5 Powerful Plagiarism Checkers of 2019 for Crafting Great College Essays

If you are a college student, there are many reasons why you should start practicing how to write top quality essays or any other academic papers. Most importantly, it is an undertaking that will dominate most of your days at school. The moment you fail to produce quality papers; poor grades will make life on campus unbearable.

But, here is the catch. Do you have what it takes to write an original and unique essay? How do you go about it? Also, is there a plagiarism checker free for you to ascertain that everything you will have put done on paper is 100 percent unique?

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Well, everyone would agree that with the information age, it is impossible to write essays without making references or giving due credit to your sources. The internet, in particular, is a massive resource sphere for students doing their term papers. They rely on it to do research, as a result of which citing sources becomes an integral part of academic writing.

In this post, discover the five most effective plagiarism detectors you should use in 2019. But first things first…

What is Plagiarism and How Does It Happen?

Long before desktop publishing, checking essays for uniqueness proved quite a laborious process. Things have changed though, especially with the advent of technology, bringing to the fore software that can detect if a paper is unique or not.

Definitively, plagiarism is the intentional duplication of existing work. It could be an article in a daily magazine, a section of a book you are using to do research or a paragraph in a blog post. Often referred to as copying and pasting, there are many reasons why students sometimes end up committing this atrocious academic crime. Below you will find the reasons for why it may happen:

  • Students under pressure are more often than not likely to copy and paste content for their assignments. Procrastination, poor time management and having lots of tasks to do are some causes of pressure.
  • If you are not well informed on a topic, there are high chances one might end up lifting information and data directly from other sources and claim ownership for it.
  • Peer influence, in which case, you copy and paste assignments because other students are doing it.
  • Laziness is another factor that forces many students to plagiarize works of other authors.

Sometimes you can plagiarize something unintentionally, however, it is still plagiarism, and every student should start using an effective checker to avoid it.

Types of Plagiarism

Whether you steal ideas, copy data, use verbal conversations, copy parts of another student’s write-up or use images from a source without giving due credit to original owners, plagiarism takes places in many ways. That’s why it’s important that a student takes note of its many forms such as the following:

  • Self-plagiarism, which is producing a new material by copying your own previous assignments.
  • Patchwork/mosaic plagiarism, which denotes quoting a source without using quotation marks or simply improving the language while format remains unchanged.
  • Direct plagiarism whereby a student copies works of another person verbatim, without acknowledging the source.

Effective Plagiarism Tools for High Quality Pieces

Thus far, let’s explore some of the most effective tools for checking uniqueness of an academic essay.

1. Grammarly

If you thought Grammarly is only good for grammar, checking spellings, syntax and structure of sentences, then you’ve been wrong all along. Trusted by hundreds of universities and millions of teachers/students, Grammarly is an efficient and effective plagiarism checker like no other. It combines lots of functionalities into a single powerful online platform/app, something which other programs don’t have.

2. ProWritingAid

With ProWritingAid, you can check your manuscripts, novels and other literary materials for uniqueness. It is a top choice for students, hence a handy tool for most tasks. It is also effective when it comes to perfecting your write-up givens its functionality of detecting spelling issues, grammar errors and up to 20 other writing-related mistakes.

3. PlagiarismCheck.org

Whether you are a student, a content creator or an educator, PlagiarismCheck.org is another top tool that will help ensure a write-up unique. All you have to do is upload your essay onto the platform and run a uniqueness check test. It scans, identifies texts that match existing publications and then gives you a plagiarism report.

4. CopyLeaks

For many years now, CopyLeaks remains a top tool for checking write-ups for grammatical mistakes, uniqueness and quality. If you are a student stuck between a rock and a hard place as to whether an essay is original or not, CopyLeaks is all you need to be on the safe side.

You can run a bulk check of up to 100 essays, thesis, dissertations or any other academic paper. Moreover, with its mobile App, it is usable on the go. The free version allows for up to 2500 scans every month, which is good news for millions of students who may not afford paid version.

5. Quetext

Quetext is more than a tool that students can use to check if their essays are 100 unique.  It is also a great citation assistant for scholastic writing. Moreover, among other Quetext features worth trying out are contextual plagiarism and not just matching words.  It is a free online tool that after running a uniqueness test, Quetext generates printable PDF reports. That is not to mention its deep search technology, a feature you won’t find in most plagiarism checkers.


Running plagiarism checks may be boring and seem like an unnecessary thing to do, but in fact, it can be very beneficial for your grades and overall academic success. Being able to find proper sources for your paper is great, but if your final piece isn’t unique, you may get into trouble. Use one of these tools above, and forget about plagiarized write-ups forever!

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