Top 100 Most Popular Internet Slang Words & Acronyms

Now, we interact with people more online than offline. And, even online, most of the conversations happen through text messages. We chat with friends, relatives, colleagues, and strangers through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, Kik, etc. and if we want to represent any thought to all our online friends, we post it on social networks.

So, when you’re into this trend of chatting online, you need to keep up with latest internet trends of chatting too so that your language doesn’t appear obsolete in front of your friends. The way of talking is not so important but knowing the trending Internet slangs and acronyms is an essential thing you should know because it will not only make you look modern but also help you to understand what others are saying online because people use lots of slangs, acronyms, abbreviations online.

Having knowledge of popular Internet slang, abbreviations will help you understand people in any social network better. And, not to forget its real use of expressing something in one word or small phrase for otherwise long sentences. Today, to help you stay updated with latest internet slangs, I am representing Top 100 Internet Slangs & Abbreviations with their full forms & Use through below table.

Read them carefully and start using them in your sentences online, people will feel more comfortable with talking to you because you will know all the obvious and frequently used slangs and hence, they don’t need to explain things with long sentences to you.

Slang / Abbr.

Its Use / Full Form

SnatchedUsed to describe anything that looks really good or on point.
SusCame from the word "suspect". It's internet word for sketchy or shady.
SisSis is the new bro. Wherever you use bro, just replace it with sis and you're good to go.
HuntyHunty is the combination of "honey" and "c*nt". Some people use it to describe their or other's friends.
AFAF is an abbrevation of "as f*ck" and can be used with variety of words to get your point across.
StanIt's Internet word for a hardcore fan. Originated from Eminem's song "Stan" which is about an obsessed fan.
ExtaIf someone calls you extra then you're either trying too hard or being over the top.
OTPNo "One Time Password". In chats it usually means One True Pairing, the couple you appreciate most.
ShipShip is short of Relationship & usually used to describe two people whom you want to be in relationship.
DMAbbrevation for Direct Message on Twitter, Instagram. Being used in other places also.
BaeNo, it's not short for babe or baby. The letter is actually an abbrevation for "before anything else". Yeah, well, it represent almost the same meaning.
RTIn twitter, it is a popular abbrevation for "retweet". However, it is an abbrevation for "right" also.
SuhIt's a combination of "sup" and "huh" means somebody is mad or angry but still asking what are your doing?
TruntTrunt can mean drunk but don't ground anyone just yet because it frequently used to describe general excitement or craziness.
SupWhat's up?
YassThis one is best expressed "YASS!" and maybe even with a few extra s's for added emphasis. That said this one's pretty simple.
YOLOYou Only Live Once
SWAGBe confident.
TBHTo Be Honest
IONOI Don't Know
IDKI don't know
RNRight Now
GTFOGet The F*ck Off
SNMSay No More. Used to tell a person to don't speak any further his intention/thoughts are understood.
FAQFrequently Asked Question
TTYLTalk to You Later
JKJust Kidding
AskholeAn individual who asks ridiculous, obnoxious or irrelevant questions.
Baby BumpThe protruding abdominal region of a woman when she starts to become noticeably pregnant
BadasseryAction or behavior that are amazing or unbelievable. The act of being a bada**
BallerSomeone who is too good in a field or performing too good.
Beleibera fan of Justin Beiber
Beer meplease, get me a beer
Bitcoinelectronic currency that can be transferred securely without the need of a third party such as bank or PayPal.
Bitchy Resting FaceThe state of a face while not emoting in which the individual looks hostile or judgemental
BlamestormingUsually in a business setting, the act of attempting to identifying who was to blame for a failure or problem, rathern than trying to brainstorm a solution.
Boomerang childA child who moves out to start his/her own life, then returns home to live due to economic issues
Bootylicioussomeone with amazing booty (hips or buttocks)
BromanceTo heterosexual males with such a close relationship they appear to be romantically involved.
Bye Feliciaexclamation used when a person announces they are exiting, but other people in the area don't care (adapted from 2005 Friday)
C*nt Blockreferring to male genitalia, the act of preventing a man from getting somewhere with a man or woman he is interested in
CougarAn older woman who prefers the romantic compnay of a much-younger men
DawgAn expression used to address a close friend or meaningful acquaintance
Duck FaceA face made by pursing and pouting one's lips
DweetA drunk tweet - tweeting something while you're drunk.
Ego surfingusing a search engine to look for references about yourself
F-bombusing the word F*ck in an inappropriate setting
Foodiesomeone who enjoys food for pleasure
Friend zonethe status of being stuck as a person't friend after attempting to woo him or her
Girl crush(a girl) having great admiration and adoration for another girl.
GrrrlA young woman who is independent and strong or aggressive, especially in her attitude toward men
Hangrycombination of hungry + angry
Helicopter parentA parent who try to control every aspect of the child's life often into adulthood
JailbaitAn attractive female under the age of consent with whom an older man would like to have sex but risks jail time if he does so
LOLlaugh out loud
Make it rainto throw large qualities of paper money, bullets, etc. in the air so that is appears like raining when fall
Man boobsA male whose obesity make him appears as he have female-like breasts
Man caveA room or other space where man sit & enjoy, party with or without his friends
MILFInitials for "mother I'd like to f*ck". Used to decribe a woman with children whom one would like to have sex
Netflix and chillcode for having sex with Netflix on in the background
NomEating. It mimics the sound of eating (e.g., Nom, nom, nom)
NSFWInitials of "not safe for work". Something that you can't see or open in public or workplace
OM(F)Gintials of "oh my (f*cking) God!"
PhatInitials of "pretty hot and tempting"
Pregretknowing you shouldn't do something or you'll regret it, but doing it anyway
Pwnedto own (as in to defeat an opponent badly)
Quantum physics the ultimate mind screw (e.g., the reason one sock disappears when you do your laundry)
Rocket Sciencevery tough to understand
Said no one everAn expression used to convey the absurdity of a statement usually with a significant pause before the word "ever"
SalmonA man who likes to date younger women
SelfieA picture one takes of himself or herself
SextText sex. Talking sexy things through text messages.
Snail mailThe use of the regular postal service rather than email
SweetAn intensive that express satisfaction or indicates awesomeness
That's what she saidA one-liner response to indicate what the individual just said to you could have a sexual connotation
TwerkA rhythmic dance featuring the gyration of the hips, often creates rippling effect in the buttocks
UpskirtA video or photograph taken up a girl's skirt with or without undies
Virgin earsA term used to call attention to somone who hasn't been exposed to talk about sex, drugs, profanity, etc.
W00t!A term of excitement, believed to be short for "woo loot", as in winning a lot of money in gaming
WTFIntials of "what the f*ck", used to express surprise of disaggree.
BRBBe right back
BTW / BDWBy The Way
G2GGet to Go
HashtagSome added words starting with a #, used to describe context of the post better.
AMAAsk Me Anything. Popular in forums & reddits where popular members, experts or brands invite people to ask them anything about their field.
TrollTrolls are people who take pleasure from starting disagreements and angering people, usually by commenting or posting something offensive
LurkersSomeone who visits a forum, blog or website often but doesn’t leave any comments.
MemeA meme can be an idea, a tune, an image - anything that can be passed on and altered.
FacepalmThe act of putting your hand over your face after watching or listening something very stupid.
I can't evenAnother way of saying "I'm speechless". The phrase is used when something is so incredible or unbelievable that you have no words to respond with.
Well playedWhen someone has a very clever response, you can say "well played"
Just sayin'The phrase used at the end of (usually) a rude or mean sentence to make it seem less rude.
NoobSomeone who is new to something, a beginner.
IMHOInitials for "In My Humble Opinion"
PhotobombWhen someone or something appears in a photo unexpectedly, without the photographer meaning to include it.
HahaYeah! It's exactly what it looks like - laughter!. "mwahaha" or belly laugh "bahaha" are another words.
IRLIn real life. Used when you are talking about something that exist in real life.
Handle / AliasAlso called a "username", it is a nickname you choose to represent yourself on a website.
TL; DRToo Long, Don't Read. Used in many documents, manuals, online posts, etc. to tell a section is not too important to read, if you already get the context or understood things.

Bookmark this article because new Internet slang come very frequently and when they come, you should use them to keep up with the trend. We will keep on adding new Internet slangs and abbreviations to this table.

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