How to Power Nap To Instantly Refresh Your Body & Mind

In the busy modern lives of people today, a lot of essential things get left behind. From food to sleep, the basic of necessities that they are actually working for are forgotten because of the need to work more. As it is realized, alternatives are used for equal benefits. Instead of a balanced diet, people compensate the required nutrients with a healthy glass of juice. And for more productive work, people opt for power naps.

It is an undeniable truth that sleep is the quintessential ingredient to overall health and fitness. Due to various reasons, it gets compromised which results in the body not recovering fully from last day’s activities. The performance ability of a person highly depends on it. Hence, for recharging or rejuvenating the body, power naps are taken in quite different ways for advantageous results.

Power Nap at Work

Common places where people tend to feel that heaviness on their eyes or bobbing of the head is while working, in school, studying, doing a project, travelling or driving, night shift, or at home while doing a chore. There can be varying reasons for each of the mentioned tiredness. But all of them can be somehow be solved temporarily and given back a good amount of energy simply by taking power naps.

It might seem slightly insensible to people to familiar with the concept, but once it is practiced, miracles can occur. Many people think that napping equals to sleeping. But that is not the case. Even relaxation for a particular period can give you similar results.

Here are a few popular ways and tips on how to power nap:

  • There are different amounts of time that people take naps for depending on their preferences. The best kind is that of 20 minutes. Few minutes more or less might be okay, but if you sleep in more than 40 minutes, the deep sleep mode is entered which will make it difficult for you to wake up. Even if you do wake up in between after that, you will be left feeling very groggy and sleepy throughout, which is certainly not the aim. If you want to sleep in longer, go for the 90 minutes long nap which will give you the experience of a full sleep cycle. It is useful for all-nighters. It gives you the Also, power nap is advisable only when you are tired enough. Otherwise, a break will be sufficient in which you can take a walk.
  • If you have had a workout, a power nap will add to its benefits and recover your body from it as well. Sleeping proves to be advantageous for lifting and burning of fat too. But do not go for it instantly. Give your body a little rest for the best of results.
  • Never go to sleep or for a power nap on a hungry stomach. You will end up tossing and turning or will have uneven sleep. It is better to eat something light and go for that refreshing experience, especially for power naps. It helps the mind from not getting distracted by other events and having a calm session of relaxation.

Taking Power Nap in Office

  • When you decide to go for a power nap, it is important to look for a good place to do the same. But not too comfortable, like a bed. Get onto a couch or chair, probably in a silent area where you can keep your head down and rest in peace. The library or your car is also a good, but make sure you are safe, with people around you. Make sure first, that the doors of the car are locked properly and your belongings are safe. Turn your car off and remember to set emergency brake.
  • A dark room, or an eye-mask with earplugs or soothing music in your ears is also vital for power naps. Distractions should be cut off for that short time help. Put your phone on flight mode and let the people know around you so that you do not get disturbed unintentionally. Unless it has been practised for a while, it can be hard though. It is quite like a skill and there might Be failure in falling asleep, but that is not very worrying as the rest you get is equally helpful. You get back a lot energy that helps you in doing productive work for an extra 2 or 3 hours.
  • Closing the eyes and relaxing is vital. It will start process of you body being rejuvenated.
  • Some people who want to get a lot of work done and have mastered the art of power naps, take a shot of coffee. The caffeine takes about 20-25 minutes to kick in, which is about the exact time a power nap should end. The energy gets added to the effect of caffeine and makes for a greater routine. Although, it is advisable for only those who are used to it. Otherwise, your sleeping patterns might get affected. This kind of a treatment should be done well before bedtime. For those who are new to it, avoid such practices. Also, never use any kind of sedatives or alcohol for the initiation of a nap.
  • Always set an alarm for the intended amount of time of your power nap. Keep in mind the time you need for relaxation. Besides helping you wake up on time, it also makes you stress free about thinking of it. It is important to be free of stress when going for power naps.

Wake Up Alarm

  • There are apps and gadgets available for helping you achieve naps quickly and keeping track of your sleep. Sleep Cycle and Pzizz are two such excellent apps. Certain napping pillows and eye masks available in the market help you in the task of power naps.
  • No matter what happens, always try to wake up the moment the alarm rings. The sleepy state will fade in a few minutes and you will feel refreshed. If you decide to sleep in instead, that will be trouble some for you in many ways.
  • Try not to do power naps near or during your bedtime as it might make it hard for you to fall sleep at night. It will make your sleep schedule difficult.

For anything to work out, proper organization and execution is necessary. Similarly, if someone intends to do a power nap, make sure suitable instructions are followed for the perfect rejuvenated experience.

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