Top 3 Trusted Online Gaming Sites in India

There has always been a great interest among people about games in India. As technology started advancing and the devices began becoming available, more and more audience became engrossed with the activity. To make things more easily available and to widen the horizon of the market, online games were introduced. They have been among the best kind of entertainment for years now, drawing further attention as time goes. From mere five-year olds playing on tablets or phones, to adults playing on the same or on computers and other similar platforms, only a rise has been seen in the gaming world.

Of the revenues generated by some of the uppermost gaming companies, almost 34 percent is gained only from the Indian markets on average. A lot of time and money is invested in it by an array of players for a more avid experience. Nowadays, many experiences that were only available offline or on a person to person basis, has also been shifted into the virtual world due to the technological advancements. Different gaming platforms which require several equipments, a lot of money and patience have become accessible through online gaming sites. Such heavy investments are not required anymore and it can be obtained at any time with just an internet connection on a device to use it.

Playing games online

Different websites have a different set of rules and content that may attract an array of players. For example, casino gaming is the online version to the traditional casino that enables gamers to gamble and wager through internet. There may be various versions of the particular type of game as well, but the familiar thrill of casinos and winning a good sum of money will always be delightful, whether in real or virtually in the game. If you are an Indian who want to test your luck & skills you should need to know what are the best places to play online casinos. Find more about best online casinos in India on where you can having this delightful experience by playing a wide range of game from trustworthy portals.

When talking about online games, there is a ruckus about the safety and handling of such sites. As there is absolutely no strict age limit on games being played through online websites, a hesitation might remain in the hearts of the parents of the involved children or the adults themselves. So, here are the top 3 trusted online gaming sites in India:

1. Miniclip

Miniclip is at the top of any online gaming website list that you may encounter. It has said to be the global leader of digital games. Over 200 million of active players have been a user of this site on a global count across online, social and mobile platforms operating in 17 different languages. It was launched 17 years ago in 2001 by Tihan Presbie and Robert Small. You may actually not find a better place to engage in your favourite type of games, whether it is arcade, adventure, racing or action, it has them all. The online website also has features that lets you have interaction with your own friends or random gamers playing the same game in multiplayer mode. It has come to be very popular and is among the most trusted sites by a wide variety of audience.

The most prevalent and successful title of all is “8 Ball Pool” that has passed game plays of over 10 billion now! In few of the last years, an array of diverse games has been added on their servers that has gained the attention of many. The gameplay and graphics of the gaming platform is also excellent, no matter what game is chosen. That is what makes it more special.

8 Ball Miniclip

2. GameStop

GameStop has been committed to the deliver of innovation to its users anytime, anywhere and in any way that they want. They are an international multichannel games service provider. It promises the most excellent of graphics that there is. A wide range of engaging games of the whole world will be found available on the site. Expertise in gaming and high order skills will pay off here. The assortment of games of high speed require an internet connection of equal fast pace. There are free games available to play online that can also be downloaded without the need of a payment method or subscription. Game currency can also be bought to enhance the gameplay and get more of the experience. It is said to the online hub of free fun and games online for people of any age.

3. Addicting Games

Addicting games stands to be among the most long-standing and popular online sites for gaming. It has been there for a long time and its platform has been evolving ever since its commencement. A huge range of content fills its site and an even bigger user base has it encouraged. A variety of games based on browsers are offered by them, like actions RPGs, puzzle games, platform games and shooter games in first-person. You can play complex, high-end or basic games based on the choice of your own.

Addicting Games

Irrespective of the location of players, multiplayer games can be played with users spread all around the world. Most games on the online site are quite involving and fun. And, according to the suggestion of the name of the website, you might even get addicted to it spending hours playing on it. The site offers a section where users can give feedback and suggest various ideas on games they have played.

Online gaming has become the major internet use for many fans of the virtual world all over India. It has evolved hugely from being simple games to real-time in-depth strategy games. There are a number of them available at the disposal of the users with different types and genres. Competitive and casual, both kinds of gamers can be found on these sites. As gaming has been found to reduce stress level and a nice way to get involved into multi-tasking, many genuine and trusted sites can be found. Just be wise to choose the correct online site and a suitable game of your choice with a good connection of the internet, and you are good to go.

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