5 Hacks to Write a Killer Essay

Academic life presents numerous encounters where you are required to write a poignant essay within a stipulated time. Thus, it is important to be well versed in the ways of writing a killer essay. A good essay introduces itself in a brief manner and then goes into the topic. To delve into the subject matter, a good introduction is very important. But when it comes to putting all of the ideas and reproducing them on a sheet of paper, it gets difficult to comprehend the task at hand.

When a certain word limit needs to be maintained, either all the things you want to say overflow from the word “boundary” or you overplan it and the word limit is not reached. A few things need to be kept in mind when an essay is to be written.  The topic of the essay should be something very familiar to you or your research on the matter must be on solid foundations.

The key to writing a good essay is keeping it crisp and interesting with short sentences making associative meaning with each other, like a professional essay writer. The aim is to not be repetitive and be on your subject. At times focusing on all these factors and writing an essay becomes quite tough.  To make it simple, let us break it down to 5 simple easy hacks.

Know Your Topic

The most important yet boring part of writing an essay is researching on the topic. If you are already an expert in the field, it becomes relatively simpler to write an essay on the matter.

But in case the topic is not your forte, research will be your light in the dark. Research work basically involves knowing,  understanding and analyzing the available information on a certain subject. Without research, writing an essay becomes a fruitless task.  In order to know the topic, you need to read on the matter.

Information is easy to procure nowadays and most research work for any good essay can be completed online.  Books are another way of learning about any topic. Some interesting websites and research ideas are below.

  • Wikipedia is a well renowned net encyclopedia. It has a wide database of information on almost all subjects. Most people online use the Wikipedia to know about their interests.
  • Visiting libraries is another genius idea to gain info on your topic. Go to your local library or visit a large one that you know of. Sometimes you might even find libraries for particular subjects or topics, these can be a great source for data if the right amount of effort is given.
  • Talking to an expert in the field is also advisable. Human interaction tends to make us understand things faster and better. At times you might even get inspired to write in a certain way that you have looked into the matter.

Read What Others Have Written

A lot of essays can be found online on various topics.  Getting to read a few of them might give you an insight into the method of writing you want to opt for. Also,  it gives you a selective perspective, which means it lets you choose a point-of-view. It is necessary to have an opinion on the matter which you are writing about.  It often helps you write an essay with more clarity. Don’t exactly go about writing the way any of the other essays were written. It is important to maintain ingenuity.  Keeping this in mind,  reading other essays is a quick hack to keeping a structure in your essay.

Read The References Available

Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias have a common citation below every article. These links below have real research papers on the matter that you are looking for.  Reading these papers give you a better idea of what is written on the internet and how to better portray it in your words. Understanding the concept of your topic means knowing how it works.  When you know how it tends to operate then it becomes easy for you to explain it while writing your paper.

Simple yet effective,  this neat trick allows you to learn a topic from the inside out, but there is a catch.  It is very important to mention your references while taking any information from these papers.

Keep It The Right Size

An essential factor is knowing the right size of your essay.  A very lengthy essay tends to lose the reader’s attention. Whereas a short essay most probably won’t be as informative as it can be.  Thus writing an essay which is brief yet informative is suggested. An essay should be simple enough to be understood by even a man with no prior knowledge of the matter. The correct word capacity of an essay also depends on the type of readers it targets and also the context in which it is written. Context refers to the publishing means or where you are submitting your essay.

Get Reviews on It

Have another set of eyes take a look at it.  Often other’s opinions on certain things change our viewpoint. But before that recheck your essay yourself, over and over again. Look for all kinds of errors.  Jotting down the information inside your head may sometime make you overlook tiny mistakes.  Rechecking helps reduce these errors to the minimum.  After rechecking the essay for mistakes,  it is very lucrative to read it out loud a couple of times. Doing this gives you better ideas about forming sentences and using better words.  People tend to leave their vocabulary unused while concentrating on writing.  Using this technique gives the final touches to a good essay.  Correct use of words and crisp sentences make an essay captivating to the readers and helps them find interest in it. Irrespective of the fact whether they already know about the topic or not.

The ideal essay has an optimum size and is informative.  The data in it is correct and the references are clearly stated.  Reading the essay should not be a boring task for the reader. Whether the essay is lengthy or not is dependent on a few factors but mostly essays are better short.

Keeping these few simple hacks in mind, writing an article becomes easy. Be clear about what you want to say and avoid repetition.  This should make your essay better than it already is.

Bradley Wood is a freelance writer who lives in Pomona, Los Angeles. He is pursuing graduation from the University of California (UC). Bradley frequently contributes his high-quality articles in Academics and Education to our site to help students in their day-to-day life.