BonkLive: Enter The New Era of Live Streaming with AR & 3D Virtual Gifts

The concept of live streaming is floating around social networks for quite some time now. I still remember, Facebook firstly introduced live streaming in 2015 and at that time it was only available for celebrities. After that Periscope, YouTube, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram and many other social networks adopted this technology as it is.

Though, as of now, live streaming has become drastically popular and social networks have widened its access to allow any user to live stream, the underlining technology behind live streaming is still the same, which has now become obsolete.

There is a lot of room for improvement in live streaming technology which none of these social networks & video streaming sites seems to consider seriously. But thanks to Bonk Live Streaming which has taken the responsibility to bring revolution in the field of live streaming and provide broadcasters the advancements that they deserve.

Bonk Live Streaming

Launched just a few months ago, Bonk Live Streaming is providing a revolutionary way to broadcast moments that users want to share with the world. Instead of providing just a normal live streaming, BonkLive utilizes latest APIs and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to make live streaming much more comprehensive and user-friendly.

Having the concept of AR being introduced in live streaming with BonkLive itself opens up a whole new world of possibilities such as you can put a funny cartoon besides you while talking to your kid or insert 3D navigation arrows while visiting some interesting place you’re broadcasting to make your live streaming far more interacting but this is not the only place where BonkLive stands out of crowd. To help broadcasters and advertisers, the company has implemented a win-win strategy in live streaming so that everybody who is participating in live streaming can be rewarded somehow.

It’s not OK to keep you in suspense about this revolutionary live streaming technology for so long. So, let me disclose every feature, the technology, underlining social network and the most exciting win-win concept of Bonk Live Streaming to you.

Starting with Bonk Live Streaming

Bonk Live Streaming is available through BonkLive Android and iOS app which you can either search in their respective app stores or download directly from Open the app, log in either using your Phone ID, Facebook or Instagram account and you’re inside the BonkLive social streaming app.

BonkLive hosts a highly engaging community of users who live stream exciting moments, places and their talents through the app. So, once you’re in, you’ll see a different kind of social network inside the app. No status updates no video uploads, just real people live streaming real moments and inviting you to witness those moments.

Browse your feed to view most popular live streams, search or follow a user to specifically follow his/her live streams. And, when you attend a live stream, you can post live comments on their broadcasts, send reactions or 3D virtual gifts.

If you want, you can chat with broadcasters my sending them a personal message. And, when you are onto something interesting, you can create your own broadcast with highest quality live streaming using BonkLive. Live streams happen in real-time that doesn’t mean you don’t have any option to enhance your video. Unlike other live streaming apps which only allow you to send raw broadcasts, BonkLive provides accessories, effects, retouching tools and filters to add magic to your broadcasts.

Make Money with BonkLive Social Streaming

Have you ever earned any money for broadcasting on Facebook, Instagram or any other app? BonkLive provides an opportunity to earn money for posting live streaming directly or indirectly. It allows not only broadcasters but also watchers to earn money by the means of BonkLive coins. There are two types of coins (gold and diamond) that you can earn by performing different activities on BonkLive app.

When you start a live stream, you earn diamond points which are equivalent to multiple gold coins for each user who attend your live stream. Users also send 3D Virtual gifts on your live streams, different gifts have different gold coins value. You can either keep the gifts & diamonds or redeem them in gold coins. Put up advertisements inside your live streams to earn gold coins for every view and click on those ads.

If you aren’t in the mood to live stream something, you can watch other’s live streams and national/international advertisements it is serving. For your activities on those ads such as watching video ads, tapping/opening the app, signing up for offers, etc. you will earn gold coins. All these gold coins can be later redeemed for real cash which will be credited to your MasterCard backed debit card.

As you start getting popular by interacting with more people, live streaming fun videos and getting more views to your videos, you will rank high for your videos and ultimately your Bonkertronz level will rise. With its rise, you will be able to earn more coins for your broadcasts or watching ads on other’s live streams.

Live streaming videos are the most interacting version of videos. They feel so personal that users who watch them build trust on the influencers who are broadcasting videos. And, BonkLive lets you advertise through those influencers, within their broadcasts. Put banner ads, video ads, offers etc. within their live streams to get full exposure on your advertisements.

Using BonkLive to advertise your product/service or offer, you don’t need to struggle to get users attention because you know that by putting your ads in live streams, you are obviously going to get the full attention. The only thing you need to think is how to use this attention to make the most out of your ads.

Reporting & Tracking

Whether you are an advertiser, broadcaster or a normal user who earns points by doing activities on BonkLive app, everyone can get detailed statistics about their activities. As an advertiser, you can properly view where your points are exhausting, how many users clicked your ads, their gender ratio, country, how many users rejected your offers, etc. in a dedicated reporting panel.

As a normal user, you can view the number of diamonds you’ve earned or gold points you have right now directly in your profile. Points you spend or earn will be instantly updated and reflected through your profile.

Final Words

Bonk Live Streaming has come up with so many features to improve live streaming technology and has made it far more exciting by adding features of Augmented Reality, 3D Virtual Gifts, allowing advertisers to reach their audience in a better way and offering every user an opportunity to earn money & rewards for every activity they do on this social streaming app.

Owing to the revolutionary concepts and advanced technologies Bonk Live streaming has introduced, more and more people are opting BonkLive as their primary live streaming app. I am also sure that BonkLive is going to crush any computation in the steaming and broadcasting business so, try BonkLive Android app or BonkLive iOS app by yourself, create fun live streams and become a celebrity on Bonk Social Streaming platform before it becomes too mainstream.

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