5 New Technologies That Will Redefine Online Gambling

The technological advancements that have changed our lives over the past three decades are leaving their mark on the casino industry as well. We have swiftly moved from playing games in land-based casinos to betting on our computers and phones. This has enabled players to win millions in as little as a few seconds and without going through the hassle of queuing at brick and mortar casinos.

Online gambling has undergone a series of technological changes itself, with developers finding ways to incorporate some of the most recent technologies into the industry. Read on for some of the newer technologies in online gambling and how they are transforming the industry:


1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been on a steady rise since at least 2013. New casino games have been developed over the years to make use of VR headsets for players that can’t go to brick and mortar casinos but still fancy playing table games such poker and blackjack in realistic environments. VR has made online games more interactive and accommodative, and gambling sites using it are reporting an increase in the number of players on their platforms. To find platforms that support virtual reality in India, visit information sites such as casinobetting.live and check their reviews.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality burst onto the scene at around the same time as virtual reality, but its applications have been fairly fewer.

In online gambling, the technology can be used to improve live casino gaming and give gamers a surreal experience similar to that of a conventional land-based casino. Hardware developers are believed to be in the process of creating augmented reality eyewear paired with microphones and speakers that facilitate the use of audio commands and production of virtual sounds. Contemporary computer and mobile games will reportedly have nothing on the blend of AR and popular casino games if all plans take shape.

That said, it may take a few more years before AR for online gambling is actualized. This is partly because players have to take a part in the process as well. They have to purchase equipment such as glasses and headsets and learn to use them. Online casinos, too, have to find developers to create AR software for them.

Safe to say AR in online gambling would be a huge step in the right direction but we are far from achieving it.

3. Use of Wearables

Smartwatches are some of the more common types of wearable devices on the market today. While most brick and mortar casinos have been shown to oppose the use of these gadgets, online casinos are embracing them. Smartwatches help gamblers play games on their favourite casino platforms without necessarily accessing their computers or smartphones.

4. Gesture Recognition

The gesture recognition industry will be worth an estimated $18 billion in 2020, which is nothing to sneeze at given we didn’t know about the technology just a few years ago. The bulk of that value is expected to come from the mobile gaming and online gambling industry.

Potential applications of GR in gambling include performing gaming actions such as playing cards and rolling dices using just hands.

5. Facial Recognition

This emerging technology is on course to grace and become a core part of the online gambling industry. With the help of cameras and powerful sensors and 3D scanners, the automatic and instant creation of accurate video images is possible. Casino operators and software developers can use this functionality to help players create custom avatars which they can use across a range of online casino games. It is also a functionality that would enhance the traditional casino feel for online players.

Intel’s RealSense camera is already allowing game developers to use machine learning to develop games that adapt to players’ facial expressions as they play.


The casino industry is currently in the middle of its most disruptive change in its millennium-long history. Technology has taken over, and setting up a casino company is now extremely easy. The market is getting chockablock by the day and casino operators are being compelled to adopt strategies that will give them the edge on their rivals. The above technologies are just a fraction of what is in store for online gamblers in the foreseeable future. Check if your platform of choice is making any headway adopting some of these technologies. This is the time to find an option whose objectives align perfectly with your interests.

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