy? Due to the fact that these players can process information at a faster and more complex rate, they have the ability to overcome these harder challenges. If you indulge in games like free spider solitaire with daily challenges, you will truly challenge your brain and be able to make better decisions on the fly.

Gaming Can Even Promote Exercise

It is true that less and less kids are partaking in exercise these days. Yes, a lot of this is associated with technology and video games. However, there are tons of new games and gaming systems that required the individuals player to move their whole bodies and make certain movements. These games not only can promote more physical activity, but they can get the heart rate pumping just like a normal exercise routine.

heart health

Become More Educated

A lot of video games are now taking real-time events of historical significance and incorporating them into their storylines. These characters and stories can get your kids more interested in their history. In fact, it is possible that after playing hours of Uncharted, you kid might actually want to sit down and learn about some of all time great explorers like Marco Polo.

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