How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month?

Have your old clothes stopped fitting your ever-growing waistline? Is the sleeve of your dress too tight on the arm? Then you are one of the 80% people of the world who wish to grow thin and healthy. But the treacherous ones out there have already converted this desire to an industry and claim to help you lose impossible amount of weight in a very less time.

But as it has always been seen, they are just promises in the thin air and in most cases, weight loss still remains a dream for the people, even after undergoing rigorous medications. Thus, the best way is to follow a few tips given here and let the fat leave your body, naturally, all on your own efforts:

  1. Count your calorific intake- It is the world of technology and we all have smartphones. You can use the apps like Google Fit and smart bands like Mi Band or Fitbit to correctly calculate your daily calorific intake and the Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). To lose about 10 pounds in a month, you can reduce the daily calories consumed by 500-1000, depending upon your current weight.
  2. Try eating homemade food- The food at restaurants is always rich in fat and high in calories. It is advised by experts that you always carry homemade food, everywhere you go. Make sure that you take about 30 calories of protein on a regular basis to keep your body energetic. Toss in fish and adequate amount of fruits as well, which are great sources of protein and energy for the body.
  3. Plan your diet ahead- The first step towards healthy eating is knowing what you are going to eat. You must, therefore, plan your next day’s diet in the evening itself, so that you have all the supplies ready. You can also prepare quick snacks involving corn and meat and refrigerate it. Try eating more of low-energy dense food which are rich in water, protein, fibre and other nutrients which make you feel full, even after a small serving.
  4. Eat 4-5 almonds before having your meal- You might find it strange to breakdown the intake of almonds in parts and eating it throughout the day. But it is believed that if you are really hungry, you tend to over-eat. Eating a few almonds will bring down the hunger and you will eat only as much as your body requires. Also, some extra almonds never caused harm to anyone.
  5. Drink enough water- It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes when the body is dehydrated, our mind misinterprets the signals of thirst as hunger. This may result in untimely eating habits. Hence, drinking enough water is recommended. For an adult male, the minimum amount of water consumption is 1 gallon, while for an adult female, it is 3/4 gallon. You must also drink a glass of water before every meal.Drink Water
  6. Burn energy as heat- Exposing yourself to cool environment is another way of burning the energy out of the body as heat. You can drink cold water, take bath with cold water, put an ice bag on your back, cut yourself more ice-cream and eat frozen meat. All of these cold food items will help in bringing out the heat out of your body.
  7. Walk after every meal- The GLUT-4 receptors are present in your skeletal muscles which get activated, every time you stroll around and allow the food nutrients to reach deep into your muscles. This prevents the fat storage and gives energy to the body.
  8. Improve your sleeping schedule- Believe it or not, lack of sleep also leads to obesity. It is highly recommended that every human being gets an average sleep of 7 hours. You must go to bed about 8 hours before you expect to be awake and keep the room dark. Spend one hour in retrospection and relaxation, while sleeping comfortably for the next 7 hours.Sleep Good
  9. Cut down your alcohol consumption- If your ultimate goal is to lose 10 pounds in a month, it is best that you say no to alcohol completely. Alcohol increases the estrogen levels of the body, leading to fat accumulation, contains more calories and also degrades the quality of sleep. Hence, cutting down on your alcohol consumption can help greatly with weight reduction.
  10. Exercise- It is quite possible to lose weight by simply checking what you eat, but exercising for 20-40 minutes daily is a good add-on to all your efforts. Not only is it a healthy habit, but it will also help in burning the fat down, properly. If you do not wish to go to the gym, you can simply practice yoga and small exercises at home, which will prepare you for the tough schedule of the whole day.
  11. Drink beverages like coffee and green tea- Weight loss is highly dependent on what you drink. It is recommended that you completely shun the consumption of liquor and other cold drinks, while increasing the intake of coffee and green tea. They both help in improving the metabolism by burning fat and calories. Research says that caffeine can improve your metabolism by about 9%.
  12. Make notes- Make notes for almost everything. Right from the total amount of calories you plan to lose daily to the food you have incorporated in your diet, make sure that you have kept it all written in a notebook or on the apps available online. This will make it easier to observe what tactics are working for you and in the case of any untoward happening, you can also give your doctor a complete insight of what you have been doing. Taking notes is an essential part of all the efforts you are making towards losing weight.

By keeping all these quick tips in mind, you can plan your diet and schedule aiming towards losing 500 calories everyday. It will definitely help you reduce about 10 pounds in a month, all on your own, without paying heavy fees to the fat reduction centres.

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