5 Working Methods To Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Lots of people have been visiting your Facebook profile: your friends, your relatives, your colleagues, some random old school guy, your ex, your crush, the one you have a crush, stalker, etc. without your knowledge. You might want to know who visited my Facebook profile for one reason or another. You might be curious about it or you might want to know it for safety reasons.

Whatever your reason is, all it signifies that it’s very important for you to know that who have visited your Facebook profile. But, this is the important feature that Facebook choose to ignore. It didn’t provide any official method to help you or anyone know who visited my Facebook profile.

Might it be the privacy reasons or to abide social laws, government didn’t provide this feature but there are lots of developers worldwide who understand its importance. So, they come up with very innovative ways to help people know who visited my Facebook profile.

There are many developers who have launched secret methods to know who have visited your Facebook profile recently. This includes Facebook profile visitors browser extension/add-on, Android/iOS apps to know who visited your Facebook and cool script to help you identify it instantly that who visited my Facebook profile recently.

Among these ways, I am sharing you 5 working methods to know who visited my Facebook profile. Scroll down to know how to use them and get to know who visits your Facebook profile most frequently.

1. Using Social Profile View Notification

Social Profile View is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to know who visited my Facebook profile using through desktop’s Chrome web browser using your Facebook profile. From the moment you install the extension, it will start tracking the Facebook users who visits your Facebook profile. It will also show your recent Facebook profile visitors by scanning the data from LOG file.Social Profile view Notification

To use Social Profile View Notification Google Chrome Extension, follow these below steps:

  • From your PC/Laptop, visit Social Profile View Notification Extension page – click here.
  • Add this Facebook profile visitors extension to your Chrome browser and activate it.
  • Now, Log in to Social Profile View Notification through your Facebook account

And, you’re now set. Open your Facebook, you’ll see a new Visitors Tab at the top-bar, along with Search-bar, Home, etc.

Whenever you want to know who have visited my Facebook profile, you need to click on this Visitors tab and it will open a small pop-up box telling you your latest Facebook visitors.

2. By Checking Facebook Source Code

Another easy method to know who visited my Facebook profile is to scan Facebook source code. You can open Facebook source code in both Mozilla FireFox and Chrome web browser from your desktop. So, whichever browser you prefer to browse Facebook, open it, and follow these steps to identify who visited your Facebook through source code.

Steps to know who visited Facebook from Browser:

  • Login to your Facebook through web browser and navigate to Facebook home page.
  • At this page, right click and select View Page Source (in Chrome) or Page Source (in FireFox)
  • Doing this will open your Facebook homepage’s source code in new tab.
  • Use browser built-in Find option (Ctrl+F) and search ‘InitialChatFriendsList‘ in the Facebook page source
  • Once you located the code, look for “list”:
  • Next to this code, you will see some numbers, these are Facebook profile ID of the friends who have visited your Facebook profile recently.

To visit any of those friend’s Facebook profile IDs to know exactly who are those, you can simple replace FB_PROFILE_ID in below URL to the Profile ID number and visit it:


It will take you to the Facebook friend’s profile who recently visited your profile. This method works just fine for me. If you face any issue while using this method to know who visited my Facebook, you can comment below.

3. Using Who Visited My Facebook Android App

For mobile users who browse Facebook from Android, these is a free Android Facebook visitors app which will allow you to know who visited my Facebook profile directly from your smartphone. Follow instructions below to use the app:

Step 1: Install Who Viewed my Profile app to your Android phone. Visit this link !

Step 2: Once installed, open Who Viewed My Profile app and connect it to your Facebook account using the “Connect To Facebook” button provided at the bottom.

Step 3: Now, Who Views your Profile android app will automatically will automatically scan your Facebook profile and show the latest people who visited my Facebook profile.

However, the app’s functionality is limited. It can only show those people who have visited your Facebook profile who are your “friends on Facebook, not any FB profile. But, it’s still a lot as most of the time, we are curious about knowing whom among all our friends checks us the most. 😉

4. For iPhone/iPad Users

For iOS users, there are quite a few great apps which allow you to know who visited your Facebook profile. So, if you have iPhone or iPad where you run Facebook and want to know your Facebook profile visitors through it then these apps are going to help you know this:

Recommended app is the second one “Control your Social Accounts” because it will not only allow you to check who visited my Facebok profile but it will also allow you to know lots of amazing details about your friends and their friendship. It will allows you to know who interacts with you the most, who chat with you the most, who likes your post the most on Facebook & more.

5. Facebook Unofficial Method

As I told above, Facebook didn’t announce any “Official” method to let Facebook Users know who visited your Facebook profile recently or who visits your FB profile the most. But there is an unofficially method directly from Facebook which will allow you to determine who visited my Facebook profile recently.

  • Visit your Facebook timeline and scroll down to the friends section, here, you might be having 500+ friends but Facebook shows only 9 FB friends profile here. These are your top friends on Facebook

Top friends on Facebook –

Top friends on Facebook are not determined randomly, they are determined by lots of factors that Facebook uses to assign them as top friends are feature them at your Facebook timeline section. Some of the important features that Facebook considers are:

  • Friends who sent you private msg
  • Friends who liked or commented on your feeds
  • Friends who visited your profile
  • Friends you visited their profiles (But those friends are showed in the little box in the top of your Facebook Timeline )

If you aren’t active on Facebook, don’t comment anywhere, don’t chat with friends through Facebook then the next important feature Facebook is considering is who visited your Facebook profile. So, if that’s the case then you can be pretty sure that friends appearing at your Top Friends section are the people for you who visited my Facebook Profile.

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