Making the Internet Safe for You and Your Family

The internet has all sorts of great tools for your family to spend their time. You can stream newly released movies without leaving your couch and your children can get help with their homework online. However, when your child tells you that he/she is doing research online are you sure that they are telling the truth or are they just on social media posting videos? Allowing your child unfettered access to the internet can have dangerous consequences. You can use mSpy, an online phone tracker, to monitor your children’s internet activities.

Chatting with Strangers Online

Today’s cyber criminals are more advance and tech savvier than ever before. They create fake online profiles, become “friends” with your child on social media and lure them into face-to-face meetings. The mSpy phone tracker will alert you if your child becomes friends with someone on social media with whom they have few or no mutual friends with. Also, you can monitor the messages they send and receive even the ones they deleted.

We all tell our children to never talk to strangers they meet on the street, but how often do we talk to them about the strangers online? Due to the rise of social media and chat rooms, meeting strangers is not a big deal to millennials. We must constantly remind them that the “Never talk to strangers” rule applies online as well.

mSpy Can Help You in Emergency Situations

Let’s imagine the situation mentioned above. A child receives a friend request from a stranger and agrees to meet with them in person. This is every parent’s worst nightmare. If the mSpy phone tracker is installed on your child’s phone, you will be able to see their exact location on your phone and it also comes with “geofencing” features. This allows you to set alerts and get notifications when your child leaves one location and enters another. For example, if they left the schooland entered the library you would be notified of each event.

Cyber Bullying

We all remember the days of the school yard bully who would take your lunch money and copy your homework. Well the bully of the 21st century can strike anywhere 24/7 thanks to social media and iMessage apps. This issue has received a lot of media attention recently due to a number of high profile incidents, most notably the story of Amanda Todd, the Canadian teenager who took her own life because she could no longer take the abuse from cyber bullies.

With the help of the mSpyparental control app you can block any incoming number to your child’s phone to stop the cyber bullying as well as view all incoming messages via apps such as WhatsApp and SnapChat. Also, cyber bullying leaves a paper trail, which means that you are able to save any messages received as evidence and present them to the necessary authorities if the situation gets out of hand.

Technology alone is not enough to keep your children safe online. You must have a serious discussion with your children about all the dangers of talking to strangers online and that the consequences could be dire. Online strangers can be even more dangerous than the strangers they meet on the street because as we have already said they are more tech savvy and they know how to hide their true identity so they can never be tracked. The mSpyparental control application along with parental education and supervision is a surefire way to keep kids safe when they are surfing online.

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