5 Tips for to Finding the Best Free VPN

With so many security threats present on the internet, many individuals and organizations are opting for the use of VPNs as they surf the web. Virtual Private Networks allow users to securely connect to private networks. Additionally, VPNs let users browse the internet anonymously, hiding their real locations from their respective internet services providers (ISPs), spy agencies, hackers, among other malicious entities. One key advantage of anonymously surfing the internet is that you can bypass most geo-restrictions rendered on some online content.

VPN Secure Internet

Currently, there are more than 1000 VPN services providers. You can secure either free or premium services among the numerous existing VPN merchants. Despite paid VPNs offering more security features than free versions, you can still get the very same distinct features on some free models.

A few pointers to landing the best free VPN detailed with robust features include:

Assess if the features of the free VPN meet your needs

Some of the features you are probably looking for in a free vpn include device compatibility, VPN locations, encryption protocols, and the number of devices supported; to mention but a few. A VPN that accords you with as many features as possible on a free basis makes a perfect choice. Atop the number of features, it is also important that you ascertain whether the attributes will serve you well without any inconveniences.

Find out if the free VPN services compromise your privacy in any way

Despite some VPNs offering free services, they still have their own ways of making money that could compromise your privacy. For instance, some VPN services providers can sell your data to advertisers, or even law enforcers. To abate the risks of undermining your privacy, ensure that the free VPN you are opting for robustly guards your data. Scrutinize several online reviews on the service provider to ascertain whether they engage in any malicious trades with your browser data.

The longer the duration of the free services, the better

A majority of VPNs services provider only offer free services to lure subscribers to their premium versions. The length of the free versions provided by various vendors mostly vary from a fortnight to a month or beyond. Choose a VPN whose services you can securely enjoy at zero cost for the most extended duration possible.

Capitalize on trial versions of top premium VPNs

Most leading VPNs come with free versions for subscribers to try out the features before finally purchasing the full product. If you are a casual user of VPNs, you can take advantage of the trial versions to run your errands and opt out of the services before they start billing you.

Leverage on affiliate programmes of top premium VPNs

Finally, you can make the most out of affiliate programmes offered by some of the best VPN providers. You are only required to convince a good number of your friends to subscribe to the services under your referral chain. The more the referrals, the more the time you will be able to access the premium services of a given VPN for free.

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