Top 10 Best Alcohol & Drugs Rehab Centers in US

In life, it is important to have control over your own aspirations and habits. Sometimes, things can go wild from a point on, after which there remains a blurred line between what is wrong and what is right. In such times, you need your loved ones to make you realize that there is life beyond that. Or, in some cases, circumstances lead to self-realization. Same things happen when addiction of drugs and alcohol is involved. People fail to resist the temptation of its consumption in most cases, and in turn, ruin their own along with their loved ones’ lives.

To get over such addictions, there are “successful addiction rehabilitation centers available for taking a step towards a successful and happy recovery. To get the best one, look for experienced staff and high numbers of the success of recovery treatment. Criteria including sober living facilities, individualized programs, overall integrity and reviews should be considered as well. So, for the ease of your search, here are the top 10 best alcohol and drugs rehab center in the United States:

Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

1. Hazelden Betty Ford

The rehab center of Hazelden Betty Ford falls among the most well-recognized and successful organizations for addiction recovery in the United States. They are known to have many centers of treatment from the east to the west coast. They use the treatment that is evidence-based, the traditional twelve-step program along with programs specialized for patients that is based on their occupations and even mental disorders. They recommend a minimum of 90 days of residential treatment. They have reportedly a rate of 80% for recovery. The center has a multidisciplinary, complete treatment team with a small size of groups and a considerably low ratio of counselor to the patient.

2. Caron Foundation

The non-profit internationally recognized Caron foundation has rehab centers for treatment of Alcohol and Drugs in Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas. They use a really comprehensive approach for treatment and are working with top medical university centers to make the efficiency of some treatment methods better. Centers of Caron foundation have a central program of the classic 12-step process, but they also have a unique program for relapsing issues. Caron foundation have an experience of about sixty years in this field.

3. Ocean Breeze Recovery

Ocean Breeze Recovery is among the top most luxury rehabilitation centers in the south of Florida. They accommodate all the needs of their clients by providing treatments separately. Their philosophy lies upon the healing of each person individually. Compassionate treatment of the body, spirit and mind is given. Various options of specialized therapy and programs are offered there. Their staff are licensed and certified, experienced in the treatment and diagnosis of disorders along with behavioral addictions. The center accepts most of the plans of health insurance as well.

4. Benchmark Recovery Center

Benchmark Recovery Center (or BRC Recovery) was formerly called Mark Houston Recovery Center. They base their treatments on a 12-step, 90-day program and part of it includes fitness program and life skills. The center has two different facilities for women and men. It recognizes the unique need of every patient for achieving recovery and claims success rates of 74%.

5. BHPB or Behavioural Health of the Palm Beaches

Behavioural Health of the Palm Beaches is a drug & alcohol treatment center which is comprehensive and provides programs for trauma along with mental health besides their reputable program for addiction. They have few of the US’ most talented professionals for treatment who help in outlining specialized plans for every patient. Treatments there last for at least 30 days. Care for long-term up to twelve months is also available.

6. Phoenix House

Phoenix House is a non-profit organization which has grown to be a program that is supported by the staff of specialists of addiction. They have 11 centers of treatment across the US and more than 120 specialized programs with holistic treatment focus. The center understands the addiction to be a chronic disease, which requires ongoing management and support just like others. It has come to be among the best centers of treatment on the affordable spectrum side.

7. St. Jude’s Recovery Center

St. Jude’s Recovery Center was founded in the year 1962 and has been the part of a community of Atlanta, GA for more than 50 years. It stands out from the other centers of treatment in the US as it is known to be among the few centers that have been accredited. They give treatment to low-income and homeless adults. The center has 7 facilities all across the Atlanta metropolitan area.

8. Sure Haven/Rock Solid Recovery

Sure Haven for women and Rock Solid Recovery for men are intimate, highly rated treatment facilities of rehabilitation. The treatment there is done on a 12-step, holistic approach. Each of its facility has their own multidisciplinary, complete treatment staff which allows the patients to get the best care possible individually. The offered facilities of treatment programs range between 30-90 days, depending upon the need of the patient.

9. Sober Living by the Sea

Sober Living by the Sea is among the countless centers of treatment in California. It is said to be actually among the best of the state. The center has more than 25 years’ experience, taking the clinical approach for treatment. Uncovering any mental disorder that is subsidiary and associated with the addiction is part of the approach that they use. They also combine therapy with various activities like swimming and hiking.

10. Mountainside

Mountainside center of treatment was founded in the year 1998. It is a quite young institution and claim to fall among the first centers to use the holistic approach for recovery along with traditional treatment methods. Treatments range from counselling that is adventure-based to 12-step traditional programs. They have a certified, multidisciplinary treatment staff that have a reputation of being earnestly empathetic towards their patients.

There are many treatment centers in the US which have different qualities and services to fit the need of the patients. The requirement is for you to find the right one. You will find countless credible centers of treatment out there. So, do not delay and be observant. Choose according to the price, location, programs offered and the experience of the facility.

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